I Turned My Entire House Into A Giant Canvas For My Doodles

I am a Belgian female artist & illustrator and I use a self-invented technique of automatic drawing to delve into the subconscious.

I doodle everywhere and every spare moment of my time. By quickly drawing, barring any conscious thought, I am giving as much room as possible to my imagination. Through extensive, at times even compulsive, doodling, a new and totally unique world arises. Come visit, get inspired and maybe get lost in my subconscious. Join my world.

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Doodling on the walls of my bathroom

I draw with posca markers on the walls of my bathroom

The boots and the handbag are made with permanent markers

Myself in front of the back facade of my house

My boots and handbag are made with permanent markers

On the rough facade walls of my house

My son’s bedroom

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