33 Things Society Has Made Us Believe Are “Necessities” But People In This Online Group Argue They Are Addictions

What is considered normal highly depends on society’s view on it. Once high heels were a shoe that only wealthy men wore and now traditionally only women wear them. In some cultures, more fat on one’s body is associated with being wealthy as it means the person has money to feed themselves, but in other cultures, a lean body is the ideal of beauty.

This is the case with most aspects of our lives. But that means that people sometimes start to normalize things that are not the most healthy for their mind or body. Feeling like you have to be on your phone and always available, buying the newest technology or just craving sugar all the time have become necessities, but they are actually addictions, according to some people on Reddit who joined a thread started by Morticiar who asked “What is an addiction society pretends is a necessity?”

This thread got almost 45k upvotes in just a day and over 24k people wanted to join the conversation. They made some good points and challenged each other to think about what things people are addicted to that they don’t even realize are bad as they see them as necessities. We would like to know what you have to say on the topic, so we are looking forward to reading your comments!

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#1 Social Media

social media

Image credits: this1is4thechampions

#2 Obsessing Over Celebrities’ Personal Lives

Obsessing over celebrities’ personal lives….

I don’t give a f**k who’s dating who, who had a baby, who got divorced, etc., and I don’t understand why anyone else does.

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#3 Expensive Weddings

And expensive weddings! That s**t is not normal.

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#4 Filtered Photos

Filtered photos have become the norm. It needs to stop

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#5 The 'Mommy Needs Wine' Culture

Mom culture. The idea that "mommy needs wine" all the time. Dragging down moms that don't agree with you. And as someone who is childless currently, the idea that we are NOT allowed to speak to you and offer any kind of advice because "you don't have children". I literally gave a new mom ideas on how to help her baby with gas (after dealing with it with my niece for a while) and she told me she didn't WANT my input because I don't have kids.

But the mommy needs wine culture really bothers me.

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#6 Alcohol

Alcohol! I’m so tired of people telling me I’m not living my life cause I don’t drink.

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#7 Upgrading Your Electronics Too Often

Having to upgrade your electronics every couple of years

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#8 Working Overtime

Working overtime and doing more work than the job description entails

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#9 Cell Phones

Cell phones. Constantly having it nearby, checking it all the time, having to be available 24/7 in case someone tries to contact you.

As someone who has this addiction, it's really not healthy and adds a lot of unnecessary stress to my life.

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#10 Presents On All Occasions

Buying presents for each other all the time. Valentines, christmas, birthday, anniversary, new job etc etc.

Stop buying people s**t that they wouldnt buy themself.

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#11 Consumerism


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#12 Side Hustle Culture

The entire (side) hustle culture. I understand the need/desire and do it myself too. But I find it insane that we need to monetize almost every waking moment.

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#13 Relationships

relationships.. it is okay to be alone

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#14 Trying To Outperform Others

Some people are addicted to comparing their lives to others when they should really strive to be the best they can be. Trying to outperform others leads to endless frustration, but trying to outperform yourself leads to true improvement.

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#15 TikTok

tik tok.. prove me worng

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#16 Working Oneself To Death

Working oneself to death

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#17 Women Beauty Trends

Women beauty trends. Regularly getting nails done, eyelashes done, hair dyed and cut, and all the makeup and skin care products you need for your 12 step skincare routine. Yeah, it’s nice to take care of yourself or treat yourself. And hygiene is for sure important. But you shouldn’t have to go every few weeks and drop tons of money to feel pretty cause that’s what society says. And you don’t need endless products either.

Image credits: CoffeeandCynicism__

#18 Sugar

MrGlen456 said:


noblechimp84 added:

Completely unnoticed. So much sugar in things people just don't expect or check. Thinking of sugar as a drug has helped me enjoy it more responsibly.

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#19 The Lotto

The lotto. It’s really fun to imagine what you would do if you won. If you’re not blowing tons of money on it. That could be worth it right there. But it’s so expensive, and your chances are like .00001 of winning something you can retire with.

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#20 Shopping


This addiction is actually a medically recognized addiction with it’s own name – Oniomania.

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#21 24hr Cable News

24hr cable news

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#22 Cars

Cars. At least American society.

Most countries in the developed world don't use them nearly as much, and are considered some of the best places to live in the world.

Americans are unhealthily obsessed with car culture.

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#23 Staying Up Late And Waking Up Early

Staying up late and waking up early

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#24 Fast/Unhealthy Food

Fast/unhealthy food.

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#25 Constant Profit

Constant profit. Its called greed, and not only unnecessary but is extremely dangerous. It is not sustainable.

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#26 5-Day Work Week

5 day work week

Image credits: evieoroblah

#27 Trying To Look The Best On Social Media

trying to look the best on social media. I dont get it and never will

Image credits: gabrielz85

#28 Being Too Connected To Friends Or Social Media

Being too connected to friends or social media, you don't need to be constantly on your phone and stopping what you are doing every 5 minutes to look at your phone.

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#29 Diet


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#30 Fast Delivery

Getting stuff delivered ASAP!

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#31 "You Gotta Be A Doctor!!"

"You gotta be a doctor!!" - Lots more jobs and fields that make more than doctors..

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#32 GDP

GDP. Everyone act as if GDP must goes up every year. And everyone act as like an ever increasing GDP benefits them when they need to work harder to afford the same standard of living.

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#33 Caffeine


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