31 Examples Of People Being Written Up For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

American companies are facing unprecedented challenges trying to find enough employees. According to the latest data, there are over 10 million job openings in the U.S. but only around 6 million unemployed workers.

As the country experiences a labor shortage, people are expressing their desire for livable wages, reasonable hours, remote work, healthcare, and it doesn't seem like they are asking for too much. However, some higher-ups still don't get the memo.

To show just how much some bosses are detached from reality, we at Bored Panda compiled a list of the most absurd write-ups they gave their employees. Apparently, toilet breaks and even tying up your shoelace can get you in trouble now.

#1 Added To The Schedule 6 Minutes Before The Start Of The Shift And Got Written Up For Being Late. I'm So Done At This Point

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#2 Written Up For Throwing Up At Work And Not Being Able To Afford A Doctors Note To Explain Why

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#3 This Was Several Years Back, But My Gm Used To Post Notes Like This All Over The Place. Yes, Employees Got Written Up For Having Water Bottles Under The Registers. He Ended Up Getting Fired For Stealing Money From The Store, Apparently

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#4 Got Written Up

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#5 My Boss

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#6 I Got Written Up For Wearing The Wrong Shoes At Wendy’s. Should I Accept The Write Up, Refuse To Sign It Or Just Walk Out. I’m Thinking Of Walking Out?

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#7 Subpoenaed As A Witness And Written Up For Obeying Court Subpoena. We Live In Hell

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#8 Got Written Up While Off The Clock…

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#9 Planet Fitness

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#10 I Got Written Up For Being 20 Minutes Late Friday (We Start At 6). From My Boss This Morning:

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#11 Ageism

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#12 Was Late Today And Was Going To Get A Suspension Because I Had "Already Called Out Too Much For This" Due To My Finger Being Cut Open Earlier This Week.. [screw] Burger King

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#13 Wearing AirPods

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#14 Written Up For Saying No After Closing

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#15 Covid Nurse

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#16 Found On Facebook. Someone From My Town Got Written Up, Suspended For A Day For Helping Save His Family From Eastern Kentucky Flood

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#17 Boss Couldn't Find Time To Discuss A Raise. So I Started Informing Customers Of My Low Pay. Got Wrote Up So I Stole All The Write UPS & Trashed Them, Kept Mine Because I Was Proud Of This

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#18 I Got Written Up Today

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#19 Not Me, But I Had To Do This To Some Other Poor Schmuck

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#20 Got Written Up

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#21 My Friend's Kid Dawson Is Savage. He Was Written Up At Work So He Posted It, But Not Before He Spell Checked It

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#22 I Was Written Up For Being Late To Work

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#23 I Got Written Up At Work This One Time... .i Was Drunk

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#24 Well, If You Have To Be Written Up For Something

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#25 My Buddy Got Written Up At Work After Some Complaints. His Supervisor Thought It Was Hilarious Though

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#26 Written Up

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#27 New Leave Policy And Yes You Get Write UPS For Unscheduled Leave

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#28 Written Up

#29 I Was "Written Up" For Very Minor Stuff

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#30 My Friend Got Written Up At Work Last Week. I Guess You Can Say They Are Pretty Laid Back There

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#31 A Friend Got Written Up At Work The Other Day

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