120 Times People Failed In The Kitchen So Badly, They Just Had To Share Pics Online (New Pics)

Nothing makes human beings happier than a nice freshly cooked meal made with love and effort (skill optional). So no wonder so many of us are putting on the aprons and rocking our inner Gordon Ramsay back at home.

And while many succeed in cooking something that ends up on their Instagram feed, others are not so fortunate. So this post is about hope and failure, failure and hope: kitchen edition, where dreams of tasty bites get shattered by the reality check of burned, overcooked, weirdly shaped and very unappetizing (in)edible artifacts.

Scroll through some of the best of the worst ones below and be sure to check out our previous cooking fails here, here and here.

#1 Dumplings From The Hell's Gate

#2 My Crescent Rolls Came Out Looking Like Walruses That Just Can't Anymore

Image credits: chiquitamichi

#3 New Style Ribs. Introducing: Hell Done

Image credits: DilligafDiva

#4 You Ever Mess Up Burgers So Bad That Even Your Grill Is Surprised?

Image credits: Bloodycrabs

#5 My Wife Likes To Keep Dog Food Beside Coffee Beans. Guess What I Did At 5:30 Am This Morning

Image credits: Chaosbutters87

#6 I Forgot That My Sister Baked Salmon And It Looked Like A Scorching Salmon, So I Just Took A Picture Of It, So It's A Memorial Service

Image credits: saltdsalt

#7 Turned My Back For A Minute And She Peed In 20 Cups Of Uncooked Rice

Image credits: TheLoxFox

#8 This Was Way Cuter When I Pictured It In My Head

Image credits: howierid

#9 Here Is My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma. She Was Having A Hard Time With The Mixer

Image credits: Bungalowbeast

#10 See Those Eggs? They Are Supposed To Be In The Pies. I Made Two Hot Oily Chocolate Garbage Circles

Image credits: themattcrumb

#11 My Attempt At Baking A Brownie Turned Out Like A Before And After Picture Of An Addiction

Image credits: pandyxxx

#12 Spent 10 Minutes Looking For The Drip Tray For The Forman Grill, After I Turned It On

Image credits: Kimritto

#13 So We Had Pizza And Tears For Dinner. So Much For That Shepherd's Pie

Image credits: MrsMolotov420

#14 Failed Baked Bread, May I Ask If I Underbaked It, Over Fermented It, Or Had Too Much Yeast? I Ate 3 Of Them In Anger

Image credits: tuxiaobai

#15 Making Brownies Didn't Go As Planned

Image credits: 55555

#16 My Sister Tried Making Popcorn At Work Today... Didn't Go Very Well

Image credits: flooptyscoops

#17 We Had 6 Eggs Left. I Thought I Would Scramble Them For Breakfast. The 6th One I Cracked In The Bowl Was Completely Rotten

Image credits: flightlessbirdies

#18 Craving Pizza But Convinced Myself To Get Groceries And Make A Healthy Dinner Instead. Why Do I Even Try?

Image credits: bramblejamslam

#19 Nightmare Lamb Cake

Image credits: boneskull

#20 Pizza That Looks Like Lava

Image credits: 1115_clkura

#21 The Way My Pasta Spilled

Image credits: Nvr2Much

#22 My Friend Writes "Apparently I Bought A Bringing Bag Instead Of A Baking Bag"

Image credits: jesseburns

#23 My Fridge Just Decided To Freeze My Eggs. Have A Nice Day

Image credits: roberto4444

#24 What's The Worst Thing To Find After You Took The Last Batch Of Cookies Out? The Real Cinnamon

Image credits: MhmCandii

#25 Having Currywurst In Your Trunk

Image credits: Clyde_Ju

#26 My Wife Worked For An Hour On This Peach Crisp And Burst Into Tears Right Before My Parents Showed Up To Our House

Image credits: kent_ankerous

#27 Pizza Is Ready

Image credits: Stranger1982

#28 I Was Very Excited To Try To Make French Omelette This Morning. It Was Going Well Until It Quickly Went From Omelette Au Fromage To Omelette Au Floormage

Image credits: laripop

#29 Yes, This Was Freshly Made Hot Sauce

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 So How Is Your Morning Going?

Image credits: deathberryx

#31 I Wasn't Trying To Make A Glossy Iron Plate. I Tried To Make A Panque

Image credits: poipoitantanmen

#32 My Knife Broke When I Tried To Cut The Watermelon I Just Bought, Just To Find Out That It Went Bad

Image credits: quangteo8998

#33 The Cake I Spent 1 Hour To Make. At Least I'm Sure It's Not Too Dry

Image credits: aerlindyl

#34 You Did Your Best, Chef

Image credits: CrystalProtocol

#35 Got Over-Confident With My Cooking And Tried To Make Cookies

Image credits: LocationRecce

#36 I'm An Idiot And My Wife Won't Stop Laughing At Me

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#37 Moved The Flour Away From The Kid So He Wouldn't Make A Mess... And I Knocked It Off The Counter With My Elbow

Image credits: SubrinaSky

#38 Forgot Apple Pie Was In The Oven

Image credits: TrueLexatom

#39 Tried To Make Strawberry Mochi Without A Recipe And Now They Look Like Boiled Kirbys

Image credits: leilzs

#40 I Tried My Grandmother's Donut Recipe And I Have To Admit, It Kinda Stinks

Image credits: merrell0

#41 I Just Made A Cheesecake And When I Wanted To Put It In The Fridge The Bottom Fell Out Of The Mold

Image credits: ThunderlordNL

#42 Tomato Soup - It's On The Ceiling, Too

Image credits: bobberhom

#43 The Steak My Brother Cooked Me

Image credits: Makewayfornoddynoddy

#44 Accidentally Baked A Fly Into My Cookies

Image credits: ComfyInDots

#45 Finally Made A Good Lattice Crust Then I Went And Knocked My Cactus Onto It

Image credits: fabuji

#46 My Friend's Mother Thought That The Croissants Would Just Roll Themselves Up While Cooking

Image credits: Papaspartan05

#47 Today I Learned - Half-Cooked Eggs Can't Be Cooked Further In The Microwave

Image credits: Bauvolk

#48 Melonpan?

Image credits: emma_august_

#49 Cute Christmas Profiteroles... Looking Like Dog Poops

Image credits: Alfachick

#50 I Did Not Look Closely Enough At That Label

Image credits: IsThisDamnNameTaken

#51 Well That's Not The Soy Sauce

Image credits: sbibby66

#52 Tried Cooking Dinner For The First Time After Weeks Of Takeout

Image credits: lil-haystack

#53 Ever Wondered What Happens When You Microwave A Frozen Uncooked Croissant? Wonder No More

Image credits: the_highway_skyline

#54 Eggs À La Poivre

Image credits: jdicaire

#55 I Saw A Recipe For Protein Powder Pancakes And Decided To Try Protein Waffles With A Waffle Maker I’ve Never Used Before

Image credits: SandyClamburger

#56 I’ve Been Cooking For A Decade, But You’d Never Know It

Image credits: LolitaRebelle

#57 Buddy Sent Me This. Cast Iron Pan That Decided It Was Tired Of Their Stuff

Image credits: Danford97

#58 This Is What Happens When You Forget To Poke A Hole In Spaghetti Squash And Then Attempt To Cut It After It’s Baked. It Explodes In Your Face

Image credits: asherfergusson

#59 This Medium Rare Sour Bread My Mom Made

Image credits: niveikitten

#60 My Roommate Made Soup

Image credits: sk-3y3_HIGH

#61 My Pepper Grinder Broke This Morning

Image credits: scoobdrew

#62 Spent 12 Hours Making "Cinnamon Swirl" Sourdough Bread

Image credits: PiRat314

#63 Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch In The Dark. It Was Cheeze Its

Image credits: songbird808

#64 Melted Fork, Yummy

Image credits: hourara

#65 Boyfriend Cooked Fish Cakes And Sweet Potato Bites For A Perfect 11 Hours. Whole House Stinks Of Fish

Image credits: reddit.com

#66 Hmm, I Don't Remember Keeping Marshmallow Fluff In My Oven

Image credits: jelly_bean_gangbang

#67 Shout Out To The Baker Missing Their Nail. I Chewed On It Twice Thinking It Was A Clove Of Garlic Before I Made The Horrific Realization It Was A Fingernail

It’s garlic and rosemary sourdough.

Image credits: Alicee-

#68 No Caramel For My Ice Cream I Guess

Image credits: _The_Horny_Unicorn_

#69 Guess I'll Order Out Tonight

Image credits: panicsatdiscos

#70 A Hot, Fresh Lasagna In My Favorite Dish

Image credits: scissorfella

#71 Ramen: Microwave For 4 Minutes On High Power. Follow Me For More Great Recipes

Image credits: Tardigrade7point0

#72 Never Bake Cookies In A Crop Top

Image credits: SaraBear250

#73 Thought I'd Make Some Pasta With The Last Of My Homemade Tomato Sauce From My Garden Last Summer. Guess I'd Better Think Again

Image credits: karibot3

#74 These Pretzels Taste Worse Than They Look

Image credits: Harryssandwichco

#75 Call Me The Bread Weaner. I Mean, Winner

Image credits: sherlinko47

#76 My Mom Broke Our Oven Cooking Chicken

Image credits: pinetreesAFD

#77 After Making My Own Bone Broth, Reducing Red Wine And Slow Cooking In The Oven For 5 Hours I Finally Got To Taste Beef Bourgognion This Christmas

Image credits: Max_farsteps

#78 After A Busy Day Running Around With Kids Back To School And A Million Other Things To Arrange, Having No Breakfast And Barely Any Lunch, I Was Cooking Dinner And It Needed A Touch Of Salt

Image credits: inet

#79 2020 New Year's Eve Cheesecake

Image credits: sloth10k

#80 Niece Is Trying Her Hand At Baking For The First Time. She Forgot To Add 2 Cups Of Flour To Her Chocolate Chip Cookies. This Was The Result

Image credits: skisaj12

#81 I Do Consider Cooking An Art Form

Image credits: _bliss_95

#82 $50 Tri Tip From Seaside Market. I Forgot About It On The Grill... For Two Hours

Image credits: DistrictCraft

#83 Preheated My Broiler To Make A Delicious Tomato Sausage Gnocchi. Totally Forgot That I Had Bread Dough Rising In The Oven

Image credits: metkja

#84 Chicken And Broccoli Smothered In Melted Rubber Lid

Image credits: Samuel_L_Hackson

#85 Sweet Potato And Yams Lightly Baked With Marshmallows

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Recipe: Place Pizza Rolls And French Fries In The Oven. Then Promptly Take A 3 Hour Nap

Image credits: typewriter6

#87 Forgot About My Dehydrated Lemons In The Oven And Proceeded To Preheat It For Some Chicken Tenders. Was Left With This

Image credits: ccscano26

#88 Dinner Is Served (Yes, I Almost Burnt Down My House)

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 He Fell Off The Tray In The Oven, But He Still Smiling

Image credits: Gooseknuckler

#90 Made Some Cookies. I Think I Nailed It

Image credits: think_of_spaghett

#91 Decided I Wanted A Midnight Snack And Fell Asleep. Cooked At 415 For 10 Hours

Image credits: SweetCryptographer27

#92 Tried To Make Spooky Mac And Cheese

Image credits: Reed_Himself

#93 Tried To Make A Cake. Not Sure What Went Wrong

Image credits: CoconutRubbish667

#94 My Pepper Shaker Broke Mid-Shake

Image credits: 37b

#95 I Just Wanted A Little Black Pepper On My Pizza. Stupid Plastic Grinder Top Malfunction

Image credits: ryan_the_okay

#96 Guess Which One I Accidentally Put On My Yogurt This Morning

Image credits: Chuchubear

#97 When You Come Home And Your House Doesn’t Smell Like Pot Roast

Image credits: HomerTigerBoo

#98 My Bff Just Melted Her Favorite Pot. I Didn’t Even Know That Was Possible

Image credits: hibellagrace

#99 Homemade Pizza For Dinner

Image credits: reelbigfish0123

#100 My Dumbest Injury, I Was Flipping A Steak In A Curved Pan, Like Flat Bottom Wok, And All The Butter Splashed Out

Image credits: Vicarious124

#101 Broke A $300 Pasta Machine By Accidentally Dropping A Spoon Inside

Image credits: Larwan_

#102 Fell Asleep With The Pizza In The Oven

Image credits: aleksveum

#103 A While Back, I Shared My Pitiful Attempt At Frozen Pizza. Today, I Present To You, My Friend's Pitiful Attempt At A Corn Dog

Image credits: daddysnakeboi

#104 Well This Just Happened

Image credits: Dover21

#105 My Younger Brother, Who Moves Out In 2 Weeks, Tried To Make A Pizza

Image credits: GlooificationV2

#106 My Left Airpod Fell In The Oven And I Didn’t Notice Until Well Baked 20 Minutes Afterwards

Image credits: Educational_Ad_9649

#107 I Turned The Wrong Stove Burner On And Exploded My Made From Scratch Pumpkin Pie

Image credits: TheGidget007

#108 I Poured Beef Broth Into The Crook Pot As The Last Ingredient For My Homemade Chili And Out Came Mold

Image credits: hannahtaylor_

#109 My Mom Burnt Some Pasta And Now There Are These Marks Stuck To The Bottom

Image credits: Cascade555

#110 Turned On The Wrong Burner And Cooked My Cell Phone, Case Looks Cool But The Camera Is Toast

Image credits: brn0723

#111 Forgot I Was Proofing Bread Dough In The Oven And Then Set The Oven To Preheat

Image credits: Boudrodog

#112 8-Year-Old Remembered To Take The Foil Flavor Packet Out! She Forgot To Add Water

Image credits: motomermaid

#113 The Dinner My Husband Was Cooking For 3 Hours

Image credits: UnluckyDayOfMe

#114 Taking My Food To Bed Was A Bad Idea

Image credits: gullzarr

#115 My Sister Toasted Bread With Jelly In My Brand New Toaster. She's 31

Image credits: dan9457

#116 My Pizza Stone Cracked After 12 Years Of Use. Devastated

Image credits: miserabeau

#117 Thinking About Burritos All Day. Come Home From Work And Microwave My Last One. Completely Hollow

Image credits: Im_actually_satan

#118 Today On Cooking Catastrophes

Image credits: catexe

#119 I Cooked Pasta After A Long Week, Attempted To Pour Some Oregano, And Part Of The Shaker Decided To Get Stuck In There

Image credits: stupid-names-taken

#120 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image credits: blake_fierce