120 Things That Were Completely Transformed By Powerwashing (New Pics)

A few years ago, I might've called my hobby of going through before-and-after power washing pics my guilty pleasure. But now? Not so much. I need a more accurate term; this seemingly mundane activity has become the king of the 'oddly satisfying' genre. A sort of internet culture mainstream, if you will.

I'd like Bored Panda to take some credit for it, after all, we've shown how much pleasure cleaning can bring numerous times (for example, here, here, and here). But this time, we're mostly just the middlemen, and the majority of the praise should go to this subreddit.

With that being said, we did scroll through its posts far and wide to select the very best this online community has to offer, and believe me, when you're talking about 1.135 million power washing aficionados, there's plenty of content to scour through. From forgotten benches to neglected patios, and old town squares, here are some of the best pictures we've found!

#1 Power Washed Birds, Butterflies, And Flowers On A Dirty Driveways (By Dianna Wood)

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#2 That Was A Big Old Job

Image credits: omonowa

#3 My Company Is Renovating An Old Building. They Decided To Power Wash It Today

Image credits: Nexhex_

#4 My Nan And Grandad's Patio Hasn’t Been Washed In Probably Over 30 Years. I’m 22 And Had No Idea It Was Colored. They Decide To Wash It Today And We’re Shocked

Image credits: Justaguywhosbored

#5 Cleaning And Oiling My Cedar Cladding. The Transformation Is Amazing

Image credits: Mattoh16

#6 Cleaning Up The Old Camper With A Magic Eraser

Image credits: BeckywiththeDDs

#7 From Green To Clean

Image credits: RideWithBDE

#8 I'm A Little Speechless. I Genuinely Thought Our Patios And Paths Were Made With Brown Slabs

Image credits: VulpixesAteMyBaby

#9 Rescued An Old Rotten Outdoor Table (Pressure Wash, Dry, Sand, Oil)

Image credits: antospantos

#10 Photographer Uses A Pressure Washer To Create A Beautiful Mural On His Driveway

Image credits: ronburkett97

#11 Another Day, Another Beautiful Path

Image credits: edthemonkee

#12 Who Knew That Was Under There? Asked To Clean The Mono-Block Only, Hopefully Asked Back To Do The Wall At Some Point

Image credits: Jordibhoy

#13 Some More Spectacular Reveals

Image credits: edthemonkee

#14 I Never Though My New House Was Whiteish

Image credits: 1whitechair

#15 Really Happy With This Jobby

Image credits: Jakeimpregnator

#16 Before And After

Image credits: notoriusmma

#17 Power Washing A Whole Block In Poland

Image credits: Kronoxic

#18 Before And After Of My Front Garden

Image credits: frenchhouselover

#19 Boyfriend Finally Let Me Break Out The Power Washer On The Steps. They Were Nasty

Image credits: mrh83092

#20 The St. Pierre Church In Firminy, France, By Architect Le Corbusier, Got It's First Ever Power Wash

Image credits: Logical_Yak_224

#21 Brick Transformation

Image credits: xcupcakekitten

#22 Should Have Went To College But This Will Do For Now

Image credits: Forestdwellin

#23 Today I Learned That Our Retaining Wall Is Brown, Not Black

Image credits: shagouv

#24 Picked This Beauty Up Off The Curb. I Need To Get A Good Sealant On It To Keep It Looking Bright

Image credits: dudee62

#25 Finally Giving The Tennis Court Some Love

Image credits: wafflingo

#26 Power Washing, Sanding, And Oil This Weekend On 20-Year-Old Teak

Image credits: _brodre

#27 If Your Wife Isn't Sure That Power Washing The Fence Is Worth It, Then 'Accidentally' Clean Your Shovel When It's Leaning Up Against The Fence

Image credits: pb-86

#28 The Other Day I Posted About A Job That Was Keeping Me Discouraged, A Real Doozy Of A Job With No Drainage Areas. Figured I'd Share Some Pictures Of The Job

Image credits: Wekilledit88

#29 Power Washing The Patio Table Produced Some Satisfying Results

Image credits: michigander8

#30 An Auction Find That Was Then Used In The Yard. So Pretty Now

Image credits: jolinar30659

#31 I Was Almost Drooling When This Client Asked For An Estimate

Image credits: Ben-Stanley

#32 A Little Before And After Of A Cedar Sided Home Restoration. Low Pressure And Relying On The Right Chemicals For The Job. We Love Seeing Jobs Turn Out This Good

Image credits: Wizard_Of_Wood

#33 Awning In Downtown

Image credits: abeaudrie7

#34 We've Lived Here For 15 Years And We Never Touched These Steps. I'm Addicted To This Power Washing Stuff

Image credits: isthisusernamecorny

#35 So Satisfying

Image credits: Del_Griffith_

#36 So Anyway, I Started Blasting

Image credits: LEJ45

#37 I Think I've Found My New Favorite Hobby

Image credits: tedscherbatsky

#38 A Freshly Power Washed Wall vs. Decades Of Grime

Image credits: WayneWong11

#39 Saved My Deck From Certain Death

Image credits: Sideways_8

#40 Only Took 20 Minutes. After Photo Is A Day Later. Wanted It To Dry Before Taking The After Picture

Image credits: Forestdwellin

#41 My Job Today

Image credits: FknehBubba420

#42 Got My Rug Back Today

Image credits: Sass-Coffee-RedWine

#43 On/Off In About 3 Hours

Image credits: needmysims

#44 I Know I'll Have To Wash It Again Soon, But This Felt Very Cathartic. Stupid Ash

Image credits: IHeartRadiation

#45 I’m Gonna Need Some Sunglasses

Image credits: mikehocksbig

#46 It Was Looking Kinda Rough

Image credits: c_h_u_c_k

#47 Cleaning Plaster Off An Old Brick Fireplace

Image credits: RyskiBroski

#48 First Wash After 20+ Years

Image credits: agamemnononon

#49 I Didn't Even Know There Were Tiles. The Front Door Was Never Used

Image credits: xxStefanxx1

#50 Graffiti On Granite, Before And After. Kyiv, Ukraine

Image credits: WanderLustKing69

#51 Just A Man And His Power Washer

Image credits: drugs-and-group-hugs

#52 Saw This Water Tower Getting The Pressure Washing Treatment. I Watched Longer Than I Care To Admit

Image credits: st8king

#53 Night And Day

Image credits: Johnnyh1440

#54 We Had No Idea The Patio Was Hiding So Many Colors

Image credits: harriehyacinthum

#55 This Is What We Do Every Year At My Parents House

Image credits: itsRaKoR

#56 Sunday Satisfaction

Image credits: JK-1987

#57 Spent My Morning Power Washing A Climbing Wall At Work

Image credits: SteveCFE

#58 Freshening Up Some Old Paths Through An Estate Near Where I Live

Image credits: edthemonkee

#59 So Much Fun With New Toy. Garden Stairs To The River Before And After

Image credits: sonowyoutellme

#60 Free Picnic Table Benches

Image credits: reddit.com

#61 5 Years Of Muck Gone

Image credits: deevlash

#62 Brick Pad Cleaned

Image credits: islandhunter33

#63 Tigerwood Deck Power Wash Before And After. Applied Penofin Brightener To Restore The Wood Balance

Image credits: ashman77

#64 Today's Clean Before/After

Image credits: i_enjoy_silence

#65 £40 Power Washer Did A Great Job

Image credits: chimpwaffle

#66 Got A Job Washing, Might Start A YouTube Channel

Image credits: Forestdwellin

#67 They Don't Always Come Out So Well

Image credits: RedEyeWomble

#68 Bought A House Recently And Decided To Power Wash The Brick Patio. Had No Idea They'd Be Different Colors

Image credits: levelonerules

#69 Building Is From 1866, No History Of Being Washed. This Is Why We Recommend A "Wash And Seal" Every 10 Years

Image credits: thedriftlessdrifter

#70 Saved A Useless Water Fountain. It Was A Pleasure To Do

Image credits: andres1003

#71 50-Year-Old Gets Blasted By A Very Satisfied 29-Year-Old

Image credits: Roadie02

#72 Fire Pit Power Wash - Before And After

Image credits: Checki22

#73 My Husband Thought The Steps Weren’t Dirty. After And Hour Of Work, I Sent Him A Picture Of Exhibit A

Image credits: covingtonquiet

#74 Had A Job Cleaning Up This Rust On A Factory. Turned Out Great

Image credits: LEJ45

#75 Who Knew This Beauty Was Hiding Underneath

Image credits: phriendofcheese

#76 I Hear You Guys Like This Sort Of Thing

Image credits: thejazzace

#77 Cleaning Off A Few Years Worth Of Gunk From Our Family's 40-Foot Trawler

Image credits: biggyh

#78 Before And After Of A Porch Me And My Friends Did

Image credits: spencemorano

#79 All That Funk Is No Match For This Low Pressure Cleaning

Image credits: GelatinousDude

#80 Pressure Washed My Friend's Patio Yesterday Afternoon

Image credits: ThatChipGuy

#81 Washed Years Of Dirt From The Amazonian Forest Rains

Image credits: Nelerdeth

#82 Power Washed It In Who Knows How Long, And Revealed It’s True Colors

Image credits: sparkpug

#83 2 Days Of Hard Work Were Well Worth It For This Before And After

Image credits: CBeck15

#84 We Love A Start To Finish Project

Image credits: steveburto

#85 Cleaned Up Years Worth Of Overgrowth On Walkway At My Parents. Two Hours Well Spent

Image credits: chef2305

#86 I Have Never Been So Jealous Of My Fellow Human

Image credits: Datsie

#87 This Has Become My New Stress Reliever

Image credits: crm3210

#88 My First Time Playing With A Power Washer! About A Year Of Fox Fur And Dirt On This Bed

Image credits: aurora4847

#89 The Before/After Photos

Image credits: EddieEmmer42

#90 We Finally Got Around To Powerwashing Our Patio

Image credits: AelarTheElfRogue

#91 The Difference Between 50+ Years Of Filth And Recently Power Washed

Image credits: DuukPN

#92 I Was Cleaning My Deck With My Power Washer Yesterday And Thought I’d See What Happened If I Let Loose On My Chacos. 10/10 Would Do Again

Image credits: pocketsies

#93 A Little Quarantine Power Washing

Image credits: hlross20

#94 A Well Spent Afternoon. First Time Power Washing

Image credits: Weaving88

#95 Before And After Of A Renovation I Started Today

Image credits: sneakyYete

#96 Today Was A Good Day

Image credits: issiautng

#97 Before And After

Image credits: Tapdog83

#98 Before And After

Image credits: tampapunk

#99 She’s So Purdy

Image credits: Rinoftheair

#100 Another Day, Another Pic Of Some Beautiful Paths Near Me. To Add Context To Some Of These Pics, The Stones Are Fairly Old So Have To Be Delicate As They Can't Take Intense Cleaning

Image credits: edthemonkee

#101 It Sat Under A Tree For 10 Years

Image credits: JohnCenasLeftElbow

#102 Quick Clean Before I Slip And Fall

Image credits: SleepingHound12

#103 Only Halfway Through And What A Contrast

Image credits: aymesyboy

#104 Husband Power Washed A Driveway, I’m Impressed Every Time

Image credits: sauvageroots

#105 This Is So Addictive

Image credits: moxarena

#106 First-Ever Power Wash, Before And After

Image credits: afetian

#107 Old Slabs Came Up Nicer Than Expected

Image credits: Angusm123

#108 So That's What It Looks Like. Even Sitting On A Covered Porch For Seven Years Couldn't Protect Them Fully

Now we need to decide if we want to paint them, or do a clear coat to preserve them.

Image credits: Danderu61

#109 Before, Wash Than Paint

Image credits: Nickg2107

#110 Outdoor Stairwell, Before And After

Image credits: talktomeaboutbalding

#111 Power Washing God

Image credits: FknehBubba420

#112 First Job Done! Couldn't Be Happier With The Results

Image credits: steveburto

#113 All Shiny And Ready For A Repoint

Image credits: steveburto

#114 Boys We Did It

Image credits: Crypticbandit

#115 2 Days Worth Of Work At My Grandad's House

Image credits: LovesABitchAndSoAmI

#116 Took My Neighbor's Jet Wash To My Parents' House. 20+ Years Of Grime

Image credits: FromLondonToLA

#117 Teak Chairs. This Felt Good

Image credits: Michaelquestion

#118 Long Time Lurker, First Time Power Washer! I’m Hooked

Image credits: canadianirish243

#119 Little Dirty Work Never Hurt Anyone

Image credits: bighoss31

#120 Spring Cleaning The Camper

Image credits: squirrelbefriender