125 Wholesome Animal Pics To Lift You Up (New Pics)

These are tough times we live in, and we know how hard you’ve been working and studying recently, dear Pandas. So we had a little chat and decided to reward you for being so awesome by sharing some of the most heartwarming and wholesome animal photos from around the internet with you. So take a break, relax, and enjoy these uplifting pics, collected by our team here at Bored Panda.

From photos of cats and dogs being so adorable you’ll melt in your seats to more exotic animals with so much love in their eyes it’s restored all of our faith in, well, pretty much everything, there’s a bit of everything for everyone. So scroll down for a concentrated dose of cuteness, upvote the photos that you enjoyed the most, and make sure to send this list to anyone who you think could use a smile today.

Oh, and in case you want to feel extra good about yourselves, Pandas, we’ve got another article about uplifting animal photos right over here. Check it out when you’ve enjoyed the company of all the pets featured below. And, yes, they do enjoy head pats.

The PDSA, the United Kingdom's leading veterinary charity, answered Bored Panda's questions about how pets help reduce stress and anxiety, how to comfort frightened pets, as well as how we can tell if our cats and dogs genuinely care about us. You'll find our full interview with PDSA Vet Nurse Shauna Spooner below. Make sure you don't miss her advice!

Warning: you might feel so good that you might adopt half the animals from your local shelter. You’ve been warned!

#1 This Is The Only Acceptable Item That Can Poke Through Between My Seats

Image credits: bunnnnnnnyx

“Studies have shown that stroking a cat or a dog for just ten minutes can significantly reduce our stress levels. Showing your pet affection can also lower blood pressure and increase 'feel-good' hormone levels, and it is proven that dogs receive the same benefits when they are getting affection from us," PDSA Vet Nurse Shauna shared with Bored Panda that physical contact helps both the owner, as well as the pet.

"Cats may also get a 'feel-good' hormone boost when being petted, but the evidence is not as strong compared to dogs. This is not unexpected, due to how different the human-dog and human-cat bond is, and how they have been domesticated differently," she noted.

Bored Panda was interested in how owners can help comfort their pets if they happen to be frightened by loud noises or find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. There's no one-size-fits-all approach, you have to take cues from your pet.

#2 The Gang Is Eagerly Awaiting Dinnertime

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#3 This Is Humphrey, Our Foster Boy Who Failed His Sheepdog Training Because He Just Wanted To Be Friends With The Sheep

Image credits: viesch

“No pet owner will want to see their furry friend frightened, and it can be hard to know how to comfort them in their time of need. It’s important to follow their lead—if they want to be alone, let them, but just ensure they have a designated safe space to retreat to. If they seek reassurance from you, you can gently talk to them and try to distract them with healthy treats or playtime," Shauna, from the PDSA, explained to us.

"Find the right balance—if you comfort your pet more than usual, you can make them feel more unsettled and worried, but make sure you are there for them when they need you.”

Meanwhile, the Vet Nurse revealed to us how we can tell if our pets really do care about us. Unsurprisingly, it's a tad easier with dogs than with cats, who are slightly more subtle.

“Anyone who has ever owned a dog will talk about the unconditional love their pets show them, and probably the easiest dog body language to understand is a happy dog! There are some really clear signs to spot such as a high and waggy tail, relaxed ears and body. They may also be playful, leaping around you, or they may lean into you for attention and a stroke," PDSA representative Shauna said.

#4 When You Don't Know What You're Doing But You Want To Help

Image credits: Lotus_Stalker

#5 Family

Image credits: beautifulflower2

#6 When My Daughter's Rat, "Wasabi Bobby", Is Nervous Or In A New Situation, He Holds Her Hand For Comfort

Image credits: atodaso

"Cats are a little different—you won’t necessarily find them leaping around you, but they will show their affection by coming to you for attention, and through claiming you as theirs by rubbing you with the scent glands in their body and face. A happy and relaxed cat will look at you with slow blinking eyes to show trust and affection, and communicate by purring, chirruping, or trilling at you."

Shauna also shared her thoughts about how we should interpret the 'gifts' that cats sometimes bring their owners. "Some say it is a sign of respect and is a 'present' for us whereas other opinions say that they bring their prey back to their home where they feel safe. Either way, it’s a nice (but unpleasant) sentiment!”

#7 The Joy Of A Morning In The Country

Image credits: Visitor center Pecka

#8 This Is The Only Toy He Doesn't Rip To Shreds

Image credits: jem_

#9 Today Our Cat Gave Birth To 4 Kittens, And Her Blissful Exhausted Face While Hugging Her Baby Is One Of The Most Beautiful Things I've Seen

Image credits: pajser92

Cat behaviorist Ingrid Johnson, the founder of Fundamentally Feline, explained to Bored Panda that taking the time to get to know one’s pet helps improve your relationship with them.

"For many people, our pets are a great comfort, a best friend, a listening ear, and a source of unconditional love. Sadly, for others, their cat might stress them out, or they might find the cat annoying. This is usually due to a lack of understanding about how to best care for their cat and meet their needs, train them, etc. Those pet parents should seek the help of a qualified behaviorist! While some research claims that pets relieve stress and lower blood pressure, other studies have disproven this theory,” the feline specialist told Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

#10 Dennis The Dieting Dog Lost 79% Of His Body Weight With Healthy Habits

Image credits: boredpanda.com

#11 We Gave Our Bearded Dragon A Toy Lizard, Now He's Attached And Won't Leave Its Side Ever. This Is How He Sleeps Every Day

Image credits: Vininnarella

#12 Doggo Got Accepted Into The New Office

Image credits: mad_jon

"Not to be negative in any way, but cats often self-preserve. This is how they have survived and evolved to be survivors over thousands of years. Their instincts are generally to hide to avoid danger or to flee. They prefer not to fight as that increases the potential for injury. An injured cat cannot hunt and take care of themselves so 'going into battle' is not their first choice," the cat behaviorist said that cats, generally, tend to see their own well-being as paramount.

Ingrid said that cats often like people the most when they “play hard to get,” so don’t be surprised if they run away from you when you pounce for some quality cuddling time. It really all comes down to what the cat prefers as an individual. Some are snuggle bugs, others like to approach you on their own terms.

#13 Favorite Pic Of Strider (Dog) And Smulder (Cat) Taken The Day My Daughter Came Home

Image credits: tatertat2

#14 My Parents Found A Kitten And Our Rottweiler Found A New Friend To Look After

Image credits: Mustangrapidred

#15 My Chickens Greeting Me When I Come Home From Work

Image credits: eagledragonblood

"Respecting an individual cat's preferences for engagement is a good way to respect them," she said. "Providing a feline-friendly environment that meets the cat's needs is the best way to ensure you have a happy cat that feels safe and will 'love you back.' This means offering vertical space cat trees or cat condos, playing with your cat daily to offer opportunities to hunt and relieve stress, offering multiple outlets for scratching, and offering different substrates (they all have unique preferences) and just providing an engaging environment."

A huge part of being happy in life is directly related to doing good deeds, as well as loving others. Some choose to focus on their family and friends while others choose to spend quality time with their adorable floofs. Putting in the effort to create wholesome relationships makes everyone’s lives better.

#16 Zorro And Bandit Are Ready To Fight Crime

Image credits: vladgrinch

#17 Co-Parenting At Its Finest! 2-Week-Old Jelly Beans, 6-Week-Old Toddlers, And 2 Mamas Who Love And Feed Whichever Kitten Is Closest

Image credits: Lindseyh911

#18 She Loves Her Cake

Image credits: aznbbgoth

Very recently, Bored Panda had a chat about happiness and health with Ariane Sherine, the author of ‘How to Live to 100’ and ‘Talk Yourself Better.’ She shared some great insights with us.

“Close, fulfilling relationships with others are one of the most important things when it comes to happiness, whether romantic or platonic. Studies show that the more close friendships and relationships you have, the longer you live,” she said, adding that volunteering, being kind to others, lending a helping hand all help improve your own quality of life.

#19 Where Are They Going?

Image credits: Vegetable-Ad-9389

#20 Someone Told Me You Might Like Him

Image credits: fuKpolitness

#21 I Seriously Cannot Even. Today's Daycare Photo Of My Girl Who Is Absolutely Smitten With George, The Great Dane

The face says it all. Yes, love does funny things to a girl

Image credits: Tracey Kerschner Stahl

“There are other things that contribute to happiness and well-being including taking regular exercise, eating healthily, having enough money to feel comfortable, having job security, and enjoying experiences rather than possessions,” Ariane told us.

“Self-care and taking time for yourself are also very important. But I'd say close relationships are probably the most essential things to happiness.”

#22 Cute Gifts

Image credits: ingram_wallace

#23 When Nervous She Usually Puts A Paw On My Foot For Support. Here She Was Formally Introduced To Someone New

Image credits: Substantial_Date_38

#24 This Weirdo Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

Image credits: aquickcupofcoffee

The writer said that it’s always worth remembering that being kind to others can also lift you up as well. “In fact, the easiest way to take your mind off your own problems is to help someone else with theirs,” she said. “But if you're feeling really lethargic and low, the best thing is probably to sleep, or at least rest.”

#25 My Senior Cat Won't Let Me Sleep Unless I Spoon Him Every Night

Image credits: Big_Lmaoski

#26 Meet The Future Guide Dogs: Purdee, Poppy, Pippa, Phoebe, Lola, Percy, Pilot, Cooper, Pluto, Polo And Their Proud Mum Vicky

Image credits: cjt1991

#27 Duck Boat On The Horizon

Image credits: Grantito55

She added that we should all be aware of the fact that we can never control everything (and it’ll make us very anxious if we do), however, it’s vital that we do what we can to make our own situation better. Letting go of our perfectionism, focusing on what’s realistic and practical, can help us feel happier. And it might just make us kinder towards everyone else—whether they’re human beings or adorable animals who need an extra dose of cuddles and a new forever home.

#28 Reunited Brothers

Image credits: Beavs

#29 Camping With Golden Retrievers

Image credits: vinkulelu

#30 Blessed Table

Image credits: svershbow

#31 Our Lady Was Pretty Calm While Hiding In Bomb Shelter In Kyiv Last Night

Image credits: kkeine_tor

#32 Things That Cats Do

Image credits: blaisinsquad

#33 Mexican Journalist Lourdes Maldonado Was Murdered Yesterday. Her Dog Is Still Waiting For Her Today

Image credits: throwawaynumber53

#34 How My New Kitten Likes To Sleep When I Am Using My Laptop

Image credits: yaron02

#35 This Is Tilly 4 Months Ago vs. Today. She'll Be Well-Fed And Taking It Easy From Now On

Image credits: h-h-c

#36 After A 10-Day Fight With Parvo. Cinnamon Is Home

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Cat Refuses To Leave The Side Of His Grandpa Who’s Fighting Cancer

Image credits: Kelly Nugent

#38 This Calf Had Quite The Reaction To Me Petting Her

Image credits: Modern-Moo

#39 Blessed Doggo

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Actual Photo Of Service Dogs Watching Billy Elliot The Musical As Part Of Their Behaving In A Theater Training

Image credits: stratfest

#41 I Think I Have A New Roommate

Image credits: TheUniverseOrNothing

#42 Blessed Ratatouille

Image credits: oockba

#43 He Love His Moo Moo

Image credits: icedohyeayeah

#44 Photo Showing The Sweet Boy Consoling Dad After A Hard Day At Work

Image credits: MotherOfCatsAndAKid

#45 My Dog With One Of Her Favorite Toys. She Always Has To Carry Something And Show It To You

Image credits: Chiruu_

#46 My Big Dog And Tiny Foster Kitten Adore Each Other

Image credits: Marceline_A

#47 Darwin Does A Very Good Job Finding Drugs And Posing For Pictures

Image credits: Alfajorero

#48 So Freaking Cute

Image credits: dog_rates

#49 Update On The Kitten Who Was Hit By A Car And His Sibling That The Cops Said To Shoot - They Are Both Happy And Healthy And Doing Great In Their Forever Home

Picture from earlier today! Beautiful boys. They sleep cuddling 95% of the time. 

Image credits: Azelais

#50 Family To Family

Image credits: Pi Mei Nan Jiu

#51 The Way Nova Fell Asleep In Her Dad's Lap Is Priceless

Image credits: ignoretheyam

#52 My Little Lifeguard Gets Nervous When My Head Goes Underwater

Image credits: iallaisi

#53 Snuggled With His Plushie

Image credits: hedgehog_azuki

#54 Sleeping Fox

Image credits: sarareneeryan

#55 Two Deers One Kitten

Image credits: Sauvons Bambi Belgique

#56 They’re At Their Most Dangerous When Their Eyes Aren’t Open Yet. They Can’t Even See The Crimes They’re Committing

Image credits: NeanderthaIer

#57 Just One Of The Guys

Image credits: anotherdirtyword

#58 Best Friends Forever

Image credits: NelsonBeulah

#59 Our Rescue Pittie. The Happiest Boy Ever

Image credits: winterbaby26

#60 She Is So Adorable. Even When She Sleeps

Image credits: Rockf0rt

#61 The Perfect Description Of The Treasure At The End Of The Rainbow

Image credits: AmiDogs Playa

#62 The Cat That Guided Me Down The Mountain When I Got Lost In Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Image credits: sc4s2cg

#63 Wife Got A New Dog I Was Adamant I Didn't Want Another. So Trying To Avoid Him And This Is How He Greets Me

Image credits: notcabbagesoup

#64 Dog Mum Adopted A Deer Pup

Image credits: fatadelatara

#65 Been Caring For My Dad Who Has Terminal Cancer For 3 Months Now And This Guy Has Never Left His Side

Image credits: joefraley

#66 This Is Chico. He Managed To Get Lost So He Went To The Police To Report Himself Missing, He Was Safely Returned To The Owners And Is Safe At Home

Image credits: Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

#67 This Dog Protecting The House The Day After It Caught Fire

Image credits: pepprish

#68 I Was Walking Down The Street When I Saw This

Image credits: reddit.com

#69 Here's Marceline

Image credits: honeywoodxing

#70 I Was Called By A Cat, So When I Followed Her, I Was Introduced To A Kitten

Image credits: komakedara

#71 They Do Have One Bed Each, But No

Image credits: educational-hair-

#72 Best Friends Overnight

Image credits: Mlrz1015rz

#73 These 2 Tolerate Each Other

Image credits: LAJeepLife

#74 Even When He’s In Time-Out She Never Leaves Her Brother’s Side

Image credits: Coldsushi

#75 Morticia Wants To Show You Her Little Cactus To Brighten Your Day

Image credits: wildriceee

#76 In His Final Hours My Older Dog Was Too Tired To Get Up And Play, So Our Puppy Brought Toys To Him To Comfort Him

Image credits: cookiefest1221

#77 Yesterday I Found An Abandoned Kitten! Introduced It To The Other Stray That I’ve Rescued And They Are In Love

Image credits: Littlebirdii

#78 Don't Mess With This Museum Guard, He Will End You With Snuggles

Image credits: MrNacho97

#79 My One-Eyed Beauty

Image credits: kallionkuningatar

#80 Blessed Blanket

Image credits: Taffetti

#81 Haya’s First Play With Her Elder Sister


#82 Sunbathing

Image credits: Modern-Moo

#83 She's So Proud Of Herself

Image credits: hexisaname

#84 Pancake Was Reunited With His Mum

Image credits: Symphonyofsins

#85 This Little Lady Is Very Proud Of Herself For Hopping On The Hay Bale… Only 3 Days Old Too

Image credits: Atwood781

#86 A Rescue Near Me Just Posted This Picture Of A "Foster Uncle" With His New Shadows

Image credits: KiltedLady

#87 This Little One Often Sits On A Chair Staring Inside The Back Door At Me. Today I Went Outside To Find Out It Just Loves Me

Image credits: Birds_Are_Fake0

#88 Livestock Guardian Esinti Sleeping With The Smallest Of The Herd

Image credits: pvtdixynormus

#89 I Sold A Rug To Someone On Marketplace And They Just Sent Me This Picture With The Message "Little Man Is Chuffed"

Image credits: lucindalvngstn

#90 "My Parents Just Got Married"

Image credits: buzzyb816

#91 My Little One Domino Making The Cutest Blep

Image credits: SenorMarana

#92 Kris Before And After Adoption

Image credits: starsturnblue

#93 My Cat Turned 21 Today

Image credits: Few-Handle9125

#94 17 And She’s Still Going Strong

Image credits: Icosaquark

#95 So My Cat Just Casually Displayed The World’s Cutest Curled Feetsies And I Can’t Contain My Adoration

Image credits: hapadaisy

#96 Before And After I Asked Her If She Knew How Cute She Was

Image credits: xenomo_

#97 She Flashed The Most Dashing Smile

Image credits: DrGlobalCitizen

#98 Catception

Image credits: tkmt0629

#99 The Best Photo I Have Of My Boys

Image credits: Avalllon

#100 Mama Becky, Her Brood Of Babies, And The "Bonus Baby" She Adopted

Image credits: Gardengoddess83

#101 She's Clearly The Mom's Friend

Image credits: SweetenedTomatoes

#102 Our Whippie Puppy Has Different Style For Every Mood

Image credits: Addrat91

#103 I Haven't Bought My Dog A Stuffed Toy In 5 Years Because He Rips Them Up. I Bought Him One Yesterday. I Think He Might Have Matured

Image credits: Rawtashk

#104 Sometimes I Bring Her To The Office With Me. She'll Lay There All Day And Just Watch Me Work

Image credits: mmmChickenTenders

#105 Our Little Old Man Turned 16 So I Made Him A Driver’s License For The Occasion

Image credits: dogsonclouds

#106 Our Void Turned 10 The Other Day And She Loves Flowers, So We Bought Her A Bouquet For Her To Smell

Image credits: robertotwelve

#107 This Is Miller. A Good Boy Who Lost Some Pounds. He Just Wanted To Post His Transformation Pic To Inspire You

Image credits: AHappierDay

#108 My SO Usually Takes Our Pup Loke To Work. Today Loke Is Home With Me. Got This Pic Saying Happy Misses His Coworker

Image credits: Anjelu81

#109 My Assistant When Cooking

Image credits: kteman

#110 A Puppy Who Loves The Sun

Image credits: toscata

#111 Cuteness Overload

Image credits: Mypitbullatemygafs

#112 Enjoying The Windy Weather

Image credits: willdawsonz

#113 The Best Feeling In The World, I’m Now Banned From Moving

Image credits: ETDesigns_

#114 This Wee Lady That Has Been Stopping By The Bakery I Work At All Week

Image credits: baaaagels

#115 Hadn't Cat-Sat For 6 Months. Think She Missed Me A Little

Image credits: kenistod

#116 My Dog Hurt His Foot While Swimming. He Is Fine But He Was Pouting So My Cat Decided To Comfort Him

Image credits: yournewbestestfriend

#117 My High Energy Dog After Being Able To Spend The Entire Day Playing With My Nieces And Nephews Outside

Image credits: DoodleBuggering

#118 I Went In My Office The Other Day And Found A Lizard Basking On The Warm Ethernet Switch. The Next Day, I Found A Different Lizard In The Same Spot

Image credits: schizeckinosy

#119 You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Pet While He Is In The Hospital Because Lucik Will Support Him And Stay By His Side

Image credits: klykperm

#120 Uno Keeps An Eye On His Brother

Image credits: KaraAnneBlack

#121 My Big Girl Is Taking Care Of Our Foster Puppy Post-Surgery. They Just Met

Image credits: WIKIBEARRR

#122 This Is Timmy. Timmy Has Decided That This Is His Son; He Now Carries It Everywhere In His Mouth

Image credits: snorri600

#123 My Male Pup Happily "Breastfeeding" Foster Kittens

Image credits: sweetandspooky

#124 I’ve Been Feeding This Stray Cat For About A Month. It’s Gotten To The Point Where She Follows Me Around On My Walks. This Morning I Was Greeted To Her Doing This

Image credits: ThinTurtle

#125 Swallowtail And Bumblebee Share A Late Lunch In My Garden

Image credits: polio_vaccine