140 Interesting Pics From Spain That Show What’s So Special About It

Spain is the fourth-largest country in Europe. It has everything from stone castles and sophisticated cities to flat plains, and snowcapped mountains, all of which have made it a favored travel destination.

So, to show our love for it, we at Bored Panda put together a list of photos that accentuate Spain's geographical and cultural diversity.

Taken both by locals and tourists, these images paint an accurate picture of what it's like to live in or visit this distinct place on Earth.

#1 Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) In Ronda, Spain Is One Of The Most Beautiful Places On Earth

Image credits: jordhammond

#2 Shade On A Street In Jerez, Spain

Image credits: markrichardbeaulieu

#3 The Urinals At This Bar In Barcelona, Spain Are Interesting

Image credits: welshie123

#4 Fighting The Heat: Spanish Artists Decorate The Shopping District In Malaga With A Colorful Crocheted Canopy

Image credits: ElMundoOk

#5 The Ticket To A Chocolate Museum In Barcelona Is A Chocolate

Image credits: philosopher_b

#6 Squared Trees In Sevilla, Spain

Image credits: j3ffr33d0m

#7 Melting Ice In The Sierra Nevada, Granada, Spain

Image credits: Chulapo

#8 This Cathedral In Murcia, Spain Has A 3D Model For Blind People To Touch And Feel What The Cathedral Looks Like

Image credits: hayaimonogachi

#9 In Spain There's A Winery That Has A Fountain With Free Wine

Image credits: cuttoothsb

#10 El Marco, The Tiny Bridge Between Spain And Portugal, Is The Smallest International Bridge In The World. It Has A Length Of 3.2 Meters

Image credits: A.Hormigo

#11 This Church Has Been Under Construction Since 1882 - The Basílica De La Sagrada Família In Barcelona, Spain

138 years and is set to finish in 2026.

Image credits: umdjpelomundo

#12 A 100-Year-Old Church In Spain Converted Into A Skatepark

Image credits: la_iglesiaskate

#13 In Spanish-Speaking Countries, The Tooth Fairy Is A Mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This Is My Dentist's Office

Image credits: ZurgTS

#14 This Forest With Trees Covered In Green Moss Right After All Of The Colorful Leaves Fell To The Ground In Basque Country (An Autonomous Region In Northeastern Spain)

Looks like something out of a fairy tale, especially shrouded in thick fog.

Image credits: mimadeo

#15 Setenil De Las Bodegas, A Town In Southern Spain, Known For Its Whitewashed Houses Built Into The Surrounding Cliffs

Image credits: 9w_lf9

#16 The Before And After In La Palma, Spain Where The "Cumbre Vieja" Volcano Erupted For 80+ Days In 2021

Image credits: Imanolzuaznabar

#17 On The Wallls Of Madrid’s Metro System Is The Entire Novel Of Don Quixote, So You Can Read While You Wait And Pick Up The Next Time Where You Left Off

Image credits: orangebananaaaa

#18 The Size Of This Flag Flown On A Spanish Ship At The Battle Of Trafalgar (1805) Compared To The Size Of People Around It

Image credits: The National Maritime Museum

#19 Underwater Museum In Lanzarote Playa Blanca, Spain

Image credits: jasondecairestaylor

#20 We’re At Popcorn Beach In Fuerteventura. Real Name Rhodoliths

Image credits: bonnietriumph

#21 This Village Is Built On A Basaltic Cliff More Than 50 Meters High And Spreads About 1 Kilometer Long (Castellfollit De La Roca, Spain)

It was formed by the erosive action of the Fluvià and Toronell rivers on the remains of lava flows from volcanic eruptions that took place over one hundred thousand years ago.

Image credits: pere.soler.photographer

#22 The Air Burns In My City (Córdoba, Spain)

Image credits: Jiyenx

#23 A Thick Layer Of "Calima", Or Saharan Dust, Covering Large Parts Of Spain

Image credits: Nightrach

#24 Trams In Seville (Spain) Have Fast Charging Batteries, Therefore Not Needing Catenaries Along The Track. The Trams Charge For About 15 Seconds Every Stop

Image credits: Daniel Silva

#25 Easter Time In Southern Spain

Image credits: mogulee

#26 Selenite Cave Found In Spain

Image credits: espeleofoto

#27 Giant Hives Hanging From The Ceiling Enclosed In A Glass Case With Outdoor Access At “Home Of Bees” In Poyales Del Hoyo, Spain

Image credits: addisonfun

#28 Today I Saw This Girl Casually Painting In The El Prado Museum In Madrid

Image credits: PabloColina

#29 Built In The Year 112 By The Romans Without Any Kind Of Mortar Or Cement, This Is The 15 Km Long Still Working Aqueduct Of Segovia, Spain

Image credits: Jaime Alonso'

#30 Street In Alicante, Spain

Image credits: carolinarcuellar

#31 Vertical Garden In Madrid, Spain

Image credits: alvavilla_

#32 There Is A Restaurant In Spain Called El Diablo That Grills Its Food Over An Active Volcano

Image credits: elisabethedinruge

#33 La Tomatina - A Festival That Is Held In The Valencian Town Of Buñol In Which Participants Throw Tomatoes And Get Involved In This Tomato Fight

Image credits: banzai

#34 Waterfall Clouds In Spain

Image credits: dodafoto

#35 Meanwhile In Madrid, Someone Sculpted The Venus De Milo Out Of Snow

Image credits: BondTheOG

#36 Automated Holy Water Dispenser Seen In A Church In Spain

Image credits: CallMeCurious

#37 Sun Clock In Valencia, Spain

Image credits: Warjilla

#38 These Bins In Barcelona Have A Free Throw Line And A 3-Point Arc

Image credits: hicksyfern

#39 Walden 7 Building, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: arcfly_ft

#40 Beautiful Aragonite "Flowers" From A Cave In Mallorca Island, Spain

Image credits: alismountain

#41 With The Huge Snowstorm In Madrid I Made A Moai Instead Of A Snowman (First Time Playing With Snow)

Image credits: fegm22

#42 Barcelona Has Many Amazing Views But I Suggest This One From The Rooftop Bar Across From The Cathedral

Image credits: GreenWithNB

#43 El Caminito Del Rey, Andalucia, Spain. Fantastic 9 Km Or So Hike Through The Gorge. Easy To See Why This Was Once Dubbed The Most Dangerous Walkway In The World

Image credits: Travelchief81

#44 Cordoba Patio Festival In Spain. Each Year In May, Residents Open Up Their Patios For The Public To View Their Unique Displays

Image credits: kagko

#45 "Puppy" A Dog Statue Made Entirely Of Flowers By Jeff Koons In 1992, Is Located In The Guggenheim Museum In Bilbao, Spain

Image credits: MasterM35

#46 Castellers, Human Tower, Of Cataluña, Spain

Image credits: m.parzuchowski

#47 This Park In Barcelona Lets People Exercise While Sitting On The Bench

Image credits: clickback

#48 This Is A Book Vending Machine. Found In Madrid, Spain. I've Never Seen One Before

Image credits: Buabue1

#49 Water Boat Fountain (Fuente Del Barco De Agua), Located At Playa De La Malvarrosa In Valencia, Spain

Image credits: nors27

#50 So Many People Have Held The Sword Of A Bullfighter Statue In Madrid For A Photo That It Changed Color

Image credits: DatRobloxKid

#51 The Los Ficus Building Is Built Under A Road In Tenerife, Spain. 60 Homes That Were Built In The '60s Supporting A Road That Goes Down To The Coastline

Image credits: _DCC_

#52 Found This Pineapple Peeler In Madrid

Image credits: iulia14

#53 A 107 Cm Narrow House In València, Spain

Image credits: MarcFromEarth

#54 Crossing In Spain Tells You Which Way Vehicles Are Coming From

Image credits: JoshTendoooo

#55 Some Of The Traffic Lights Have Traditional Clothing In Valencia, Spain

Image credits: TheZarduHasselfrau

#56 The Tram In My City (Murcia, Spain) Has A Little Mask On It

Image credits: javier1zq

#57 There’s A Candy In Spain Called “Piedras De Rio”(River Stones), As Its Name Says, Looks Like A Stones

Image credits: ClaraDragon

#58 Spain's Version Of A Gumball Machine: Sunflower Seeds, Gummies, Fruit Snacks

Image credits: throwaway1928675

#59 Temple Of The Sacred Heart, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: sennarelax

#60 Statue Of Neptune In Gran Canaria, Spain. Possibly, The Coolest Statue In The World

Image credits: Luis Arencibia Betancort

#61 Bread Without Crust Sold In Spain

Image credits: dannybigtime

#62 This Sidewalk Clock In Barcelona

Image credits: coffeehandler

#63 My Taxi Driver In Barcelona Uses Printed Maps For Navigation

Image credits: meinstream

#64 Barcelona Divided By Day And Night

Image credits: willcheyney

#65 This Massive Library In Barcelona Is Built In What Was Formerly A Water Deposit Built In 1874

The pillars and vaults, inspired by the Romans, are this large as the water was held in a pool on the roof.

Image credits: Suissetralia

#66 Blossoms In Barcelona

Image credits: jacob

#67 The Local Municipality In Cartagena, Spain Built A House For The Cats

Image credits: GatoCartagena

#68 Snowfalls In Madrid Happen Once In A Lifetime

For us, living in Spain, snowdrifts, snow-covered palm and orange trees, fir branches collapsed under the weight of snow, completely stopped traffic, snowmen, frozen ponds in a park with ducks frozen in them, and skiing is something extraordinary that happens once in a lifetime.

Image credits: Chulapo

#69 Our Airbnb In Granada, Spain Is Built On Top Of The Old Remains Of City Walls From The 11th Century By A Muslim Dynasty And You Can Still See Them

Image credits: hayaimonogachi

#70 Traditional "Tranga" Suit In Aragon, Spain. The Tradition Is Pre-Christian And Still Carries On Today

Image credits: nasulon

#71 Exploring The Hidden Beauty Of Andalucia, Spain

Image credits: jetclarke

#72 El Restaurante Botín Is The Oldest Restaurant In The World (Opened In 1725) According To Guinness Record And It Is Located In Madrid, Spain

Image credits: RestauranteBotin

#73 Sea Foam Fills The Streets Of Spain After A Storm Hits The Country

Image credits: jordana_joan

#74 This Is Madrid, Spain With Clean Air, A Rare Sight We Don't Get To See Often

Image credits: jose.l.fotografia

#75 We Have All Enjoyed An Afternoon Siesta At Some Point In Our Lives, Right? The Siesta In Spain Is A Tradition Which Consists Of A Short Nap, Taken In The Early Afternoon, After Lunch

Siesta is said to have originated in the Mediterranean region, particularly from Spain.

Image credits: culturallyours

#76 Castillo De Coca (Castle Of Coca) - Central Spain

Image credits: conchipal

#77 Public Transport In Barcelona Uses Diesel-Electric Hybrids To Lower Carbon Emissions

Every bus or tram has air conditioning, USB ports to charge phones, safety belts for disabled or baby strollers and so on.

Image credits: SvirepiyBarsik

#78 Clever Decoration Idea Found At Aquarium Barcelona

Image credits: quixotesque

#79 A House Covered In Sea Shells In Saint Cougat, Spain

Image credits: Quantum353

#80 Pink Salt Lake In Torrevieja, Spain

Image credits: Moisés Pastor

#81 The City Of Arts And Sciences In Valencia, Spain, May Look Like Alien Spaceship

Image credits: james7

#82 Harvesting Wine Grapes On The Volcanic Hills Of Lanzarote, Spain

They make optimum use of scarce resources, by hollowing pits out of the volcanic soil to plant crops in the richer inner soil which has higher water content, and protect the plants from desiccating winds. Many of the growing pits here are over 100 years old, and farming remains a family affair that brings generations together for harvest season of shared food and labor.

Image credits: growne

#83 Northern Spain Is Magical

Image credits: gamesstate

#84 This Shop In Spain Shows Calories Lost Per Each Step You Take

Image credits: johandewild

#85 Pharmacy In Spain Has A 24-Hour Vending Machine Outside For When It Is Closed

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 There's A Dinosaur Sculpture Made With Old Cars In My City (Terrassa, Spain)

Image credits: ndesse

#87 Found An Astronaut Carved Into The Entrance Of This 900-Year-Old Church In Salamanca, Spain

Image credits: Atlantabraves

#88 This Cereal Bar In Spain

Image credits: portajohnjackoff

#89 The Most Spanish Thing I've Seen This Holiday

Image credits: lillianpear

#90 Guadalmedina Is A Dried-Out River That Runs Through The City Of Málaga, Spain. Only If It Rains A Lot In The Mountains There Is Water In The River For A While

In dry times it functions as a park.

Image credits: SantaRabanoLoco

#91 Found These Six Hotels In Estepona, Spain. They Had All Had A Wall Painted. Align The Hotel Walls And

Image credits: RussKidd

#92 Mosaic Octopus Sculpture In Spain

Image credits: Kelly Rodriguez

#93 This Paper Cutout In My Hotel In Madrid That Changes Color If You Smoke In Your Room

Image credits: RestlessFA

#94 Madrid Has Tiny Buses To Fit Their Tiny Streets

Image credits: GrnMtnTrees

#95 The Kiss Of Death Sculpture At The Poblenou Cemetery In Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: Hugovlad

#96 I Spotted These Traffic Cones, Usable Anyway Up On Holiday In Barcelona

Image credits: Best_Payment_4908

#97 In Spanish Supermarkets, You Can Buy Ready-Made Gazpacho In Carton Packages

Image credits: Tamorlan

#98 Most People Are Unaware Of How Close Spain And Morocco Really Are. Pic Is Taken From Spain, Mountains Are In Morocco

Image credits: m4nk1

#99 Pet Shop In Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: Miss7b

#100 The Restaurants Here Often Give Out "Orphan" Portions. Look, The Food Barely Fits On The Plate

Image credits: brunomoreiradias

#101 New Balance Store Front In Barcelona Knows What’s Up

Image credits: buggydude1

#102 The Entrance To The Ceramics Museum In Valencia, Spain

#103 This Flowerbed In San Sebastian, Spain, Also Functions As A Clock

Image credits: HummerHund

#104 Little UPS Delivery Tricycle In Spain

Image credits: MuGGuM2

#105 This Wall Built Around A Tree In Spain

Image credits: CryptoNatalie

#106 Flysch Formations Along The Coast Of Euskadi, Spain

Image credits: ninpuukamui

#107 Unearthed 15 Vertebrae Of A 5-Meter Long Spine Of A Giant Dinosaur In Camarillas, Spain

Image credits: CastaneraDiego

#108 I Walked An Old Pilgrimage Route Across Northern Spain. 500 Miles. 34 Days. The Camino De Santiago. This Is A Picture Of Me Walking Into An Old Templar Castle Along The Way

Image credits: buggemonster

#109 A Christmas Tree Made Out Of Recycled Bottles Here In Madrid

Image credits: fattypandazz

#110 The Layout Of Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: dailyoverview

#111 Day 1 vs. Day 88 - La Palma Vulcano

Image credits: YoInternegro

#112 Some Very Peaceful Street Performers In Seville, Spain

Image credits: MrBanjankri

#113 Rubber Ducks Store In Seville, Spain

Image credits: tuttisofi

#114 In Spain You Can Buy Wine In Single-Serve “Juice Boxes”

Image credits: Hiddenrock

#115 Madrid, Spain

Image credits: domesgram

#116 Plaza De España - Seville, Spain (Summer 2019)

Image credits: TheFireFlash

#117 Number 13 Of A Street In Cadiz, Spain. Superstitious Owners, I Guess

Image credits: alanesmizi

#118 Some Detergent Brands In Spain Include A Water Hardness Map So You Know How Much Soap To Use In Your Region

Image credits: blaise88

#119 Cooked Snails Are A Common Snack In Bars In Sevilla (Spain)

Image credits: EdTheOtherNerd

#120 Iron Bulls Of Pamplona, Spain

Image credits: AllaKrymova

#121 I Did The Camino De Santiago De Compostela Across Galicia In The Northern Part Of Spain. When You Reach The End, You Arrive At The Cathedral De Santiago

The ancient walled city of Lugo which you pass through. This city is deeply rooted in roman and Celtic culture/history. El cathedral de Santiago. The bottom half is built with a roman architecture influence. The top half is of the baroque architecture style. Everyone should do this pilgrimage at some point in their lives, even if they aren’t Catholic.

Image credits: jus10woo10

#122 A Massive Vending Machine At A Barcelona Train Station

Image credits: wat_am_i_doing_here

#123 This Graffiti On A Closed Newspaper Stand Replicates When It Is Open In Barcelona

Image credits: Stevendanvh

#124 This Public Toilet In Cadíz, Spain

Image credits: piebald

#125 Granada, Spain

Image credits: sergioluquelopez

#126 Malaga, Spain

Image credits: poyekhavshiy

#127 Fallas From Valencia, Spain. These Monuments Are Shown For A Few Days During The Fallas Celebration And Then Burned

This one was 65.6 ft (20 m) tall and was designed by Francisco Torres Josa last year.

Image credits: Manolo Guallart

#128 These Two Mutant Pigeons With Pink Wings. Benquerencia De La Serena, Spain

Image credits: lukasrosen

#129 Supermarkets In Spain Have Parking Spaces For Shopping Carts

Image credits: lehnni

#130 Monument Made In Honor Of The Blood Donors In Vigo, Spain

Image credits: Markoss365

#131 A Charging Station For Phones On A Bus In Madrid

Image credits: LeComedien

#132 The Fine For Feeding Pigeons Near Barcelona

Image credits: je-ne-peux-plus

#133 Dog Parking In Madrid

Image credits: docmagoo2

#134 Paid Bathroom In Malaga Spain, Has "Corporate Sponsorship" And A "Gift Shop"

Image credits: chrisdancy

#135 There Is A Subway Station In Madrid With A Pride Month Theme

Image credits: BanDAviran

#136 Apartment Building In Madrid. The Counterweight For The Elevator Is Outside. (Excuse The Bird Netting - My Phone Couldn't Work Out How To Focus Properly)

Image credits: polishprocessors

#137 In Barcelona The Sidewalk Is Matched To The Leaves That Fall

Image credits: 4thegloryofrome

#138 These Pedestrian Lights In Madrid

Image credits: OscarJones1

#139 A Colorful, Bullet-Shaped Building In Barcelona

Image credits: thehypocrisyofreddit

#140 This ATM In Barcelona Has The Keypad In Reverse Order

Image credits: Khalid147