21 of the Craziest Reasons People Got Divorced Immediately


Love can drive us to do crazy things. Like getting matching tattoos, or sharing joint custody of a pet pig with a cute, punny name. Or get married because we don't want to die alone. It happens, and people end up in "settlement" relationships all the time. Some settlements can ultimately be great ones and people end up with life partners that they're more or less content with, despite daily struggles, temptations, and the occasional argument over who pulls their weight in household chores.

Some people, however, just jump headlong into marriage because they simply want to get married and don't really pick a person they're that crazy about to begin with. While everyone might not find their soulmate or that person who could fart in their face while they live in a box on Madison avenue and still be happy, they should probably still give a little bit more thought to their relationships than these people did.

Because a lot of these cases of instant divorce were either in relationships that were rife with red flags from the start or involved people who turned on a dime the second they tied the knot.