120 Boyfriends And Husbands Who Raised The Bar Too High For Other Men (New Pics)

It’s that time of the year when people put all of their focus on the holiday rituals. Decorating trees, singing Christmas jingles and looking for the right gift for their loved ones. No one can deny that exchanging presents is a significant part of the whole celebration. We all know it feels great, right? Especially if you receive something special and thoughtful that lets you know much others care about you.

When it comes to relationships, creativity, kindness and humor are very important in keeping the spark alive. And there are plenty of boyfriends and husbands who can’t seem to stop surprising their partners in the best possible way. We at Bored Panda want to show off some of the most wholesome and dreamy Christmas gifts people have ever given their SOs, so we put together a list for you to see.

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#1 Husband Spends 2 Years Planting Thousands Of Scented Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell And Get Her Out Of Depression

Image credits: soranews24.com

#2 My Mom's New BF Literally Built Her A Wall To Display Her Collection

My dad used to get so mad every time my mom would come home w a new coffee mug (she likes to collect them). This is why we don't settle for loser boys, ladies.

Image credits: AnaStanowick_

#3 Today’s My 25th Birthday, My Husband Is A Pastry Chef And Made Me A Cake

Image credits: heyemma7

#4 Fixed My Makeup After Ugly Crying From The Gift My Husband Gave Me

Image credits: tjb317

#5 Made My Girlfriend A Custom Desk For Her Tiny Apartment So She Can Stop Working At The Kitchen Counter

Image credits: Dueling_Rainbows

#6 I Made My Girlfriend A Smart Mirror For Her Birthday

Image credits: ajones_53

#7 My Husband Built My Dogs A Dream Dog House

Image credits: Nbc0holden

#8 Boyfriend Gave Me This Poster Of Prison Mike Made Entirely Of Pictures Of Us

Image credits: katherine_angel

#9 That's Sweet

Image credits: kellyortega__

#10 My Husband Is A Firefighter And He Built This Indoor Playhouse For Our Foster Children

Image credits: SKatieRo

#11 My Dog Passed Away Last Month And My Boyfriend Got Me Flowers In The Shape Of My Dog And I Am In Love

Image credits: alissatolbert

#12 My Long-Distance Girlfriend Loves The Outdoors, So For Her Birthday, I Made Her An Automata

Image credits: gsxr93

#13 Those Everyday Life Things Of Knowing Each Other So Well

Image credits: katbrown

#14 My Dad Surprised My Mom For Their 30th Anniversary And Had A Bench Dedicated To Her At The Park Where They Always Walk Together

Image credits: annawiese1

#15 This Lady Getting A PHD Graduation Postponed But Also Getting A Graduation Gift From Her Husband

Image credits: francesboreham

#16 He’s Definitely A Keeper

Image credits: ehenryjones

#17 Husband Built Me A Greenhouse For My Succulents. Much Needed When It Monsoons Every Single Day In Mobile, AL

Image credits: emily_edd

#18 On Our First Date, I Jokingly Told My Boyfriend I Loved Jeff Goldblum’s Half-Shirtless Scene In Jurassic Park So Much, I Wished I Had A Giant Painting Of It

Four months later on my birthday, he gave me this painting.

Image credits: Color_Me_Scarlett

#19 What A Keeper

Image credits: GuysItsKayla

#20 A Genius Idea

It says: "One year. One year of laugh, love & memories. I want to spend so many more years with this woman. She brought a light into my life that I never knew could of existed. I love you Sophia, happy one year baby. Tim"

Image credits: xxsophvxx

#21 My Boyfriend Told Me I Had To Come Home Late Last Night. Surprised Me With This

Image credits: 4b3ats

#22 I Made My Wife A Pensieve From Harry Potter For Her Wedding Gift

I glued a magnet to the tip of the wand. Each of the bottles also has a magnet glued inside the bottom. Again, the bottle sticks to the wand due to the aforementioned magnets. To anyone who thinks this may sound callous, getting attacked is kind of the point of Stingray City.  When you get in the water, they give you a piece of squid to hold onto.  This attracts the rays so they swarm you. It's in Grand Cayman and super fun.

Image credits: DuffManSzALotAThings

#23 My Boyfriend Made Me This For My Birthday. I’m Feeling A Positive Energy From This Gift

Image credits: ecarrera59

#24 My Boyfriend Made Me A Pretty Paperlamp With My Travellers In It

Thank you so muuch I love youuu and thiiis AAAH.
You can change the color of the lamp with a remote too.

Image credits: gillianthreeG

#25 “Safety Glasses” That I Made For My Wife’s Optometry Office

Image credits: alanbrendan

#26 A While Ago I Built A Mario Themed Planter For My Wife

Image credits: Inferno156

#27 My Wife Wrote A Book, So For Her Birthday I Bound It

My wife wrote a novel over the course of the last 2 years. It's the first book of a trilogy. For her birthday I got the idea to hand bind it so she could see what will one day be a printed reality in bookstores across the world!

Image credits: CommZod

#28 Outstanding Gift

Image credits: lauramossa

#29 I Built A Custom Engraved Wedding Bench Set As A Gift To My Wife For Our 5th Anniversary

The wife has no idea I am doing this, and it won't be revealed to her until the morning of our anniversary.

Image credits: Jofusness

#30 For My Girlfriend's Birthday I Made Up This Wine Featuring An Illustration Of Her With Her Best Friend - Named After Their Favorite Book

Image credits: cloud-mattlas

#31 That's A Thoughtful And Beautiful Anniversary Gift

Image credits: gis_keeper

#32 A Picture I Made For My Wife To Celebrate 10 Years Of Marriage

Image credits: macbubs

#33 That's Sweet

Image credits: payyourtabbs

#34 A Bouquet Of Chicken Nuggets

Image credits: AnnikaAgs

#35 DIY Project For His Girlfriend

Image credits: cactusbabygurl

#36 My Valentine's Gift For My Wife. I Bought A Chest At A Craft Store. Sanded It, Stained It, Sealed It, Engraved It, And Filled It With 365 Love Notes: One A Day Until Next Valentine's

Image credits: lorgskyegon

#37 My Husband Had Rotator Cuff Surgery Yesterday. I Found This On Our Whiteboard This Morning And He Must Have Wrote It With His Non-Dominant Hand

My husband has taken pride in what he’s dubbed “Fresh Flower Friday” and hasn’t missed a Friday in almost six years. It’s the best bouquet he’s ever given me.

Image credits: seriphae

#38 Wedding Day Gift From My Husband. Inside That Glass, Ball Is Crushed Up Petals From The Very First Bouquet Of Flowers He Ever Got Me

Image credits: MissKaylaKaye

#39 My 35 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift To My Wife

Image credits: feralhog2

#40 Amazing Present From My Husband To Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary. Traditionally A Paper Gift. So Excited For This Set, I've Wanted It Forever

Image credits: Kingsman22060

#41 He Has The Biggest Smile Right As He's About To Give His Girlfriend Her Valentine's Gift For The First Time

Image credits: gxlaurra

#42 My Boyfriend 3D Printed Me A Wreath (We Are Going To Paint It Green And Red, Just Wanted To Show Off)

Image credits: caisti

#43 My Husband Made Me Something For My Desk

Image credits: babely80

#44 My Boyfriend Got Me This As An Anniversary Gift

Image credits: twentyonetaxicabs

#45 I Made This Tree Skirt By Quilting My Daughter's Old Baby Clothes For My Wife This Christmas

I’m a novice sewer and this was my first go at quilting. I’m kinda proud, to be truthful.

Image credits: geneullerysmith

#46 I Sent My Boyfriend The Post Earlier With The Taco Heart That Someone Made - This Was Waiting For Me When I Got Home From Work. I’d Say It’s A Darn Good Effort

Image credits: the_homefry

#47 Lego Flower Bouquet

Image credits: honeyyxbuns

#48 My Boyfriend Made This Light-Up Star Map For Me, And It's Easily The Best Present I've Ever Gotten

Image credits: _HeatheRN_

#49 My Wife Asked For A Gold Bicycle. I Bought An Old 70’s Ross Kids Bike And Turn It Into A Low Rider

Image credits: shawzynyc

#50 Colored Pencil Mother's Day Popcorn Bowl For My Wife

Image credits: Cloudchaser150

#51 My Wife Needed A Background For Her Zoom Calls. So I Made This

Image credits: chas_kev

#52 Big Props To The Hubby

Image credits: kelliegerardi

#53 My Husband Made Me This When We First Started Dating

All the guys at his work were making fun of him at first until he was done and then they wanted him to make them one for their girlfriends. I just wanted to share his talent somewhere.

Image credits: PieceOfFancyFeastxo

#54 A Blanket Chest I Made For My Future Wife, We Get Married On Saturday. Its Make Out Of Walnut Wood And Brass Plugs

Image credits: jcmoor15

#55 My Man's Got The Sound Waves Of Him Saying He Loves Me Printed On A Canvas

Image credits: twitter.com

#56 Boyfriend Goals

Image credits: _clairehalleran

#57 My Husband Gifted Me With A Trip To Europe To Visit Family I Haven't Seen In 20 Years

Image credits: welmoed

#58 Now After 2 Years, My Husband Surprised Me With The Most Amazing Wedding Ring I Have Ever Seen. He Picked The Design Himself. I Can’t Believe It

When we eloped, my husband and I were on a tight budget. I used my mom’s ring (a gift) as my wedding ring.

Image credits: LaurenZNe

#59 This Is What I Have Waiting For Her Instead

My wife got up at 2 am this morning to hike a mountain with some friends. She's on her way home right now and probably thinks she's going to have to immediately take over taking care of the kids so I can get my work done.

Image credits: JephriB

#60 Home Made Scrabble Set As Gift For My Wife

Image credits: robroy865

#61 I Built A 5-Speed City Bike For My Wife

My wife had been wanting a bike, and I wanted her to have one too since I love riding and always wish she could come with me. 

Image credits: Shirkaday

#62 An Expert Gift-Giver

Image credits: magsster

#63 My Super Cool Boyfriend Made This For My Birthday. Thanks For Making Me Feel Special

Image credits: Silly_bubble_bug

#64 Hubby Made Me A Nail Rack Out Of An Antique Clock

Image credits: oneallmama06

#65 That Looks So Good

Image credits: DreamscapeDyes

#66 It's My Birthday. My Husband Made Me A Blanket Fort In The Living Room, Bought Me A Season Of Bob's Burgers And A Bottle Of Wine. He's A Great Man

Image credits: fairy_tear

#67 My Husband Built This House For Our Cat As A Christmas Present. Stan Is Always A Content Meatloaf In His Little Home

Image credits: outlander345

#68 My Husband Built Me This Beautiful Wall To Hold All My Spices And Blends

Before, they were in various containers in a cupboard. It brings me such joy! No more having to take everything out of the cabinet to get what I need. For anyone wondering, it cost about $100 to build not including the jars.

Image credits: Jules4326

#69 I've Been Saying Since Quarantine How Much I Miss Getting Massages. So For My Birthday, He Bought Me A Massage Table And Learned How To Do Deep Tissue Massages

My husband is the absolute cutest. I went in to take a nap and when I woke up he had transformed our living room into a massage studio.

Image credits: wifelife69

#70 My Husband, Who Is Not A Hp Fan Himself, Bought Me The Hogwarts 3D Puzzle And Built It With Me While Watching All 8 Movies

Image credits: NuclearCandy

#71 For Our 10-Year Anniversary Today My Husband Gifted Me A Potting Shed To Help With This Natural Therapy

Over lockdown, I found gardening really helped with my anxiety and depression. I couldn't think of a more pure and perfect gift.

Image credits: AvalonianDreaming

#72 Today Is My Birthday And My Husband Wrote Me A Book

Image credits: 1fatsquirrel

#73 I Made My Wife A Side Table For Our Anniversary, Then Planted It At IKEA With A "Happy Anniversary" Price Tag To Surprise Her

Image credits: CapnTyinKnots

#74 Something I Made For My Girlfriend. Been Practicing A Lot Since September And Here’s The Result

Image credits: TrainerGlitch

#75 Wholesome

Image credits: dankjerms

#76 My Boyfriend Built Me The Plant Stand I’ve Wanted Forever With Leftover Wood We Had Laying Around

Been having a really rough week mental health-wise and just got home after a horrible day at work to see this.

Image credits: ilovelemonwater

#77 This Is What Love Looks Like

Image credits: yassjoon

#78 I Ran Out Of Way To Express My Love To My Girlfriend So I Started Learning How To Paint So I Could Paint For Her

Image credits: cesartorres1198

#79 My Husband Put Serious Thought Into The Paper-Themed 1st Wedding Anniversary And Cartoonized Our Relationship. I Love It So Much

Image credits: i-looove-lamp

#80 My GF Loves Fairytales So, To Propose, I Built Her A Fairytale Storybook With Secret Puzzles Inside

Image credits: bigchewypretzels

#81 My Girlfriend Loves Tsum Tsums So I Built A Holder For Her Collection

Image credits: filiomane

#82 DIY Watch For My Girlfriend

The blue part of the dial is a star chart, representing the positions of the stars on the day we met, from the place we met.

Image credits: cmerkel

#83 I Made My Girlfriend A Timeframe For Our Anniversary

Image credits: Vitiell0

#84 I Made A 50 Nanometer Thick Portrait Of My Girlfriend For Her Birthday

Image credits: hypernormative

#85 Advent Calendar I Made For My Girlfriend Last Year, I Definitely Got Some Things Wrong But Enjoyed The Chance To Try Some New Skills

I might give it another go in a few years but I’m happy with it for now.

Image credits: InvisibleCowboy

#86 I Carved Harry Potter's Mum's Magic Wand For My Girlfriend's Birthday Present

My girlfriend is a massive Harry Potter Fan, so for her birthday, I decided to make her a magic wand, based on the description of the wand of her favorite character, Harry's Mum, Lily.

Image credits: whytegoodman

#87 I Made A Jewelry Case For Christmas For My Girlfriend

Image credits: Estragon94

#88 I Made My Girlfriend A Huge Doll's House As A Proposal

Image credits: seananthonymurphy

#89 This Was His Gift To Me For Valentine's Day. I Cried Happy Tears

My husband and I have been leaving notes for each since we got married last June because we have different sleep schedules.

Image credits: Casefacea33

#90 We Were In A Long Line At The Grocery. This Man Said He Had To Go Use The Restroom, But Instead He Secretly Bought Flowers For His Wife And Hid Them Behind His Back

Image credits: iteachonmars

#91 My Husband Made This Book-Holder-Opener For Me To Ease Hand Cramping

Image credits: Nextdy

#92 My Boyfriend's Christmas Gift To Me. Heart Is Full

Image credits: iloveanimals77

#93 Today My Boyfriend Surprised Me With A Digital Keyboard For An Early Birthday Gift

I have been dying to learn how to play for years. He did a ton of research and got me everything I could possibly need to learn. I can't express how happy this makes me. It means everything to me.

Image credits: picklelife00

#94 I Had An Absolutely Soul-Destroying Day At Work

I came home to find my boyfriend had done this. Complete with a homemade bath caddy, my favorite cheeses and chocolate-dipped strawberries. It looked even better by candlelight.

Image credits: BriefLemon

#95 My Boyfriend Made Me My Very Own Portfolio Binder To Help Motivate My Career In Art For Valentine’s Day. I Almost Threw Up I’m So Happy

He made it from scratch and engraved the cover with my weird signature that I have tattooed on my back.

Image credits: namanama101

#96 I’m Going Through Some Bad Depression Right Now And My Husband Surprised Me With Sunflowers. It Made Me Ugly Cry With Happiness

Image credits: YuzuHitsuji

#97 Cat Knocked Down My Christmas Tree. Told My BF To Look For An Ornament Which Was Given To Me By His Mom. Found It Broken. Without Telling Me, He Ordered A Whole Set

I found these a day later. Honest to goodness, made me almost cry.

Image credits: EmpressBunBun

#98 I Dropped My Travel Blush And Broke Off The Part That Kept It Shut, So My Boyfriend 3D Printed Me A Container That Keeps It Secure

Image credits: Reyali

#99 My Boyfriend 3D Printed Me Some Plumbobs. I Love Them So Much. I Keep Them On Top Of My Computer Monitor Ft. A Plumbella Vid On It

Image credits: EmmieHasDID

#100 My Boyfriend 3D-Printed Me A Tiny Toothless

Image credits: naesheim_bech

#101 My Boyfriend 3D Printed Me A Cat Yarn Bowl

Image credits: TheHiddenFox

#102 My BF Gave Me The Cutest Gift For My Birthday Yesterday

Image credits: Catcolour

#103 Hubby Made Me A Potting Bench

Image credits: shashly85

#104 It Became The Family Joke To Watch Me Go Ballistic Over The Fabric Scissors. So Hubby Made This

Image credits: _jassylee

#105 My Fiancée Finally Got To See Her Anniversary Gift. Anniversary Was In April But Covid

Image credits: Disconnected_dreamer

#106 Anniversary Gift From My Husband. An Amish Crochet Basket He Commissioned - He Knows Me So Well

Image credits: MCRween

#107 He's A Keeper

Image credits: AnushkaTs

#108 My Boyfriend Made Me A “Clinical Survival Kit”

I start my nursing clinical this Wednesday at the hospital and he knows how nervous I am... The thought he put into this. Like even put it some “Aleve” in case I get a headache, and SB gift card and lunch money.

Image credits: mi_alma19

#109 I Made My Girlfriend A Rose Out Of Copper For Valentines Day

Image credits: -Swizzle-

#110 My Girlfriend Loves Giraffes – So I Made Her One

Image credits: ethandscott

#111 A Fort

Image credits: twitter.com

#112 "An Oven Cooks Things And I Put The Tomatoes In"

Image credits: InchOrInfinity

#113 This Is Too Pure

Image credits: myreadingisodd

#114 What A Cool Gift And A Creative Husband

Image credits: sarahkendzior

#115 I Have Been Sending Handwritten Letters To My Wife For Almost Three Years. For Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary, I Built My Wife A Sour Cherry Custom Box To Store Her Letters In

I love her so much, I wish I could do stuff like this for her everyday.

Image credits: trillclick

#116 My Husband Made A Ring Out Of Parking Tokens From The Day Each Of Our Kids Were Born

Image credits: Slyfox3157

#117 I Made A String Art Of My Beautiful Wife For Mother's Day

Image credits: goodlyearth

#118 When He 3D Prints You A Brush Stand He's A Keeper

Image credits: LPGreen

#119 I Made A Thing For The Girl I Love

Anniversary #1 is supposed to be paper, so I decided wood was close enough and I made a thing out of wood!

Image credits: KandiMan0426

#120 I Created A Valentine's Day Makeup Box For My Girlfriend

Image credits: huquad