8 Best Face Masks for Your Perfect Skin

Do face masks work?
Whatever your skin type, it’s bound to benefit from a revitalizing mask.

10 Best Face Masks for Your Perfect Skin

The search for flawless skin can seem never-ending. External influences such as climatic change, pollution, air-conditioning, sun exposure, plus internal ones like alcohol, cigarettes, rich food, junk food, stress and lack of sleep all take their toll and are contributing factors in producing a skin that is less than spectacular.

The answers to some of the problems are simple. Correct diet, continual flushing of the system, watching your day-to-day skin care routine will all point you in the right direction. But sometimes even these precautions are not enough to revive a dull skin.

The skin’s natural ability to shed surface cells and display new ones underneath often can’t cope with the mainly unnatural forces that cause dull skin. Face masks can help by stepping up the cell-shedding process.

Maybe you’re murmuring that face masks dry the skin. Originally, they might have. Not so now. In fact, there are a multitude of good things they can do: rejuvenate, cleanse, tone, stimulate, nourish, soothe and revive as well as mop up excess oil.

All masks operate on a basic principle. As they are applied, their cleansing action begins extracting embedded dirt and grime. As they are removed, the dead skin cells plus the dirt, oil and grime are wiped away, leaving a new skin surface beneath. Added benefits depend on the different formula of individual masks.

In general, masks fall into categories defined by their constituency:

  • 1. Plasticized masks
    • Those you smooth on, let set and then strip off, are to plump up dehydrated cells and help dispel little lines and furrows.
  • 2. Clay or earth based masks
    • Clay or earth based masks are great cleansers, especially on skins with overactive oil secretions. They swoosh out clogged up pores and have an astringent, tightening effect that is especially beneficial to sallow and troubled skin.
  • 3. Gel masks
    • Gel masks have an instant revival action, great for stepping up circulation and giving a brilliant glow.
    • However, the basic formula can be further subdivided. Read our following list to select the masks you need for your specific skin type.
  • 4. Stimulators
    • When skin is looking grayish, dull and in need of instant revival: Nerd Skincare Miraculous Brightening Facial Mask takes 30 minutes to give a glow.
    • Neova Copper Moisture Mask cleanses, tones and stimulates: an excellent pickup (don’t use in the bath or shower though, as the heat opens pores, and the idea is to refine them).
    • My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask gives skin a lift in just 20 minutes.
  • 5. Cleansing Masks for Dry Skins
    • Rhassoul Clay Hair and Facial Mask has cell extracts that restore the bloom and rejuvenate as well as establishing a balance to sebaceous secretions.
    • Clarifying Clay Masque contains colloidal clay plus propylene glycol which together cleanse and maintain the moisture level of the skin.
  • 6. Cleansing Masks for Oily Skins
    • Clear Skin Probiotic Masque: clay is one of nature’s most efficient vacuum cleaners and this mask has the added benefit of changing from red to dull peach when the absorption is complete.
    • Facial Clay Mask for Oily Skin removes sebum as it cleanses and it contains fat-free milk proteins and a microgranular which scuffs off surplus skin oil, dead skin scales and detaches dirt.
    • Bliss Steep Clean 15-Minute Facial Mask provides a heat stimulant with a combination of oils which help break the oil from the sebaceous glands, plus clay which is then activated for easier absorption of surface debris.
  • 7. Masks For Sensitive Skins
    • Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive is a creamy mixture of vitamins, serum proteins and calendula (well-known for its soothing properties).
    • Jan Marini Skin Research Skin Zyme Mask removes impurities, brightens color and texture.
    • Organic Seaweed Powder(Ascophyllum Nodosum) contains extracts from Seaweed, to achieve soft and supple skin, reduce inflammation, and detoxify the body.
  • 8. For Dehydrated, Aging Skins
    • Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask is a cream which may be used as a mask or under makeup and over moisturizer for a more youthful looking makeup.
    • InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Face Mask, creamy in texture, penetrates the epidermis with moisturizers.
    • MEDIDERM’s Extrait de Caviar Luxury Intensive Mask, a cream mask formulated with caviar, is used to treat damaged skin.

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