24 Caliente Facts About Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block burst onto the scene with nothing but dance moves and a head full of dreams in the early 90s. The now 48-year-old millionaire singer, actress, dancer, and fashion designer, who comes from humble beginnings, continues to push herself into other avenues.

JLo’s explosive career across dance, music, and acting broke the boundaries for Latina women near and far, sending out the positive message that whatever you put your head and your heart to, with hard work, you can achieve it. Read on to get 24 down-low facts on the real J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez Facts

24. Homeless

Lopez had zero plans to go to college – she had bigger dreams of dancing full-time. Her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, wasn’t very supportive, so Lopez moved to Manhattan on her own when she was 18, sometimes sleeping on the sofa in the dance studio.

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