140 The Coolest Wall Decor Ideas of 2020

140 The Coolest Wall Decor Ideas of 2020

Here are the coolest wall decorating ideas that we covered on Shelterness during 2020.

Make your white walls cool and creative! One of the coolest ideas is rocking white or whitewashed brick walls and here are great examples of that.
25 White Brick Walls That Are Anything But Boring

We gathered for you a collection of ideas showing how you can decorate walls with butterflies.
40 Ideas To Decorate Walls With Butterflies

Chalkboard in a bedroom is totally a non-traditional solution, and thanks to that it will make your décor much cooler!
25 Chalkboard Accent Walls For Bedrooms

A black statement wall can highlight a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom or any other space you want, and there are many ideas to try.
25 Black Accent Walls That Make A Statement

If you have subway tiles at hand and wanna use them for decorating your bathroom, this roundup is totally for you.
25 Subway Tile Ideas For Your Bathroom

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