42 People Who Got Fed Up With Their Annoying Fathers-In-Law And Shamed Them Online

Like them, love them, or hate them, in-laws are notorious for driving their relatives insane. Some even seem to make it their mission to consistently meddle in our marriages, offer fresh and uninvited perspectives, and never pass up an opportunity to remind us of just how wrong we are about basically anything in life. And often, these people will be in your life for a long time, whether you can stand the sight and sound of them or not.

Mothers-in-law particularly catch the heat (sometimes rightfully so!) from negative media tropes and cultural stereotypes about being judgy, overbearing, and quite frankly, horrible. However, the other part of the equation often gets overlooked. So how about we balance out the scales a bit?

Today, we're taking a deep dive into the world of fathers-in-law who left their relatives speechless by being their most infuriating, obnoxious, and annoying selves. We at Bored Panda compiled a list of times people called out their partner's dads for all the nonsensical things they've done, so pull your seat closer! Upvote the pics that angered you most and be sure to share your own unpleasant encounters below in the comments!

#1 My Sister's Father-In-Law, Who Is A Very Conservative Trump Supporter, Was Not Happy That She Bought Her Son A Baby Doll For Christmas

Image credits: RCjayH2018

#2 Got A New Couch Delivered Today. Father-In-Law Decided To Test It Out

Image credits: dan_craus

#3 The State Of The World

Image credits: notdred

#4 The Back Window Of My Father-In-Law's Van

Image credits: stumptowncampground

#5 These Things In My Father-In-Law's Car Are So He And His Partner Can Drive Without Seatbelts And The Car Won't Make The Alarm Sounds

Image credits: billenbijter

#6 Show Me A More Manly Thing Than My Father-In-Law Doing The Laundry. I'll Wait

Image credits: conversingwithoceans

#7 My FIL (Who's Extremely Right) Strikes Again

Image credits: ScotchButters

#8 How My In-Laws Park Everywhere They Go

Image credits: scoobdrew

#9 Made Quesadillas, Father-In-Law Walked Into Kitchen, Took A Big Bite Out Of One, Walked Into The Bathroom. Walked Out And Took A Big Bite Out Of A Different One

Image credits: UnfriendlyToast

#10 My Father-In-Law's Toothbrush. Those Brown Bits Are Some Kind Of Mouldy Cereal

Image credits: chefscotty

#11 Twice A Year, My In-Laws Stay With Us For About A Week. Twice A Year, I Have To Replace All My Nonstick Cookware

Image credits: eddrriley

#12 How My In-Laws Eat Assorted Cheesecake

Image credits: ShabbyLiver

#13 FIL Started A Tattoo On Me 4 Weeks Ago. He Sold His Equipment 2 Days Ago

Image credits: 9K-7F

#14 This Is How My Father-In-Law Gets Butter For His Toast

Image credits: stacksmash

#15 My Father-In-Law's Remote Is But A Small Glimpse Into How Infuriated I Become When I Visit My In-Laws' House. No Excuse Is Good Enough

Image credits: NorseCelt137

#16 To All My Vegan Friends Barely Holding In Screams

Image credits: mollyelwood

#17 I Sent My Future Father-In-Law A Linking Puzzle For Christmas. He Just Sent My Fiance This Picture Showing How He Solved It

Image credits: Alysaria

#18 My Father-In-Law Responds To A Picture Of Our Trans Foster Daughter

Image credits: AppaloosaLuver

#19 How My Father-In-Law Lets The Candles Burn

Image credits: druule10

#20 My Father-In-Law Said There Is A Park On The Apartment Complex For The Kids To Play. This Is The Park

Image credits: fiftystorms

#21 Father-In-Law Doing Something Disgusting

Image credits: julia0143

#22 I’m Totally Middle-Of-The-Road, Non-Political And He Thinks It Means I Voted For Trump. Anyways, Here Are My Texts After A Night He Was Drinking

My father-in-law is on the other side of the spectrum. 

Image credits: TheImported

#23 When My FIL Last Visited, He Ended Up Shouting And Swearing At Me In Front Of My Toddler Because I Called Out His Homophobia And This Exchange Happened The Day After

Image credits: RazvanDubrinsky

#24 Once Again. Another Gem From My Father-In-Law. And He Even Got 3 Shares This Time

Image credits: Dmetalmike

#25 Father-In-Law Drives Through Front Lawn To Avoid Backing Up

Image credits: puf305

#26 My Very Tech Challenged Father-In-Law Sent The Entire Family A Picture Of His Breakfast This Morning. That Photo Had A Watermark

Image credits: trustysidekick

#27 How My Soon-To-Be Father-In-Law Opens The Milk Carton

Image credits: pau1rw

#28 Ladies And Gentlemen, My Father-In-Law

Image credits: superb_socks

#29 My Cousin's Father-In-Law's Ladder Arrangements

Image credits: MotherTucker89

#30 My Poor Father-In-Law Never Saw It Coming. Rest In Peace

Image credits: MBs-HB

#31 My Father-In-Law And The Remnants Of His Weekly Visit

Image credits: HolyzombieBatman

#32 My Father-In-Law's Response To Me And My Pregnant Fiancée Decisions To Not See Them Due To Corona

Image credits: C0dyL88

#33 Just My Racist FIL Being My Racist FIL. The Person Arguing Is Me, His Half-Mexican Descent Daughter-In-Law

Image credits: Gnomeopolis

#34 Ladies And Gentlemen, My Father-In-Law

Image credits: honeyloafsnoot

#35 How My Father-In-Law Stores His Knives

Image credits: TheArgyleGargoyle

#36 My Father-In-Law, Helping To Foster Productive Discourse

Image credits: AHenWeigh

#37 Told My Father-In-Law I Pulled A Muscle At The Gym, He Said A Little Of This Will Make Me Feel Better

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Father-In-Law Text Me This While I Was Volunteering In Buffalo

Image credits: micha1213

#39 My Father-In-Law Always Posts Things Like This, Christmas Is Going To Be So Fun

Image credits: far_canal87

#40 From My Father-In-Law. I Don't Even Know What To Say About This One

Image credits: shadowsOfMyPantomime

#41 The Newest From My Father-In-Law’s Facebook

Image credits: lunapickle3223

#42 My Father-In-Law Ladies And Gentlemen

Image credits: Erick3211

#43 The Clocks In My Father-In-Law's Kitchen Don’t Line Up, He Says It’s Not A Big Deal And Refuses To Change It

#44 In My Father-In-Law's Barn