10 Times Satanists Surprised People By Doing Good Deeds

When the word Satan surfaces in practically any context, it’s most likely to raise an eyebrow or two because of its pre-dispositioned evil reputation that has been present for decades. Satanists basing their ideologies and beliefs around the notion of the Devil himself don’t necessarily directly worship or engage in rituals often associated with this practice. The non-theistic religious group called The Satanic Temple with branches all over the world are, in fact, avid supporters of their local communities’ wellbeing and regularly engage in philanthropy.

It seems that it’s not about the cliche performing violent rituals dressed in a black cloak while drawing inverted chalk pentagrams anymore—it’s more about donating blood, assisting victims of domestic abuse, and helping out the homeless. Below are a few of the initiatives established or supported by the Satanists.

#1 Organizing Initiatives To Provide Menstruation Products To Those Who Can't Afford It

Various Satanic Chapters across the USA participate in this initiative to make menstruation products, including tampons, sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and wipes available to anyone in need, focusing on whoever may not be able to afford it without assistance.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple West Florida

#2 Backing Up Campaigns To Battle Various Child Abuse At Schools

The Satanic Temple Chapters collectively joined forces nationwide to address abuse taking place in public schools and fight corporal punishment, use of physical restraints, restricting bathroom access, and violating other civil rights.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple

#3 Providing Baby Supplies For Struggling Parents

The Satanic Temple Minnesota hosted a diaper/infant care products drive to help out those in need. They partnered with Simpson Housing services, which is a local non-profit supporting families with young children who suffer from homelessness.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Minnesota

So in the meantime, as everyone waits for the summoned Devil to burst through the floor and bring the world’s end, these various Satanic groups are working on spreading good. Contrary to popular belief, most Satanists don’t pray to the Devil, but actually observe Baphomet, whose figure is composed of a human’s body, a goat's head, and wings.

#4 Encouraging People To Donate Blood And Save Lives

Satanic Australia launched the very first charity event in the country called "Blood For Satan." Using quite the attention-drawing slogan "Satan wants your blood, not your soul," the campaign called Satanists in Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand to save lives by donating blood which, according to The Red Cross, has saved 252 lives to date.

Image credits: Satanic Australia

#5 Keeping Homeless' Feet Clean And Warm By Providing Socks

"Socks For Satan," launched by The Satanic Temple Florida as a part of their long-running campaign, collects and distributes new socks for people on the streets.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple West Florida

#6 Providing Business Attire For People Trying To Break Out From Poverty

This clothing drive initiated by The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter collected business casual and semi-formal attire aimed to provide resources for community members aiming to get out of hardship as they attend job interviews and employment fairs.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Arizona

The controversial religious group that has been active for many years claim in their mission statement: “The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will.”

Information about any of the charities or campaigns is normally announced on the Facebook groups of the particular branches of the Satanist organizations for the members to join any of the active good deeds in progress.

#7 Collecting Donations For People Who Experienced Domestic Abuse

With 21 other so-called Chapters, The Satanic Temple Austin are doing donation collections for SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone)—an organization dealing with domestic violence and conservative lobbying.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Austin

#8 Supporting The Adopt-A-Highway Programs Across Different States

Various Satanic organizations participate in promotional campaigns aimed at volunteers to keep parts of highway free of trash across North America.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Indiana

#9 Donating Clothing And Raising Money For People In Need

In 2017, "Warmer Than Hell," a clothing collection organized by Boston's Satanic Temple Chapter, was actually intended to promote religious diversity and bring warmth to those in need. The initiative provided 191 coats, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and gloves as well as two large bags of socks and more than 900 dollars.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Boston

#10 Committing To Keeping The Beaches Clean With Save Our Shores Program

In 2018, The Satanic Temple in the state of California ended up adopting a beach and has committed to keeping it clean of trash, meanwhile raising awareness for the cause.

Image credits: The Satanic Temple Santa Cruz