116 Of The Funniest Signs To Have Ever Been Put Up

Some people are looking for a sign from God, others from the financial market. But what if I told you that a local pub or a fencing academy can put up one that's just as memorable?

Bored Panda collected a list of the funniest signs to start off the week right, and believe me when I say it, they will show you that people are really creative when it comes to getting their message across.

Of course, we also included a few unfortunate attempts to balance things out. Enjoy!

#1 Sign Posted Outside A Fencing Academy

Image credits: shksona

#2 I Thought It Was Weird Someone Put Tape Over The Sign

Image credits: p11s

#3 A Sign That Gets My Full Support

Image credits: 8myabcsair

#4 Shop Sign In Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: nullbyte7

#5 This Wet Floor Sign At The Toronto Aquarium

Image credits: mcastre

#6 We Were Cleaning Up Our Rental Vacation Home And Found Someone Had Left This Sign In Our Bathroom

Image credits: Aust1nL33

#7 This Sign At A Local Vet

Image credits: usrcncld

#8 This Sign In Front Of A Bunch Of Venus Flytrap

Image credits: Karl_DavidH

#9 Let's Not Ruin It By Calling Out Colors Or Sides. Just Enjoy The Sign For What It Says

Image credits: VinceTheSignGuy

#10 This Sign On A Beach In Lithuania

Image credits: mrthordavis

#11 Housemate Put This Sign On Our Door After Amazon Repeatedly Posted "Sorry We Missed You" Cards Whilst We Were Home

Image credits: MacronX

#12 This Sign Outside A Local Pub

Image credits: deepmobber

#13 All Or Nothing! A Sign From A Local Business

Image credits: MajorLeeClueless

#14 Confidence

#15 Sign My Dad Has Up At His House

Image credits: Trackull

#16 Sign At A Local Park

Image credits: KuronFury

#17 This Sign Has Been Stolen Too Many Times I Guess

Image credits: WayToTheGrave

#18 This Sign At The Entrance To My In-Laws Retirement Community

Image credits: danooli

#19 This Relatable Sign In Ireland

Image credits: Chantrak

#20 These Guys Sit At This Table Every Morning. The Restaurant Owners Made This Sign To Claim The Table For Them

Image credits: leebob05

#21 Went To Museum And They Had A Working Piano They Had This Sign

Image credits: OkSurprise7755

#22 One Cardboard Sign To Rule Them All

Image credits: notyourmuse

#23 Just Doing What The Sign Says

Image credits: parsons5545

#24 The Sign Outside My Local Coffee Shop

Image credits: lansingcycleguy

#25 Wonder What The Story Behind This Is

Image credits: NikoD45

#26 Great View With A Fitting Name At The Grand Canyon

Image credits: honeybaby102

#27 Local Doughnut Shop Has Some Jokes

Image credits: D-r-T-3890

#28 A Sign Outside An Off Strip Casino In Las Vegas

Image credits: LVbellman

#29 This Sign Cracks Me Up

Image credits: Jaunt-

#30 I’ve Never Seen A Hotel Pool Sign So Blunt Before

Image credits: TurtlesTurnMeOn

#31 Someone Altered A Deer Crossing Sign In Upstate NY

Image credits: Dr_Emmet_Brown

#32 A Few Days Ago A Car Drove Through An Arby's. This Was Their Sign Today

Image credits: TotesOfGoats

#33 Sign I Made For My Dad On Father’s Day

Image credits: TheSuppishOne

#34 The LED Sign Outside My School Today

Image credits: ToXc_Reaper

#35 I Work At A Vet Clinic And One Of My Coworkers Put This Up On The Wall

Image credits: meowpal33

#36 This Sign I Found At A Local Movie Theater

Image credits: memeboimanperson

#37 What A Confusing Sign

Image credits: vagabond0977

#38 This Corn Maze Sign

Image credits: shidanesayo

#39 This Sign In An Antique Store

Image credits: mdavis360

#40 A Sign In My School Today

Image credits: kdports

#41 This Sign At My Local Orthodox Church...

Image credits: SilverSunrises

#42 Utah Has Its Issues, But It’s Traffic Signs Are Top Notch

Image credits: B4ldy

#43 This Local Tattoo Studio Has A Sign At The Reception Counter

Image credits: Entdy

#44 Sign In A Taxi Cab

Image credits: reddit.com

#45 Sign Posted At A Community Ball Field

Image credits: MoonRiverRob

#46 Always Look Forward To A New Sign From Them

Image credits: MrShedford

#47 Saw This Sign While Out Working

Image credits: governmentthief

#48 The Best Thing About Pregnant Women Is The Free Wi-Fi

Image credits: ColourScientist

#49 The Sign At The Pizza Place I Go To

Image credits: matt_CHRIST3NS3N


Image credits: wahoopublic

#51 This Sign At A Pizza Restaurant

Image credits: Tokesu

#52 My Dad Was Responsible For Our Neighbourhood Sign This Week, A Series

Image credits: sammspiess1

#53 Sign At A Local Coffee Shop

Image credits: campbellsouup

#54 A Very Informative Sign I Came Across Today In Nebraska

Image credits: theperk

#55 The Sign At My Son's Little League Field

Image credits: Trayf

#56 As Long As We're Posting Signs

Image credits: setialpha5

#57 Sign Recently Erected In My Neighborhood

Image credits: RiggsFTW

#58 Los Angeles Ice Cream Truck Owner Is Tired Of Social Media Influencers Trying To Get Free Ice Cream For Mentions

"We’ve decided to make this thing official with signage. We truly don’t care if you’re an Influencer, or how many followers you have. We will never give you a free ice cream in exchange for a post on your social media page. It’s literally a $4 item... Well now it’s $8 for you."

Image credits: cvtsoftserve

#59 Great Sign For A Vacuum Shop

Image credits: chefrogerquintana

#60 Best Sign I've Ever Seen. Anyone Have A Goat?

Image credits: Footey2

#61 Thanks To All The Rain, The Water Level Fits This "No Swimming" Sign Perfectly

Image credits: GiveMeYourCaps

#62 Just Emptying My Dog

Image credits: GrimDarkKing

#63 To Inform Staff Of Hygiene Rules

Image credits: jtpinnyc

#64 Sign Guy 2020

Image credits: 101010109

#65 The Sign I Saw In This Car

Image credits: ChemicalChameleon

#66 The Town Of Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada Just Erected A New Sign

Image credits: therealstevebailey

#67 Friend Saw This On Her Walk This Morning

Image credits: jayrodhazlyf

#68 I Feel Like They Need To Keep Updating Their Signs

Image credits: vision40

#69 Sign At My Local Shawarma Restaurant

Image credits: thoumyvision

#70 This Aggressive Social Distancing Sign At My Hotel

Image credits: jthe357

#71 This Smoke Shop's Sign

Image credits: actually_oh

#72 Sign In The New Orleans Airport Bathroom

Image credits: silentonc

#73 This Tattoo Shops Signs Are Always On Point

Image credits: blinkf2

#74 It’s My First Time Seeing A Funny Sign Like This

Image credits: StephNotFound

#75 The Accuracy. Fuming

Image credits: ONE3TX

#76 Important Sign Seen At The San Francisco Pride Parade Today

Image credits: EvTheSmev

#77 A Helpful Sign

Image credits: reddit.com

#78 Our City Is Proud To Have The World's Largest Teepee. Someone Vandalized The Sign Last Night

Image credits: dspiral

#79 This Sign

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 My Wife Posted This Sign (On Her Office Door) During Our Holiday Party

Image credits: ChaosLexifer

#81 Recursive Programming Be Like

Image credits: DreamyProtects

#82 No Such Thing As Bad Publicity. Wally’s Pub Here On The NH Seacoast, Brilliantly Seeing To It

Image credits: WallysNH

#83 Local Wendy’s Meets Its End

Image credits: anotherguy252

#84 Dad, Would You Please Stop Messing With The Sign

Image credits: equazcion

#85 Passing This Zoo Sign, I Start Laughing But No One In My Family Seemed To Get It At First

Image credits: Thehype105

#86 Sign Placement Fail

Image credits: ichosethis

#87 Oh, Michigan

Image credits: Scintillily

#88 This Sign I See On My Way To Work Every Day

Image credits: I_AM_KILLFACE

#89 I Think My Hotel Room Sign Is An Oxymoron

Image credits: Bobby-Bobson

#90 Fake United Signs Posted At The Airport

Image credits: tglnyc

#91 Sign At My Local Motorcycle Shop

Image credits: worldrider1

#92 Yeah… Let's Put Those Two Signs Together

Image credits: CumDogMillionare93

#93 Highway Sign In Boston

Image credits: TooShiftyForYou

#94 This Sign I Took A Picture By On January 1st Of 2020 Seems To Have Been Incorrect On Its Hypothesis

Image credits: hooisergalaxy

#95 Thanks Mcdonalds, But I'll Pass

Image credits: nombski

#96 Dairy Queen Near Me Has This On Their Sign

Image credits: BONNI_

#97 This Sign I Saw In The Bahamas

Image credits: geisha_chainsaw

#98 Sign Outside My Chiro’s Office Today

Image credits: jajames03

#99 Owner Of The Store Is A 70-Year-Old Man Who Changes The Sign Himself Every Couple Of Days. Very Wholesome Indeed

Image credits: Madd-Nigrulo

#100 This Sign At My School

Image credits: VulthrxIsAWeeb

#101 Obviously American Airlines Deserved An Honest Sign Too

Image credits: tglnyc

#102 My Parents Took Advantage Of The Graduation Sign Trend To S*it On Me For Dropping Out

Image credits: mississippimind

#103 Possibly The Best Sign Ever Posted In My Neighborhood

Image credits: drbaseband

#104 Sign At A Pizza Buffet

Image credits: SovietBeans

#105 Thought My Yard Sale Sign Might Be Enjoyed Here

Image credits: HaZZaH33

#106 After I Juggled For The Police, My University Library Posted This Sign

Image credits: blaykk

#107 This Place Always Puts Up The Funniest Things

Image credits: rubberduckarmy

#108 This Beware Of The Dog Sign

Image credits: Ghostcat____

#109 This Place Always Has Funny Signs

Image credits: hippo00100

#110 My New Sign Finally Arrived

Image credits: TheRealHGPennypacker

#111 This Sign For My Local Coffee Joint

Image credits: Dicematon

#112 There Go My Plans For A Part-Time Job

Image credits: bigdaddy2292

#113 My Father Made This Huge Sign For His Garage Sale

Image credits: Shootsucka

#114 Some Signs Are Hard To Interpret, Not This One, Though. The Meaning Is Clear. Cyclists Are To Blame For The Fall Of Christianity

Image credits: caidicus

#115 This Sign Outside The Butcher Shop

Image credits: Huberland324

#116 Vegetarian-Bating Sign, Dublin

Image credits: Kantina