100,000 Children In US Tested Positive For Covid-19 In Last Two Weeks Of July

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A new report has shown that nearly 100,000 children tested positive for the coronavirus in the United States in the last two weeks of July alone.

During that time period, there was a 40% increase in child cases across the areas studied, according to the new report, which was published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association.

It is worth noting that each state had a different age range for what is classified as a child, with some only counting those up to the age of 14 and Alabama counting people as old as 24.

100,000 Children In US Tested Positive For Covid-19 In Last Two Weeks Of JulyPA Images

The research comes in a bid to help health officials gain a better understanding of the role young people play in spreading the virus, with many children heading back to school, .

President Donald Trump has advocated the reopening of schools in the US, and recently claimed that coronavirus doesn’t pose a large risk to children.

However, this view is counteracted by a number of studies that say that older children can transmit the virus just as much as adults, while another study found that children below the age of five actually carry a higher viral load than adults.

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The new report found that 86 children have died from COVID-19 in the states since May – the latest being a seven-year-old boy with no pre-existing medical conditions, who died in Georgia. Earlier this month, two Florida teens died from the virus, increasing the death toll of minors in the state up to seven.

Previous research found that Black and Hispanic children are more likely to be affected by the virus, with higher infection rates, more hospitalisations and more complications reported following infection.

Medical experts at a federal level have said the decision over whether to reopen schools should be made at local level, however Trump has continued to urge schools to open because he believes children are suffering while out of the classroom.

100,000 Children In US Tested Positive For Covid-19 In Last Two Weeks Of JulyPA Images

Many parents and educators have strongly opposed children heading back into classrooms while the virus continues to rage across the country.

So far, the United States has reported more 5 million confirmed coronavirus cases, with at least 162,938 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Last week alone, more than 1,000 deaths were reported each day until Saturday, August 8.

Dr Anthony Fauci has pleaded with young people to follow guidelines, urging them not to be ‘the weak link in the chain’.

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