161 Times When People Failed At Being Smart (New Pics)

Everyone likes to think that they’re pretty smart and at the top of their game all the time, but the truth is, we all do and say some pretty dumb things sometimes. Like eating an entire bucket of KFC or looking everywhere for our glasses while we’re wearing them (true story). However, sometimes people mess up so badly that they end up on the internet when it looks like brain.exe stopped working for them.

Most of us know that embarrassing memories of dumb stuff that we did back in school/work/last Monday tend to resurface at the worst possible moments. So to make you feel better about yourself, Bored Panda has collected a list of some awesomely dumb things that people have said and done.

There’s nothing like other people messing up to make us forget all of our mistakes for a moment, right, dear Pandas? Scroll down, upvote your fave pics, and if you feel brave, let us know what the stupidest things you’ve ever done were! You can check out our earlier articles about stupid people doing stupid stuff here and here. Oh, and here's the coronavirus edition of dumb people acting dumb.

#1 That's Not How That.... Nevermind

Image credits: Teh_Dibble

#2 She Doesn’t Speak English And I’m 90% Sure That The Last Line Is A Google Translation Of Sugar Daddy And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: DoctorPoopTrain

#3 Anti-Vaxxer Accidentally Advocates For Vaccines

Image credits: fake-troll-acct0991

There are two kinds of stupidity. The kind where we don’t know that we’re being stupid. And the type where we definitely know but don’t want to stop. No matter how important and wise we might be, we’ll still make mistakes.

But there are reasons why human beings do stupid things, even if we’re aware that what we’re doing is wrong.

There are two kinds of pleasure. The first one that some call ‘liking’ is happy satisfaction that we get from eating a good meal, having a drink of water after a fun game of basketball, or getting a hug from a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Simple, wholesome things that make life wonderful.

#4 A Guy Purchased A Watermelon During A Train Stop And Didn’t Realize It Didn’t Fit Through The Bars

Image credits: SluggishStudent

#5 Student Uses Light On Phone To Charge A Portable Solar Battery So That He Can Charge His Phone

Image credits: IKnowICantSpel

#6 Elementary School Dropouts Ahead

Image credits: dafnasr

The second kind of pleasure, ‘wanting,’ is associated with thrills and desire. It’s the second kind of pleasure that makes us do stupid things that can have lots of negative consequences.

Sometimes, we say, “Damn the consequences” and do something small that’s stupid; no real harm done, right? Wrong. This can have a snowball effect and we’ll start doing dumber and dumber things. The next thing you know, we might end up on the internet before our brain.exe could reboot and save the day.

#7 Idiotic Landlord

Image credits: Enderjay10

#8 To Be Fair, It Is A Family Guy

Image credits: Maccoul_

#9 To Ask For A Mysterious Service

Image credits: NateM135

#10 He's Figuring It Out, Slowly

Image credits: humblemangoes

#11 Sometimes You Wonder

Image credits: columbus_12

#12 Vehicular Social Distancing

Image credits: Daniel_Roetzer

#13 My Wife Said Measure The Door, I Told Her All Doors Are The Same Size

Image credits: BlahMehUgh

#14 I Wish This Was Fake. Meet Jenn

Image credits: Patopodo

#15 Why Korean Man Make Korean Movie

Image credits: hoyarkive

#16 How Stupid Soap Opera Can Be

Image credits: shaiful182

#17 Pickle Problems

Image credits: mcv_inmia

#18 I Read It On The Internet, It Must Be True

Image credits: droi86

#19 Throwback To When The White House Secretary Posted His Password Publicly 2 Days In A Row

Image credits: naravianana

#20 We Should Stop Teaching Cursive Too So Kids Don't Learn Swearing

Image credits: DidthePhilslose

#21 Tried To Hang A Curtain Over My Front Door, But Didn’t Realize What I Did Until I Stepped Back

Image credits: cdcarson99

#22 CB At Wally World Thinks They Deserve A Discount Because The Kayak Got Wet

Image credits: dulce_muse

#23 The First Ingredient Is Honey, So It Probably Mostly Is

Image credits: jasminelg16

#24 She Has Bigger Issues

Image credits: 97Vercetti

#25 Mystery Solved

Image credits: MavenofHonor

#26 Sir, Do You Know How Wrong Numbers Work

Image credits: wait_whats_illegal

#27 This Man Trying To Smuggle A Kilo Of Cocaine Under A Wig At The Barcelona Airport

Image credits: policia

#28 I Am Speechless

Image credits: MisoSoup9000

#29 Just What

Image credits: MysteriousMrPig

#30 Few Biology Classes Would Help

Image credits: lnteIligents

#31 Halloween Couple Of The Year

Image credits: ihastopoop

#32 Is It So Hard To Get Just A Little Proof?

Image credits: CreatedToFavouriteWaffleRecipes

#33 Umm Ok

Image credits: lvnitup22

#34 When The Bakers Make The Mix Wrong And Don’t Realize Yeast Doesn’t Just Stop Working Because It’s In A Dumpster

Image credits: TELME3

#35 Do They Actually Think Trump Is Using His Own Money

Image credits: cheristandsup

#36 Okay, 1 Star Then

Image credits: redreddit4000

#37 Just Realized My Soap Wasn’t Working Because It’s Literally A Block Of Cheese

Image credits: lionellrichie

#38 It's A Funny Facepalm Though

Image credits: SirAustinOfDunn

#39 Trust No One, Not Even Yourself

Image credits: stEPH_u_

#40 And Passports Too

Image credits: SuperSlimySalamander

#41 Who’s Gonna Tell Her

Image credits: Ninja_Spi-D-er

#42 Bye, America See You - Never

Image credits: DOMINOEP

#43 Nailed It

Image credits: tanaminks

#44 Fake ID Fail

Image credits: Mrkjm1550

#45 Popular Google Searches Are Making Me Question My Existence

Image credits: Sinful_Cat

#46 Me Neither

Image credits: richie_rich77

#47 Facebook Gem

Image credits: AltF0

#48 Oh My

Image credits: allADUiswin

#49 "I Thought This Was Common Sense"

Image credits: Supraman18

#50 Welp, Better Throw This iPhone Out Then

#51 What A Time To Be Alive

Image credits: meme_zar

#52 Hmmm

Image credits: Classic-CJ

#53 Because Math

Image credits: DasannTittle

#54 You’ve Never Seen A Pink Lion?

Image credits: BenderDisorder

#55 Woman Cuts A Hole In The Face Mask So That It’s Easier To Breathe

Image credits: joegotti96

#56 Do These People Have Brains?

Image credits: BlackDeathZombieSwede

#57 My Mother-In-Law Keeps Complaining That Her Kindle Wouldn’t Charge

Image credits: gumball_Jones

#58 Math Be Hard

Image credits: ZeeshanPlays

#59 To Do Math

Image credits: NateM135

#60 Maybe Not The Best Choice For A Sign

Image credits: hamburgersandfuriousanger

#61 Male Or Female

Image credits: MythicFate

#62 Ghost Baby

Image credits: bamagirl4210

#63 Get This Idea Patented

Image credits: prof_sandwich_maker

#64 No, It Does Not Have A 2nd Part

Image credits: BrknArrw10

#65 A Guy At My Wife's Job Still Thinks That His New Plant Is A Cactus. It's Actually A Pickle That Is Replaced By A New One Each 2 Days

It's been like that for 2 weeks now

Image credits: Starskins

#66 The Look On His Face Is Priceless

Image credits: BeerIsProofThatGodLovesUsAndWantsUsToBeHappy

#67 Mother Knew I Wanted A Roomba But Didn't Want To Waste That Much Money On One. So She Found One For A Bargain. Note, It Has Zero Vacuuming Ability

Image credits: edgeofruin

#68 She Thought She Was Getting A Deal

Image credits: NaturallyTyraG

#69 Damn, If Bike Gears Scare The Kid Then Car Engines Are Gonna Traumatize Them

#70 We Have Ourselves A Genius

Image credits: Godofdagames127

#71 This Is Stupid

Image credits: billyodonnell12

#72 Blind People Can’t Draw

Image credits: MagicMeatbal1

#73 Actually, That's Exactly What You Voted For

Image credits: ColinBrowning14

#74 How Is This Even Possible

Image credits: endgame14000605

#75 You Ever Wanted To Fight Your Past Self

Image credits: AveryJayBruh

#76 Your Address, Mark

Image credits: nickrad

#77 Don’t Tell Them About Nigeria

Image credits: St0pX

#78 I Wonder Why

Image credits: DanBurnashev

#79 One Of My Coworkers Was Eager To Unpack Her New Mouse

Image credits: mrfoyl

#80 Well, Obviously, You Have To Have Blue Eyes For It To Work

Image credits: lDeath_Wlshl

#81 Some People Aren’t Even Trying

Image credits: nataliecanales

#82 Old Man Smoking While Pumping Gas. When The Attendant Told Him He Couldn’t Smoke While Pumping Gas, He Replied “It’s Diesel, Not Gas”

Image credits: OneFlavorJohnson

#83 Cooking Skills Out Of This World

Image credits: LateNightNelly

#84 If Only Someone Had Thought Of That

Image credits: jodyavirgan

#85 Ahm, Who Wants To Tell Her

Image credits: IttyBittyHUAC

#86 Baby Smoothie

Image credits: nixxxxxxxxxxxxx1

#87 There Are No Koalas In The Amazon

Image credits: vianikkii

#88 Hold Up

Image credits: Sejiro_Hiko

#89 Ah Yes, This Will Help The Blind

Image credits: itsSKO_

#90 It's About Time To Learn What The Real Italian Cuisine Is

Image credits: BrielleZolciak

#91 Verizon Coverage Map

Image credits: BadRedittor

#92 He Did Do It, Technically

Image credits: reddit.com

#93 I'm An Idiot. Just Painted The Stairs To My Basement Now I'm Trapped

Image credits: Dr_Emmet_Brown

#94 I Bought A Used Car And Have Been Waiting For My License Plates, Even After Receiving My Registration With License Plate Number. I'm An Idiot

Image credits: hhjrxymos

#95 I'm An Idiot

Image credits: iamnotanasian

#96 Oh No

Image credits: etheherring

#97 Welcome To Calculus 101

Image credits: plsporo

#98 Socialism

Image credits: gbyl

#99 You're Standing Right In Front Of The Best Example In The Whole World That Proves That Walls Don't Work

Image credits: MonicaCrowley

#100 Just Awkward

Image credits: ryanlangdon_

#101 Maybe He Should Hire Someone For That

Image credits: travelmepretty

#102 Thinking That Everyone In Chernobyl Is Called Conrad

Image credits: xemmawalshx

#103 Jeez, NASA Just Take A Picture

Image credits: Suddenly_anxious

#104 My Sister Drove Her Entire Way To Work Like This, And She Had To Call Our Dad To Find Out What Was Wrong With Her Car

Image credits: jipto12

#105 Geography Is Not His Strongest Side

Image credits: CakeLikeDylan

#106 It Will Never Happen Again I Guess

Image credits: Michael70394272

#107 He Exposed Himself

Image credits: awharrys

#108 America Is The Reason You Have Cars. Nope

Image credits: LazyFlamingRooster

#109 Bluetooth Hose

Image credits: maroxtn

#110 Can't Even Be Mad, That Edit Was Perfect

Image credits: IHaveAllTheKarma

#111 I Can't Show You Proof Vaccines Are Dangerous Because The Government Controls The Internet

Image credits: Jemima-Racktool

#112 It’s Not A Real Fire

Image credits: lol62056

#113 You Can’t Make It Up

Image credits: kenty227

#114 The “Boat” Scene

Image credits: yeet12243

#115 Hello There

Image credits: isubucks

#116 He Didn't Want His Xbox To Get A Virus

Image credits: amitbt

#117 Yesterday, I Asked My Coworker To Send Me A Description Of The Investors I’ll Be Meeting Today. This Is What He Sent Me

Image credits: ACuriousFrenchie

#118 Wearing Glasses Defines Your Sexuality

Image credits: jaboukie

#119 Very Smart

Image credits: Agge_69

#120 Do I Really Have To Tell Them Or Should I Let Them Figure It Out

Image credits: spongebahhfrickyou

#121 My Neighbor Is So Bright

Image credits: kodaa43

#122 Voldemort Was An Aborted Fetus Guys

Image credits: ZedU_KOh

#123 There's Some Dumb People In This World

Image credits: Pepe133769

#124 I Should Walk A Mile In This Guy’s Shoes

Image credits: riverdragonwilbur

#125 Fixing A Toilet Leak. I'm An Idiot

I took 2 trips to Home Depot, worked with a hernia, had a load of time putting the wax ring, and screws on... Only to install the toilet and forgetting about the door. 

Image credits: Dreyyy

#126 Theo Is Very Confused

Image credits: cosmiPlanetMonster

#127 "Why Would I Need To Learn About Chemistry?"

Image credits: immakinganotehere

#128 Stupidius Maximus

Image credits: tinydoggo04

#129 She Didn't Think It Through

Image credits: cbs.com

#130 Experts Bad

Image credits: michaelmina_lab

#131 Do You Have Stupid?

Image credits: GSB6189

#132 At Least He Realized His Mistake

Image credits: WeConsumeChildren

#133 Vaccines = Tide Pods

Image credits: Oh-lawd-he-commin

#134 God Dammit People

Image credits: Treecky69

#135 A Woody Is A Woody I Guess

Image credits: IloveAnnie82

#136 “Please Stop Using It”

Image credits: Bq22_

#137 Always Gotta Be Inclusive

Image credits: Jesserwo

#138 Hello Georgie

Image credits: Aced_corsair

#139 Without A

Image credits: coolfunaboud

#140 Umm That’s Not How Percentages Work

Image credits: LydiaBurrell

#141 Columbia Professor Accidentally Poisons Self Rather Than Get Flu Shot

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#142 How

Image credits: _aniebananie9

#143 My Coworker Returned The Front Desk Stapler Like This. Told Me It Ran Out Of Staples

Image credits: Stupid_Genious

#144 Good Thing They Have Windshield Visor

Image credits: raiukick

#145 So This Happened

Image credits: MuldoonJP

#146 Aww Yes A Genius

Image credits: Kyles_Hat

#147 Those Canadians

#148 Fool Me Once

Image credits: hoseoksreally

#149 Well That's An Interesting Conspiracy Theory

#150 “Read A Book”

Image credits: knguyen

#151 "Romanians Should Have Yt On English Because Yes, That's Why"

Image credits: HAXAD2005

#152 Actually, It Is Pretty Funny

Image credits: Fun_Stick

#153 Waterproof Level At 100

Image credits: Master1718

#154 Confused

Image credits: danydh

#155 Welp

Image credits: LegendQAZ

#156 Pretty Sure It’s A Pringle’s Holder

Image credits: point_nine

#157 Idiot Detected

Image credits: W00S

#158 Today, My Mother Was The Idiot

Image credits: mullertieze

#159 How On Earth Is This Possible

Image credits: Huizjopa

#160 Brilliant

Image credits: uae-me

#161 10 Hours Later

Image credits: Drksey_on_yt