David Letterman Just Signed a New Deal With Netflix and We’ve Got ALL the Details


After a three year hiatus from the airwaves, David Letterman, the original host of NBC’s Late Night and CBS’ The Late Show is returning to our screens with a new series for Netflix!

Are you excited? Well, if not, you should be!

An acclaimed writer, comedian, and talk show host, Letterman has kept a low-profile since turning the reigns of his show over to Stephen Colbert in 2014.


He recently began making appearances once again including his highly-publicized interview two weeks ago on Norm MacDonald Live.

Netflix announced the news in tandem with a eyebrow-raising photo of a bearded man smiling. Those who know that beard knew what to expect, but those who haven’t followed Dave’s adventures in recent years were probably left in the dark.

Letterman, who started out as a weatherman in his native Indiana, moved to Los Angeles at the height of the initial stand up comedy boom, and quickly became a peer and running mate of Jay Leno, Robin Williams, J.J. Walker, Garry Shandling, Freddy Prinze, Paul Rodriguez, and more.

One of his first jobs in show business was writing jokes for the then booming J.J. Walker, at the height of his Good Times fame on a three-man writing staff that included himself, Leno, and Bryon Allen.

Letterman was the assumed replacement for Johnny Carson when the King of Late Night announced his retirement from the show, but was usurped by his friend Leno, a wound that, to this day, hasn’t fully healed.


The two went back-and-forth in the ratings for years before they both retired from the airwaves in the early-to-mid 2010s.

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