127 Times Old People Had No Right To Be This Wholesome And Awesome

I think both of my grandmas are the cutest women on the planet. They always make sure I’m well fed, support me in whatever crazy endeavors I choose to pursue, and they are both hilarious. As both of those amazing women have shown me, we can learn a lot from our elders, like how to make the world’s best lemon bars, how to be a great parent, how to play dominoes and apparently: how to be wholesome.

Below, we’ve got one of the sweetest lists Bored Panda has ever seen, featuring photos of some of the coolest and kindest senior citizens out there. Be sure to upvote all of the photos that you find most wholesome, and then let us know in the comments what you have learned from the elders in your life. 

Keep reading to also find an interview with William Zee, one of the creators of We Love Our Granny, and then if you’re looking for another heartwarming article to read next, you can check out one featuring some of the world’s sweetest parents right here.

#1 My 82-Year-Old Grandad Sends Me A Valentines Card Every Year. His Writing Is Getting Worse Because Of His Tremor, But He Always Insists On Writing It Himself

Image credits: lucwhy

As you will see on this list, older people are the best. With age comes wisdom, and apparently for a lot of people, with age also comes happiness. According to one study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the older we get, the better our mental health becomes. Rates of depression, anxiety, and stress were highest among participants in their 20s and 30s, and the oldest participants reported the highest levels of happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing. 

The study’s author, Dr. Dilip Jeste, a geriatric psychiatrist and directors of the Center on Healthy Aging at the University of California, San Diego, says that when we’re young, “There is constant peer pressure: you’re looking at others and always feeling bad that you’re not succeeding like some of them, and you feel like you have lots of choices but you’re not really making use of them.” But as we get older, perhaps we just stop worrying about that. The pressure is off, and we finally get to simply enjoy our lives.

#2 Grandpa Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: AWarTimeConsigliere

#3 My 74-Year-Old Grandpa With COPD And I On A Roller Coaster. He Was So Excited

Image credits: majahelenelarsen

Many of the individuals featured on this list are clearly making the most of their senior years. And while there is sometimes a stereotype that our youngest years are our prime time, that does not have to be true. Our retired years can be a great time to see the world, experiment with hobbies we haven’t had the time to nurture in recent years, socialize and spend time with our families. They can also be a great time to stop caring about what anybody else thinks.

While young people are often plagued with feeling pressure fit in, older individuals are likely to just accept who they are. They have realized that the opinions of others don’t matter, and they have learned how to embrace their true selves. Sure, ideally we would all come to that conclusion at a young age, but sometimes it can be hard to realize until we’ve been around the block for a few years. Then we can spend our final decades enjoying life and doing whatever we like without any fear of embarrassment or judgment from others. 

#4 My Grandmother Built A Snowman And They Both Have The Best Smiles

Image credits: Lribbs

#5 Every Day My Parents Play Mario Kart 64 To See Who Will Make A Cup Of Tea. They’ve Done This Religiously Since 2001

Image credits: bork1138

#6 Grandpa Supporting LGBT

Image credits: rohit_sai1289

To gain some insight on why senior citizens are so special and must be cherished, we reached out to William Zee, one of the creators of We Love Our Granny, a site dedicated to seniors of every age. First, we asked William what inspired him to create the site. “We started weloveourgranny.com when our own mother became quite elderly,” he told Bored Panda. “As we searched for products and services that would help the very elderly live more comfortably, and, with a higher life enjoyment, we found there were literally tens of thousands of Americans who were in their twilight years who weren’t really enjoying life at all anymore.”

“This greatly saddened us,” William continued. “These are the people who devoted their lives to giving all of us a good life. Our goal?  We wanted to see what we could do, in any small way, to increase the well being of other elderly seniors. In very short order, we found, as a society, we generally do put seniors ‘out to pasture’. Even the young and vital ones.”

“Our goal soon became: Finding ways to make senior life happier and more fulfilling,” William explained. “Regardless of how old we may be. 60 or 100. We’re happy to report: From the wonderful emails we receive, we are making a difference.”

#7 This Couple Is Simply Too Cute Together

Image credits: kareports

#8 This Old Man Is Donating Tennis Balls To The Animal Shelter

Image credits: madddie818

#9 My Dad Got To Hold A 3-Week-Old Baby Goat Yesterday

Image credits: orkenbjorken

We then asked William why older individuals are so special. “The biggest asset we have as older people is experience,” he shared. “And, with decades of experience we usually acquire a very special gift: Much Greater Compassion. Except for the outright cranky ones (who may be suffering deep physical or mental pain), have you ever noticed that seniors smile at you more? Criticize you less? Have time for you? Listen to you more? Argue with you less? Praise your deeds (no matter how small) more. And, if whenever you’ve taken time to really sit and talk with seniors, have you noticed all the wonderful stories they have? This is why older people are so special.”

#10 My Dog Gets Really Anxious In The Car, So My Grandma Asked To Sit In The Back With Him. The Whole Car Ride All I Heard Was “It’s Okay, We’re Almost There Brave Boy”

Image credits: bex_yeah

#11 My 90-Year-Old Nana And Her 23-Year-Old Cat Love Sending Me Goodnight Selfies

Image credits: thirdtheprincess1

#12 That’s The Power Of Grandma

Image credits: conarck

We also asked William if people often underestimate or don’t pay enough attention to senior citizens. “Definitely,” he told Bored Panda. “We are a youth oriented society, where youthful looks mean almost everything. So, as we age, we get less and less attention. Not because of who we’ve become, but because of how we look.”

“A very famous woman, whose name I unfortunately can not remember as I write this, once stated: ‘As a woman becomes older, she becomes invisible. Her youthful looks have gone, and most men will not even notice her. Old age is a very lonely place for a woman.’ What a tragic loss for those men.”

#13 We Moved To The US From India And My Grandma Can Only Speak Very Broken English But Had Me Help Correct Her And Spend Over An Hour To Write A Card In English For My Wife

Image credits: fezesrcool

#14 My Grandmother Is 93 Years Old And Losing Her Memory But Still Can Roll Her Ravioli Dough Like A Professional

Image credits: HoneyNutz

#15 Such A Wholesome Couple

Image credits: hochman

“We think women, even more than men, just get more beautiful with age,” William told Bored Panda. “It’s true. Laugh at me if you will. But, just take a moment and look in an older woman’s eyes. Look at how deeply she can see you. Look at all the love those eyes give you. The caring. The understanding. The support. Notice their tender and soft touch. And, also notice how they are asking you for nothing other than the time you are giving them. Young women, and men, are generally green fruit.”

#16 The First Selfie My Grandpa Took With His New Phone

Image credits: bosvert234

#17 A Cute Amazon Review I Revisit Just For A Smile. An 88-Year-Old Woman And Her 92-Year-Old Husband Attend A Halloween Party. They Liked The Bee Costume

Image credits: lilplantlady

#18 My Grandmother Turned 100 Last October, This Is Her Doing The Plank For 30 Seconds

Image credits: Leopoldo14

When it comes to the best things William has learned from older family members throughout his life and from his own experiences, he shared, “At first life looks like an eternity. But, it passes in an instant. Whenever you can, without hurting others, do whatever makes you happy. No one on their death bed ever said, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office.’ Be kind. To everyone. And, practice random acts of kindness.”

#19 This Old Old Lady Was Drawing A Heart While Waiting For The Bus

Image credits: Gendelbah

#20 At 62 Years Old, I Decided To Get Over My "I Don't Like Cats" Phase. Here Is The Result So Far

Image credits: ArghDammit

#21 My Grandpa Eating A Sweet Strawberry

Image credits: GuniMiko

We also asked William if there were any misconceptions about older people that he wanted to dispel. “I have found that the greatest misconception most people have about elderly people is that they are finished living. Really enjoying life with others and doing things,” he shared. “I have found that as long as an elderly person has a clear mind and at least a somewhat able body, they want to enjoy each new day as much as anyone else,” William says. “In fact they usually look forward to each adventure even more because they usually are too well aware that there may not be that many left.”

“Did you know: They still want to dance? Even from a wheelchair? A movie out is still worth dressing up for? A dinner, or lunch out never gets tiring? Time in the park by a pond or lake is still Heavenly? Conversations with a bottle of wine, or as my friend Jack preferred, a gin and tonic, are always welcome? Did you know the queen even enjoyed more than one cocktail a day?”

#22 My Grandad A Couple Weeks Ago On His 95th Birthday. He Said, "At Least Now I Can Stop Worrying About Dying Young"

Image credits: Adam_Rennie

#23 This Man Is Recycling Old Picnic Coolers Into Shelters For Stray Cats For Winter. How Very Cool Is This?

Image credits: Waifer2016

#24 For At Least 13 Years, Rain Or Shine, This Little Old Man Spends Every Morning Walking Around His Tiny Town Picking Up Trash

Image credits: OhMyYoureSexxy

“I used to have a dear friend named Christian,” William shared. “He was approaching 80. Alone most of the day. And, he seemed to look forward to nothing more than sharing a bottle of red wine in the backyard, eating sausages with his fingers, and talking. About anything!”

“He was very wealthy. He lived in a mansion in an exclusive neighborhood where I enjoyed taking my dog for walks,” William continued. “That was how we met. I lived in a tiny apartment at the time. He made no distinction. He adored my dog. He treated me like we were brothers. I could stop by his home any day at any time. His big charismatic smile was always there when I arrived. And, he was always happy to see me, share the contents of his wine cellar, hear whatever news I would bring, and tell me wonderful stories from his first home in Paris. My dear friend Christian still had a real zest for living!”

#25 After Not Seeing My Grandparents For Months, They Finally Figured Out How “To Work Facetime.” This Was My Grandpa’s Face When He Saw Me

Image credits: bogar13

#26 Grandpa Is Excited

Image credits: melissamacxo

#27 My Grandfather Has Kept A Photo Of Me In His Wallet Since I Was 5 Years Old. Surprisingly Good Condition For A 20-Year-Old Photo

Image credits: Returnofthequeen9224

Finally, William told Bored Panda, “Enjoy your favorite seniors as much as you can. Really talk together. Do things together. Don’t let them slip away from you while they are still here. They will be gone all too soon. And, like myself, you will find you miss them terribly.”

We hope you’re enjoying this list of wholesome moments featuring seniors and that it’s reminding you to call up your parents or grandparents and ask them to grab lunch with you sometime soon. Keep upvoting the pics you find most heartwarming, and then let us know in the comments what the best life lessons you’ve learned from your elders are. And if you’re interested in hearing more wise words from William, be sure to check out We Love Our Granny right here

#28 My Nan Has Dementia And Every Day She Meets My Dog For The First Time And Falls In Love With Him Over And Over Again. I Managed To Catch One Of Those Moments

Image credits: colorfulsoul_

#29 Wholesome Grandpa With Artistic Skills

Image credits: catneylang

#30 My Grandma Hand Drew All Her Wrapping Paper

Image credits: Hammar_Morty

#31 Found This Cat Today In The Woods

Image credits: worx777

#32 My Grandma Can't Protest On The Streets, But She Still Wants To Show Her Solidarity And Support

Image credits: lovejellybeans

#33 Go Grandma

Image credits: adamzainaal

#34 My Nonna Wanted Me To Post This Photo On The Internet So That “Everyone In Italy Can See How Big My Tomatoes Have Gotten”

Image credits: 3than6

#35 Old Man Eating By Himself At 'In-N-Out' With A Picture Of His Wife

Image credits: starclassic21

#36 So Wholesome Grandma

Image credits: starbrightfemme

#37 Today My 3-Year-Old Son And His 89-Year-Old Great Grandma Teamed Up To Catch Both Their First Fish. He Hooked It She Reeled It In

Image credits: Beezy8d5

#38 My 91-Year-Old Grandpa Asked To Switch Hats For A Photo... “So I Can Be ‘Cool’ Like You”

Image credits: unfortunatedelaney_

#39 I Decided To Go Back To College In My 30s And My Grandma Sends Me A Card Every Month For Support

Image credits: keepchill

#40 The Shelter I Volunteer At Has A Program That Brings Senior Cats To Visit Seniors In Nursing Homes. This Man's Face Says It All

Image credits: MichaelJFoxxy

#41 My Graduating Class And Our 92-Year-Old Classmate

Image credits: Chasep7

#42 Happy Halloween

Image credits: smoothsmith8

#43 I Took The New Pup To The Nursing Home Next Door. They Instantly Became Best Friends

Image credits: jaydawg101

#44 100 Years Apart. My Grandfather On His 103rd Birthday With My 3-Year-Old Daughter. Picture Is Priceless To Me

Image credits: Howells2202

#45 My Grandpa's Cat Passed Away. He Was Crushed And Didn't Want To Insensitively Replaced Her, But Was So Lonely He Let My Mom Help Him Find A New Kitten

This is the picture she sent me.

Image credits: FuzzyChrysalis

#46 When We Come Visit, I Normally Stay At My Grandma's House. 12 Years Ago She Bought A Towel For When I'd Come. She Still Hangs The Same Duck Towel For Me When I Arrive

Image credits: ericisnotcool

#47 My Grandma Wanted To See The Ocean One Last Time Before Checking Into Hospice. Her Face Says It All

Image credits: ecost

#48 My Grandma Didn’t Want Me To Get A Tortoise. I Come Home And My Tortoise Is Wearing A Watermelon Sweater

Image credits: banalez

#49 Genius Grandpa

Image credits: jazz_inmypants

#50 After Bad Storms, This Retired Old Man Goes Around Our Neighborhood And Cleans The Debris Out Of Yards And Catch Basins

When I asked him why he said “because I am retired and have the time to help”. 10/10 great dude.

Image credits: HERMANNATOR85

#51 This Gentleman Showed Up With Flowers And In A Tux To Visit His Wife In The Hospital For Their 57th Anniversary

Image credits: reidrussell_

#52 My Grandpa, Everyone

Image credits: Briighteyes16

#53 My Cat Ripped Open His Favorite Toy. This Is A Photo Of My Grandma Sewing It Back Together

Image credits: andthenhestabbedme

#54 My Great Grandma, Who Will Be 103 On Valentine’s Day, Laughing With My 2-Month-Old Daughter

Image credits: mrsroyalmountain

#55 My Grandma Sends Me Fruit In The Mail Because I’m Pregnant. Today It’s Strawberries

Image credits: DMmeYourCat

#56 My Grandfather Is Afraid Of Dogs, And My Dog Is Afraid Of Most Humans, But They Gave Each Other A Chance And Together They Made It Work

Image credits: blackwidow1994

#57 My Grandma Meeting Her Great Granddaughter For The First Time In A Surprise Visit

Image credits: LectaAus

#58 Today I Took My 74-Year-Old Best Friend And Her Miniature Shetland Pony To Their First Show And They Got First Place

Image credits: KingIvor_

#59 My Grandpa Met Tucker For The First Time Today

Image credits: inidooH

#60 Finally Came Out To My Grandpa And His Response Is So Wholesome

Image credits: chipotletwink

#61 Quality Time With Grandpa

Image credits: renblankk

#62 My 64-Year-Old Mother-In-Law's First Time In The Ocean

Image credits: Ralph--Hinkley

#63 Cosplay Is For Everyone

Image credits: wolfdo

#64 5-Week-Old Hunter Snoozing Alongside His 104-Year-Old Great-Great-Grandfather Charles

Image credits: Hannah Temple

#65 This Is One Of The Last Pictures Of My Grandfather. He Passed Today At 97, And This Is Him In An Adult Swing Having A Good Time And Enjoy Life

Image credits: benhrash

#66 Grandpa Makes An Amazing Cradle For His Grandson

Image credits: BlackEyedBroad

#67 This Old Girl Was Just Adopted From A Nearby Shelter By This Older Couple

Image credits: liquidreno

#68 My 98-Year-Old Grandma Has Been Making Me Birthday Cards For Years. This One Is The Most Plain Of Them All, But Meant The Most

Image credits: Tttoille

#69 Saw This Sweet Old Lady Passionately Describing Every Sculpture To Her Blind Husband At The Art Museum

Image credits: ChrisWithWings

#70 I Was Having A Lunch With My Mom, And This Gentleman Next To Us Was Having A Coffee With His Late Wife

Image credits: mrssayler

#71 My Grandpa Won 1st Place In A Christmas Costume Party

Image credits: mdanger88

#72 My Clients, A Couple Who've Been Together For Over 40 Years, Found Out That I Like Ducks. So They Stopped By My Office For The Sole Purpose Of Bringing Me Every Duck They Owned

Image credits: cochrane0123

#73 My Grandpa And His Old Friend Wynton (Marsalis) Braving The Cold

Image credits: zoom1208

#74 My Grandma Had A 10th Birthday Party For Her Dog

Image credits: mk_richards_

#75 Went Out Fishing With My Grandpa This Evening And There Was This One Kid Who Had Some Sort Of Mental Handicap. His Rod Broke And There Were Several Knots In His Line

Not only did my grandpa completely fix his rod he untied the knots. Never been more proud of him.

Image credits: ManiacGoblin46

#76 My Grandma Mailed Me Homemade Cookies To College

Image credits: oohpugman

#77 My Oma (Grandmother) Made Me This Quilt For My Graduation. She Thought The Rainbows Would Be Good Because I’m Gay

My grandparents are new to this whole gay thing but they are doing their best.

Image credits: AbbyClaw

#78 My Grandpa Rescued An Abandoned Baby Deer

Image credits: coltonisfugly

#79 Our Grandfather (Who Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings

Image credits: Morrison Thomas

#80 Got Busted For Violating The "No Pets" Clause In My Lease. Now My Sweet Old Landlord Brings Treats For Him Every Day

Image credits: sixpigeons

#81 My 94-Year-Old Grandpa Always Sends My Sons A $2 Bill And A Sketch For Holidays

Image credits: DFHartzell

#82 My 102-Year-Old Great Grandma Took A Train And A Bus To Come See Her First Great Grandson Get Married. And My Youngest Brother Whom She Hasn't Seen In Over 20 Years

Image credits: uttamrajan1118

#83 The 66-Year-Old Receptionist Where I Work Prints Out Memes On Paper And Puts Them On The Wall

Image credits: tokensbro

#84 Grandma Gifts Embroidered Childhood Drawings On Grandkid's 18th Birthday

Image credits: whaldener

#85 My 88-Year-Old Grandfather Holding A Bunny For The Very First Time

Image credits: OPJesseVeronie

#86 My Grandpa Turned 100 Yesterday. He’s The Oldest Person In Our Family And The Most Pleasant To Be Around

Image credits: Tom_Foolery2

#87 My 93-Year-Old WWII Vet Grandpa Surrounded By Vets From Different Generations Telling Them His War Stories. He Was So Happy They Wanted To Listen It Made His Week

Image credits: caitlind136

#88 My 86-Year-Old Grandmother And Her Handmade Needle Point Chair. 25 Years In The Making And 14 Threads Per Inch. I Am Not Allowed To Sit In It

Image credits: jwarmitage

#89 At Sonic This Man Sits Outside Of His Car In The 98 Degree Heat And Feeds His 80-Year-Old Wife Ice Cream. That's So Sweet

Image credits: dp8949416360

#90 My 90-Year-Old Grandpa Is Sewing The Holes My Dog Made In Her Favorite Toy

Image credits: puzzled-bets

#91 My Husband Works At A Nursing Home, So Naturally He Befriended The 95-Year-Old Man Sitting Next To Him On Our 4.5 Hour Flight

In the end, the man showed him pictures on his digital camera from Christmas and told him about his family.

Image credits: mandiekitty

#92 Born 102 Years Apart On The Same Day. My Son Gets To Meet His Great Grandma For The First Time

Image credits: Suspence90

#93 Grandpa Owns A Barber Shop And A Long-Time Customer Painted Him In Action. This Is Me Recreating The Painting With Him

Image credits: bigj6492

#94 For 30 Years, My Grandmother Used The Same Plastic Plates For Christmas. After Last Year She Only Had 7 Left, So She Framed Them And Gave One To Each Of Her 7 Grandkids

Image credits: jbarron81

#95 My Aunt Painted Grandpa's Hospital Gowns To Look Like He's Wearing Real Clothes, Bringing A Little Cheer To Hospice Care

Image credits: HeilMegsy

#96 My Grandma Sends Me These Every Day. She Is The Purest Thing On The Earth And We Have To Protect Her At All Costs

Image credits: seesesh

#97 When My Now 3-Year-Old Son Got Cancer In 2018, My 91-Year-Old Grandmother Wanted To Get As Close To Him As She Could

She wrote down the colors of the Paw Patrol pups so she could watch it with him. I found those notes today. P.S. He’s cancer free now and they still watch Paw Patrol.

The note says:
"Red - Marshall
Yellow - Rubble
Green - Rocky
Blue - Chase
Purple - Everest
Pink - Skye
Orange - Zuma"

Image credits: xIAmSpartacusx

#98 My Mom Sent Me This Today. It Made Me Smile, That My Smile Made My Grandfather Smile. Hopefully It Will Make You Smile

Image credits: Ill_shoot_anything

#99 My Grandma Turns 101 Today. Here's A Photo Of Her Working Out

Image credits: lavt10

#100 My Grandparents Have Been Together Since They Were 14. This Is What Forever Love Looks Like

Image credits: wholewheatsnail

#101 We Adopted A Senior Saint Named Mikey Yesterday And I Think It’s Safe To Say His First Trip To Grandma’s Went Well

Image credits: chewbezza

#102 My Grandma Has Alzheimer's And Used To Spend The Night At Home Before Her Care Facility Went On Lockdown. This Is The First Time In Few Weeks My Grandpa Got To See Her

They are my relationship goals.

Image credits: gattinarubia

#103 My Great Grandpa Always Showing Off And Acting Like A Kid Made Me Smile

Image credits: SoDakZak

#104 Grandmas Are Best

Image credits: Pleasetushax

#105 Took My Grandma Out To Lunch. Isn’t She Just Radiant?

Image credits: Devyn333

#106 Took My Grandma To See My Grandpa. Together For 70 Years And Now Separated Due To Health Issues

Image credits: Lou_Lous-Doglife

#107 My Grandma Turned 100 Today. Celebrating With My Other Grandma (93 Years Old)

Image credits: Xavimoose

#108 My Grandpa Is 90-Years-Old And My Grandma Is 88-Years-Old. Today They Shared Their 70th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: YeaThatWasMe

#109 Celebrated My Grandma's 90th Birthday Today At Her Retirement Home And I Got To Meet This Guy. His Name Is Tony. He's A Retired Doctor And He Delivered Me 33 Years Ago

Image credits: seoulbandit84

#110 My Grandpa Got Some New Glasses. He Can’t Stop Smiling And Looking At Himself In The Mirror

Image credits: tkoonzz

#111 Grandma Recently Passed Away And My Mom Found This Card In Her House. I Gave Her 10 Cents On Her Birthday When I Was 2 And She Taped It To A Card And Kept It Her Whole Life

Image credits: WalterDwight

#112 Took A Picture Of A Grandpa Being Excited When His Granddaughter Blew Some Bubbles

Image credits: Doeeme

#113 I Went To A Renaissance Fair Yesterday And Saw This Elderly Couple Dressed Up As Gnomes And Holding Hands

Image credits: pyskoternator

#114 Wholesome Grandma Being Wholesome

Image credits: romanbuso21

#115 My Daughter Meeting Her Great Grandma For The First Time

Image credits: boopboopster

#116 My Grandma Accidentally Sent Me A Text That Was Supposed To Go To My Mom. Definitely Made Me Smile

Image credits: choice_crystal_clear

#117 My Chinese Grandma And Her 18-Year-Old Pup In A Cart

Image credits: Stellaeono

#118 My Grandma Wanted Me To Show The World The Giant Sunflower She Grew Last Summer

Image credits: dannyarmy

#119 My Grandma Is 89 And Her Groom Is 86. They Met 9 Months Ago And Fell Madly In Love, Showing It's Never Too Late To Begin Again

Image credits: streetmeet88

#120 Here Is My Great Grandma With A Picture Of Her When She Was 20. Almost 100, Half Blind And On Oxygen, But Still Kicking

Image credits: 22Redtailed22

#121 My 92-Year-Old Grandpa Takes My 91-Year-Old Grandma To Dinner In Bed Every Night

Image credits: LLLMMMCCC

#122 My Husband's 82-Year-Old Grandpa Taking In The Eclipse On An Old Dirt Road

Image credits: LolliPoppies

#123 My Grandparents Napping Together After A Late Night Celebrating New Year's Eve

Image credits: noodlemyneurons

#124 Every Year My Grandma Crochets Hats For Kids In Need. This Year One Of Her Assigned Teens Wrote That They Were Bi. She Asked Me What It Meant, And I Explained

On her own, she researched and made a hat that includes both the flag and the girl's favorite color, green.

Image credits: PaperPonies

#125 My 95-Year-Old Grandpa And His Best Girl

Image credits: carrotcamera

#126 Older Couple Includes Selfie In Review Of Angel Hair Pasta

Image credits: polaroidanemia

#127 My Grandfather And His Friends Recently Got Iphones

Image credits: i_wont_be_here_long

#128 Genius Grandpa