35 Actors Who’ve Made A Career Off Of Playing The Same Person Over And Over, As Pointed Out By Folks In This Online Group

Do you ever get that feeling of getting new and fresh opportunities in life, only to find out that they are just more of the same?

Well, turns out, this happens more often than you might think. And it’s especially visible in the film industry. But we’re not talking about films, though they are guilty of this, but about particular actors and the roles they are cast in.

People online have been listing famous names in the movie industry and the same-y roles they keep getting cast in, where effectively only names change, but you’re always either that macho dude, or an ex-cop, or the comic relief or whatever.

Check out the most spot-on observations from Redditors across multiple AskReddit posts (here, here, and here) on the topic in the curated list below, and why not upvote and share some big names who keep getting picked for the same old roles movie after movie.


Troubleshooter11 said:

Dwayne Johnson plays "The Rock" in every one of his movies.

Schmoova said:

The Rock is always a tough badass good guy.

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I_sell_phones_ama said:

Tom Cruise.

other-person replied:

I especially loved the movie in which he played the cocky young guy.

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duh_metrius said:

I love him, but in the last ten to fifteen years Morgan Freeman is basically just Morgan Freeman in everything.

OwnagePwnage123 said:

Morgan Freeman is always the older advisor to the protagonist, from being God, to Red, to Vitruvius.

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Adam Freaking Sandler....

Make some weird voices, scream a coupe times. All with a m***nic, lost facial expression. Rinse, Repeat

Image credits: enterthedragynn


Sean Bean, the character that passes away by the end.

Image credits: Stroke-Me-Clover


Bruce Willis is pretty much always some retired cop/military guy who is forced to return to a life of justice/military s**t after some bad s**t happens.

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Solterlun said:

Nicholas Cage portrays Nicholas Cage.

JavierLoustaunau said:

To his credit there are a ton of Nicolas Cages in his repertoire, mostly from mixing different levels of Crazy.

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rumbidzai said:

Samuel L. Jackson pretty much just plays himself in every movie he's in.

ExternalUserError said:

Samuel L. Jackson is always the same badass.

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Obligatory Michael Cera, always the quiet awkward guy.

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Savarinoj said:

Ryan Reynolds. Sure he's a good looking guy with a smoking wife, but I mean come on people. I don't think I've ever seen him actually embrace a character - I just feel like "hey, that's how ryan acts in the real world"

jstewart0131 said:

Ryan Reynolds has made a career of being the wise cracking quick witted quipper. He’s literally Deadpool in every movie now, just sans the Uber violence, mutant abilities and 4th wall breaking.

That’s not a complaint, just the niche he has been able to very successfully embrace.

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Kevin Hart. Always the little guy that acts like he’s tough and is then shown being scared of everything.

Image credits: indifferentleopard


John Wayne pretty much played John Wayne in every movie he was in even though the names of his character was different.

Image credits: NWBoomer


Zooey Deschanel always plays the quirky quasi nerd hipster.

Image credits: Bigleonard


Seth rogan... bumbling stoner buffoon.

Image credits: OHPbrah


Will Ferrell is a bit of a one-trick pony. Sure his character has major differences based on the story-line, but at the end of the day, his version of an anchorman, pro-ice skater, basketball player, wedding/funeral crasher, nascar racer, etc.. is pretty much the same character every time..

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cheddarbiskit said:

As much as it pains me to say it, Chris Pratt. It always just seems like he is playing himself in different scenarios.

Serpensortia said:

Every time Chris Pratt is in a movie I always think of it as Burt Macklin: dinosaur wrangler / space hero / whatever.

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RawRocKillz said:

Kristen Stewart.

sydneyunderfoot replied:

Seriously! One twitchy, angsty, but thinks she's cooler than everyone else and oh so edgy chick coming up.

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Judy Greer always plays the best friend/sidekick.

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Sarah Jessica Parker is Carrie Bradshaw in every movie. Even in the movies she made before Sex and the City. Even the witch she plays in Hocus Pocus is Carrie Bradshaw.

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Vince Vaughn has played a wacky underachiever from Chicago so many times it makes me sick.

Image credits: Hopalicious


Benedict Cumberbatch is forever the genius character.

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coffee-and-poptarts said:

Jennifer Aniston

MedschoolgirlMadison replied:

Blonde, tanned and her hair isn't even Gwyneth Paltrow nice (equally annoying). I'm a FRIENDS fan so can confirm she is so overrated.

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Mark Wahlberg is always pissed and chasing someone. Swears a lot.

Image credits: demarderollins


Matthew Perry.

Since Friends premiered, I've never seen him play a character that isn't somewhat like Chandler. In mannerisms, humour, insecurity etc etc. Which makes me think - where does Chandler stop and Matthew Perry begin?

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Everything that I’ve seen Jesse Eisenberg in shows him as a stuck-up control freak snarker and I hate him for it.

Image credits: SparksWatch51


Aubrey Plaza. I love her but she can only do the sarcastic eye rolling act for so many movies.

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I hate to say it but Jack Nicholson hit a certain age where he said 'f**k it I'm done acting'.

Notable films include 'Jack Nicholson in clown makeup', 'Jack Nicholson is a werewolf' and the Boston classic 'Jack Nicholson is a gangster'.

Image credits: JavierLoustaunau


Stephen Tobolowsky

You might not know his name, but you definitely know his face. He's in everything, and the characters he plays are almost always uptight and disapproving.

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Jon Bernthal. Always the tough guy. Although he does do it well. Liked him a lot in Fury.

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Seann William Scott is usually an idiotic clown of sorts.


There's a handful of guys that basically just play mobsters. Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastors (Paulie and Big P**sy from the Sopranos) are good examples.


Jennifer Lawrence plays a twenty something year old actress who has the same acting skills and range of someone overacting their way through a community college play.

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ErinNotKaren said:

Johnny goddamn Depp. I recently re-watched Benny and Joon; I had forgotten he could actually play a role other than his usual. Man, I miss classic Johnny Depp.

Zaike27 said:

Johnny Depp as "yet another awkward, pale, weird-hair, goofy-moving character". Coming soon. Again.

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I'm not really a movie buff so correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't seen Denzel Washington mentioned yet. He seems to always play the badass guy who kicks ass every time. Sure, he has been a crooked cop, a gangster, etc. but he's still always the same badass guy. I mean, can you imagine him playing some awkward nerd? I don't think he can pull off any other type of role

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Gary Oldman. He always play a character that isn't recognizable since he always looks and act so differently.