101 Of The Most Unexpected Products From Famous Brands

Multiplying the ways in which consumers can interact with your brand is often quite the challenge.

It usually requires companies to branch outside of their comfort zones, much like an oral hygiene business diving into the world of frozen foods.

So we at Bored Panda decided it would be interesting to take a look at the times when big names announced products they weren't really known for.

After all, he who never takes risks doesn't get to drink champagne, right?

#1 Subaru Branded Honey From My Local Dealership. Harvested From Their Rooftop

Image credits: walkies3

#2 My McDonald's Themed Deck Of Cards Has The Queen Holding The Burger, So There Wouldn’t Be A Burger King

Image credits: lolfrijoles

#3 I Was Cleaning Out An Old Apartment And Found A 1982 Coca-Cola Screwdriver Set

Image credits: BouncingJigglingJugs

#4 This Luxurious Watch

Image credits: mootjuggler

#5 Found This Old Volvo Cap Where The Strap Is A Seatbelt

Image credits: Plattan35

#6 Dad Still Uses The Coleman-Made, Marlboro-Branded, 12V Car Refrigerator He Got From A '90s Marlboro Catalog

Image credits: YaKuzya

#7 USB Power Bank Disguised As A Mini Generator

Image credits: metpharaoh

#8 Colgate Beef Lasagna

Image credits: CircleToonsHD

#9 Big Mac Shower Gel (Courtesy Of Austrian McDonald's)

Image credits: leonilaa

#10 Crayola Calculator

Image credits: iSmellChickens

#11 Volkswagen (VW) Is The Largest Producer Of A Particular Type Of Sausage (Currywurst) In Germany

Image credits: King_Artus

#12 Fried Chicken Scented Fire Log

Image credits: robbiehaf

#13 If You Thought That The Perfect Soap Doesn't Exist, Here's For You

Image credits: fishcircumsizer

#14 Louis Vuitton Fire Extinguishers. To Fight Fire With Style

Image credits: Herbylicious

#15 My Neighbours Also Park Their Lamborghini In Their Front Yard

Image credits: MonsieurMeursault

#16 This Turkish Muslim Girl Working At McDonald's Has A McDonald's Branded Hijab (Istanbul, Turkey)

Image credits: bagdar

#17 Twix Seasoning For Popcorn, Ice Cream, Cookie Dough And More

Image credits: Theydontnowenotheyno

#18 My Dad Owns A Working 40-Year-Old Mitsubishi Sharpener And You Can Adjust The Sharpness Of A Pencil

Image credits: huntsman123

#19 LEGO Brick Shoe Box

Image credits: aloofloofah

#20 I'll Wear This To The Next Wedding

Image credits: thehw0rd

#21 Wife Asked For A Car For Her Birthday And I Promised Her That While I Was Drunk. So, Here It Is - I Bought Her A Toyota Car

Image credits: zozyzoo

#22 The Michelin Tire Company Is The Same Michelin That Issues Michelin Stars To Restaurants And Hotels

Image credits: michelinguide

#23 Guinness - The Famous Brand Of Beer And "The Book Of Records"

Image credits: guinnessworldrecords

#24 This Radio I Found In My Attic Is Built To Resemble A Coca Cola Vending Machine

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 Hello Kitty Pasta Sauce Anyone?

Image credits: desrevermi

#26 Strawberry Mentos Bath Bombs

Image credits: miracul0usladybug

#27 Samsung Made The Barbells At My Gym

Image credits: KeepItLevon

#28 I Got KFC Socks With My Delivery Order

Image credits: DeluxessYT

#29 Dr. Pepper, I Think You Went Too Far This Time

Image credits: BSwhip805

#30 This Hairdryer With A Ferrari Motor

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 The Elevator At My Rome Airbnb Is A Ferrari

Image credits: hjh208

#32 A Ferrari Cellphone

Image credits: YouTouchedMyTralalaa

#33 McDonald's Made A Fry Radio In The '80s And My Dad Gave Me His

Image credits: slizz_claiborne

#34 IKEA Is Now Selling Hats Made Out Of IKEA Bags

Image credits: smashmouthftball

#35 eCDP, A Nintendo DS Game Designed Specifically For The Training Of New McDonalds Staff In Japan

Copies of the game and the McDonald’s branded DS are extremely rare today.

Image credits: consolevariations

#36 I Ordered An Oil Filter For My Car And It Came With Mercedes Perfume

Image credits: xxmalik

#37 This Was In An NHS Hospital In The UK. They Have A Toy MRI Machine In The Hospital Waiting Room

Image credits: lindet16

#38 Dr. Pepper Scented Tissues

Image credits: Mnmsaregood

#39 Louis Vuitton Pencil Holder For 900$

Image credits: louisvuitton.com

#40 A Rolls-Royce Ice Cream Truck

Image credits: ClumsyGamer2802

#41 When You Order A Knife Directly From Fällkniven They Also Send You These Branded Band-Aids With Your Package

Image credits: LetoXXI

#42 Samsung Runs A Fashion Store In South Korea

Image credits: TheOneInTheHat

#43 Audi Is Dog Friendly​. My Car Came Back From The Service With These Dog Toys On The Back Seat. Both Of My Labrador Retrievers Went Nuts

Image credits: judgejamin

#44 Yoghurt Cosmopolitan

Image credits: Julio Silva

#45 The Ketchup And Mayonnaise Packets I Got From A Restaurant With My Food Are The Opposite Brands Off What I Would Consider Their Specially

Heinz made the mayo and Hellmann's made the ketchup.

Image credits: movieman56

#46 Porsche Makes Dress Shoes Designed For The Gas And Brake Pedals

Image credits: serbat

#47 Apparently, Ferrari Made The Hinges On My Kitchen Cabinets

Image credits: justinkarim

#48 Hyundai Not Only Makes Cars But Shoes As Well

Image credits: changwonmatty

#49 Dunkin’ Donuts Beer

Image credits: RightHandoftheJhereg

#50 Pringles Ramen

Image credits: Mobeast1985

#51 Cheetos Lip Balm

Image credits: Bigfatmoomins

#52 Not Only Is It A Payphone, It's A McDonald's Branded Payphone (Waterville, ME)

Image credits: BadDogEDN

#53 My School Has An M&M Branded Ball In The Shape Of An M&M

Image credits: tobm2509

#54 This Water Cooler Was Manufactured By Hyundai (Car Producer)

Image credits: DoNotUpvoteTooMuch

#55 This Nissan Pepper Grinder

Image credits: v7h1h2

#56 These Nissan Candies I Found In Denmark

Image credits: advanttage

#57 This Mitsubishi Computer

Image credits: BionicleGarden

#58 Mitsubishi Sewing Machine

Image credits: GroundedKush

#59 My School's Chairs Were Manufactured By PlayStation

Image credits: Jontis_00

#60 A Double A Battery Made By The Auto Manufacturer Ford

Image credits: peerzer

#61 Official Heinz Shirt That Has A Fake Ketchup Stain On It

Image credits: thredup

#62 What's A Better Way To Light Up Your Nights Than With A Limited Edition KFC Scented Candle

Image credits: kfcnz

#63 Mid-1980s Peugeot Pepper Mill

Image credits: MeelsEsq

#64 My Traditional Tattoo Zippo With Bonus Zippo Fragrance

Image credits: Hash__tag

#65 So McDonald's Have Their Own Brand Of Sauces In Germany

Image credits: magnersy

#66 Dove Beauty Bars And Dove Chocolates

Image credits: dove

#67 How About A Peugeot Watch I Picked Up 10 Years Ago

Image credits: itsinthebone

#68 Subaru Sent Me A Branded Bose Mini Soundlink As A Thanks

Image credits: colehoots

#69 These Subaru Branded Glasses

Image credits: open_on_sunday

#70 This McDonald's Employee Is Wearing McDonald's Branded Jeans

Image credits: Alchemisthim

#71 My Local Ford Dealership Gives Customers A Bottle Of Mustard With Every Purchase

Image credits: Brad____H

#72 McDonald's Gave Away This Speaker To My Brother Who Works There

Image credits: RichieTyrone

#73 Coca-Cola Brand Skirt

Image credits: Dragonsarentreal

#74 My Dad Got This BMW Water With His New Car

Image credits: mmyax

#75 The Engine On My Plane This Morning Was Made By Rolls-Royce

Image credits: saugacityslicker

#76 Mercedes-Benz Sweets Look Like Little Car Parts

Image credits: MagnificentBastard69

#77 It’s Cold Outside, But In Here It’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Candle

Image credits: cheetos

#78 I Found This 1985 Harley-Davidson Beer Can In My Grandpa’s Office. It’s Still Full And Unopened

Image credits: Robininthemtn

#79 Just Bought A Porsche Today, And They Gave Us Paper Clips Shaped Like Porsches

Image credits: DrDanklebergg

#80 Subaru Brand Lip Balm

Image credits: Riley_Swim

#81 Dodgeball At Dodge Car Dealership

Image credits: getgiraffed

#82 This Pizza Cutter That Was Given To My GF When She Bought A Car Years Ago. Seems Like An Odd Gift To Give When Selling A Car & Odder Way To Advertise Their Dealership

Image credits: glpstrat

#83 My Friend Who Is My Neighbor Still Has Toys R Us Branded Batteries

Image credits: ntk97yt

#84 I Don't Know Where They Came From But My Son Has McDonald's Brand Pants

Image credits: Shanamat

#85 The Nose Piece On My BMW Glasses Popped Off, Revealing A Smaller BMW Logo

Image credits: Flubba2087

#86 This Bugatti Faucet In A Tiny Village In Portugal

Image credits: Sardasan

#87 These Scissors Were Made By Bugatti, Who Makes Some Of The Most Powerful Cars On Earth

Image credits: thicc-daddy_senpai

#88 Flamin’ Hot Shine With A Vividly Cheesy Color

Image credits: cheetos

#89 What If Soap Tasted Like Cilantro?

Image credits: chipotle

#90 This About 40-Year-Old, And Still Working, Ford Build Washing Machine

Image credits: astroturtle

#91 Someone Drove A '70s Ford Tractor To Canadian Tire In The Middle Of The City

Image credits: Flaminsalamander

#92 My Bathroom Drawers Were Made By Ferrari

Image credits: Southwestsilva16

#93 This IKEA Bracket Is Made By Ferrari

Image credits: cyyhhhigiity

#94 Found These Pencils Made By Mitsubishi

Image credits: joee7800

#95 Red Bull And Halls Collaborated To Make A Candy

Image credits: pumpkin2500

#96 Fruit Loop Gummies

Image credits: sophiemanic

#97 This 1934 Rolls-Royce Book About How To Speak French. Very Prestigious

Image credits: RowanKon

#98 Lamborghini Cigarettes Straight From South Korea

Image credits: scrolltroll

#99 This 30-Year-Old Spoon And A Little Bottle I Bought Yesterday Are Made By The Same Brand Somehow

Image credits: Jazzmim_999

#100 Found An Abandoned Mitsubishi TV, Thought They Only Made Cars

Image credits: reddit.com

#101 The Duracell Power Bank Is Shaped And Branded Like Their Batteries

Image credits: SailAway56