42 People Answer “What Is The Most Important/Biggest Unspoken Rule You Know?”

Some people like following the rules while others think that they exist for being broken. However, without them, our society would probably collapse, and we need a little bit of control. If we don't know if something is legal or not, we can consult our country’s law books, but turns out, there are many rules that are unwritten and even not spoken out loud.

You could say that these rules are social norms, things that are accepted culturally and things we think are right based on our personal experiences. Bored Panda has already compiled a few lists on the topic that you can find here, here, here and here.

But people have even more unspoken rules to share and listed them in Reddit threads that you can find here, here and here. The amount of rules people unconsciously follow really is surprising and it can get really awkward if you’re the only one who doesn’t know about a specific one. So let us know the one rule that was not yet mentioned that people need to know.


Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does.

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Married people are off-limits weather they feel like they are or not.

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When dropping a friend off at home late at night make sure to stick around until they enter the house. You might not know if they left their keys and be locked out while you drive away. They may need to stay the night and sort things out in the morning.

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Replace toilet paper when you're done with it. Also, don't stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

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Do not put your bag on a seat next to you on the bus/train if there are no seats left.

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When someone says "Don't look now...but" you must immediately look with the most animated expression you can muster.

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pick people up if they fall in a mosh-pit

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Don't f*****g interrupt people when they are speaking.

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if you don't have anything nice to say, say it in your head and remember it for later when you can tell people who will think it's funny.

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If I am walking my dog(s) and specifically trying to avoid you walking with your dogs. Don't come over to me and try to chat it up. Also do not let your kids come and pet my (or ANY) dog without asking first!

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"Try not to cause an inconvenience to someone else."

The reasoning behind every legit rule can rely on that.

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if you don't know the other guy, downward nod. If you are friends, upwards nod.

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Have some common f*****g courtesy and end your goddamn call before coming to cashier. This includes you pretentious f***s who use a hands free device.

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"Don't F**k With Someone Who Handles Your Food"

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If you're sitting with a group watching tv and you get a phone call, get the f**k out of the room. If you sit there and talk you are a d**k.

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Your phone's microphone is right next to your mouth during normal use. Using your outdoor voice does not improve call clarity.

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If you notice that someone has a visible booger protruding from their nose...quietly let them know so they don't embarrass themselves for the rest of the night. Same goes for ladies whose makeup may have gone awry.

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If you are my roommate, I don't mind sharing my sh*t with you - but do not use up all of something I bought, and then not tell me. Because when I go to make a sandwich and all my cheese is gone and I had no idea, I'm going to be really annoyed.

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Serious answer: Don't speak ill of someone's deceased friends or family.

Not-serious answer: Don't sit *right* next to me at a movie theatre when there's a ton of seats open. Go creep somewhere else, Mr.Herman.

EDIT: Americans don't have assigned seating in movie theaters, which apparently, many Europeans do.

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Refilling the Brita if you kill it.

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Phone calls: If the call gets disconnected for ANY reason, the person who originally made the call should be the one to call back.

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Never touch buttons when in somebody's car. If you want to change the song or turn on the heater, ask the driver if it is OK to do so. They know how everything in their car works to ensure that no settings get f****d up.

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When in a busy place and walking at a leisurely pace, for f***'s sake, stay to the right. Or at least try to get single-file with the other dawdlers.

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When you know someone is unleashing a torpedo in the same public washroom and you are washing your hands, use the air dryer instead of paper towels.

It helps nervous people.

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* Don't kill people.

* Don't eat people.

* Don't eat poop.

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Never make someone sorry they did something nice for you.

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You're supposed to hold the door when you walk in after someone. Not just leave them there to hold the door for the stampede of people after you. It's a pass-off deal.

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This is a work related one.

Just because my office is closest to the printer, does not mean I am there to fix it for you or tell you how it works. I figured it out, so can you.

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When you're a talkative person and someone that you're trying to chat up is only giving 1-word answers, stop talking to that person

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The last piece of gum in a pack is reserved for the owner of the pack.

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You cannot call "Shotgun" unless the vehicle is in sight.

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Just open your f*****g can of soda/bag of chips. It will make noise no matter what; make it quick.

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Give firm handshakes, please.

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Don't eat a nature valley bar over my just-vacuumed carpet.

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Nobody ever told me this, but deep in my heart I feel I'm not supposed to lick strangers whom I like.

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If you can avoid it, please stop touching me on the train. Stopstopstop.


Don't reply to texts with "K"

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Always get your round of drinks. Don't be *that* guy. He's a d**k.

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Always thank the bus driver.

Ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces at the late night fast food establishment must be provided free of charge.

No eye contact on the tube.

Stand on the right of the escalator.

You can't go for a s**t in nightclubs. In the toilets or indeed anywhere else.

Try not to go for a s**t on National Express coaches or similar.

Queue properly.

When waiting to be served at the pub and the bar staff attempts to serve you before another patron who has been waiting longer, you must indicate you wish them to be served first with a slight tip of the head/hand gesture and a gruff 'him first mate/love'.

Don't eat a McDonalds/Burger King/chicken tikka masala pasty on a crowded/hot train.

If someone spills their pint on you in the pub, don't make a fuss. Instead laugh it off as that person might be you in 2 hours' time (this one is sometimes difficult but rewarding).

Don't be silly.

EDIT: Brain fart re: which side of escalator you stand on. 60 years ago that sort of mistake would out a man as a German spy.

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Don't talk to the pitcher in the latter stages of a no-hitter

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If you own a luxury car, you can't put bumper stickers on it.

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If you're a guy and walking beside a male friend and you brush his hand, do not look at him or say anything just act like nothing happened.

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