22 Interesting differences between men and women

” Women are complicated, men are simple” this definition is globally recognized by men. For sure many women will not agree, and they are trying to prove this wrong. But, somehow it’s a battle that never ends.

“A man does what he can, a woman does what a man cannot.” wrote Isabel Allende, a Chilean-American novelist.

There is at least something we can all agree, we are all from the Earth, and we are different in almost everything. Many studies have confirmed this. For example, our brains are wired in fundamentally different ways.

This differences can be amusing, take a look!

1. Getting ready for work

2. What we wear for different occasions

3. What are we doing wen we are expecting him or her

4. What are we doing when we won’t see each other…

5. And when we find someone attractive

6. How to make impression

7. How to seduce

8. Haircut cost and results

9. How we choose cosmetic products

10. The reaction we break our nails

11. When we don’t Wi-Fi

12. Differences in writing

13. How we imagine our dream houses

14. How we share our bed

15. When it comes to packing15. How we are with packing

16. And what we’re like with the kids!

17. While waiting in line for the loo

18. And when we get in

19. How we show our organizational skills

20. How different is our color perception



21. What we tell your kids when they have to go to school

22. Don’t forget. Our brains are wired in fundamentally different ways

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