‘The courts failed me and that’s who should be trying to make my life a little more comfortable,’ he said. ‘I really do appreciate the donations and contributions they made to try to help me acclimate to society.’

The obvious question you would ask anyone in Mr. Strickland’s position is “How do you feel?” The seemingly obvious answer to that query would be “Mad as hell!”. We would totally understand if that was the case, however…

I’m not necessarily angry. It’s a lot. I think I’ve created emotions that you all don’t know about just yet,’ he told reporters as he left the Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron.

‘Joy, sorrow, fear. I am trying to figure out how to put them together.’

All we can say is that Kevin Strickland is a better man than us because we’d be bitter than a MF after spending what could amount to 50% of our life in the bing. We can only hope that he can heal and use that money to spend the rest of his days however he sees fit.