42 Things People Are Certain Of, Right Down To Their Bones, Without Proof, As Shared In This Online Thread

The whole world around us, all the facts and things in it, from the point of view of our knowledge, is divided into three categories: what we are not sure of, what we are sure of, and what we are ready to swear to defend with our life. That very hill to die on. And such beliefs are different for various people, of course.

The so-called "Socratic paradox" goes that "I know that I know nothing" and is attributed to the great Greek philosopher Socrates. And still, even the great skeptic, denying the possibility of any knowledge, in the end, as we remember, took poison, defending his own convictions. Of course, one should not be so radical, but still, each of us has our own truths.

And so, a few days ago, a thread appeared in the AskReddit community, the author of which asked a question about just this: "What do you swear on your life to be 100% true?" Today, the thread has over 42.6K upvotes and almost 28.5K different comments, and what is an indisputable truth for some may well be perceived by others as a very controversial issue. In the end, so many people - so many opinions.

Bored Panda has carefully sifted through the sand of the original thread's numerous comments in search of the golden grains of the best, most popular, and weightiest comments, so now feel free to scroll to the very end of this list, mark the most interesting submissions for you and, of course, leave your comments. After all, you, we are almost sure, also have your own truths that you would bet are 100% true!

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That disagreeing with someone's opinion isn't an attack on them.

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Being alone is better than having the wrong people in my life. Prove me wrong.

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Money DOES buy happiness.

You cannot convince me otherwise. Sure ok it is not everything, you can be depressed and rich, but no one gonna tell me that money does not buy that cute stuff I wanted to wear or that delicious meal imma be cookin.

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The average human is an idiot

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Earth is not flat.

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Back pain can make your life a nightmare.

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If your bus is late, spark up a cigarette and it will instantly arrive

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It is the kiss of death to change lines at the grocery store.

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You can make things foolproof but the world will make better fools

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The inside of USB ports are designed to switch round to ensure you can only plug in USB cables on your third attempt after twisting it round, then twisting it back.



If you’re running late you will be stuck at every possible red light.

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History is written and preserved and distributed by the winners.

Humans are capable of lying, twisting facts to show themselves, places and people they like in a good light. Modern world has PR agencies for rich and connected.

Combine the two and history as we know it is a twisted version of what really happened.

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The way people drive and the way they use a shopping trolley are directly linked.

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O.J. did it.

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Not being available 24/7 despite being reachable 24/7 is fine

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Time passes quicker the older you get. Do the things right now that you want to do, don’t wait for later.

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A sandwich is always better if someone else makes it for you

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Aliens exist somewhere in this universe.

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If I’m having a bad day it can always get worse

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I look good in the mirror. I look terrible in photos.

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People don't *genuinely* care about deaths of strangers they don't personally know or haven't met. If people had the option to choose to sacrifice 10 lives of people they have never met to save 1 they love, they would do it without hesitation - they probably wouldn't admit it out loud, but they *would* agree to it.

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You can summon your period by wearing white pants.

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Everything is temporary

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The makers of baby wipes intentionally wrap them in a way so when you pull 1 out the container you get 2-3 and waste them because they are a b***h to put back in

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My life will get better

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Sunday does not have 24 hours.

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That the printer will always run out of ink or that the paper will get jammed when you're already rushing and stressed.

Happens all the time.

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reddit is a cesspool of misinformation.

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There's definitely something amiss in this universe and we're not ready for it.

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Black Bears are learning that they could benefit from a friendly relationship with humans after seeing how easy domesticated dogs and cats have it. They are in the early stages of trying to domesticate themselves.

Source: none. I just see tiktok videos of bears being cute near people.

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There is always someone better and worse than you at everything. Be humble when winning.

Edit: Bolt is a legend. Just as all of the world record holders through the decades are. Maybe not at this moment, but maybe tomorrow or next decade they will be someone better.

My Dad told me this when I was a young one. I always believed it to be true.


Every cart I pull at Walmart has at least one square tire.

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rocks are soft and squishy. They just tense up when you touch them.

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Disney made "Frozen" so that when you Google "Disney frozen" you would get search results about the movie and not about Walt Disney supposedly being cryogenically frozen.

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Stock Market Manipulation.

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If my morning routine is disrupted, the day is gonna be bad.


They changed the Reese’s recipe

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I bowled a 289. Friend that went with me is notorious for making up details. No one believes me.

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I went to DreamWorks studios when I was 11 to give a presentation of my animation skills. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them that story. I swear I’m not making it up, it really happened.

To keep it brief, I took an online animation course and the company that made the course liked it so much that asked me to be a model student for a business deal with DreamWorks to use their IPs in their courses. They flew me out to LA for free, I got a private tour of the studio, and I even got to meet two animators who were working in animation tests for Trolls (which came out 3 years later). I even got to see concept art for the Captain Underpants movie, which had just started development at the time.

To this day I still think this is my life’s peak and it’s all downhill from here.

I wanna clarify that while this is the animation I made, I DID NOT MAKE THE CHARACTERS, ASSETS, OR STORY. The course instructors provided all of that and told me what to animate. I just made them move. However, I did add a lot of unique details and elements on my own, such as having the secondary character throughout the whole animation and having them jump into the spaceship at the end.

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About 25 years ago I saw a black panther jump across the road in front of our car, it was about 20ft away and we just missed it.

It jumped from out of the bushes on the left , landed in the middle and then jumped clean into the bushes on the right.

It was about 4ft long with a tail almost as big. This was at night and my gf and me saw it clearly in the headlights


I am better looking than my twin brother


Hollowing out the entire moon to build a theme park inside of it would be a good idea

Also I'd turn the entire surface into a large hotel