42 Treacherous Facts About History’s Worst Natural Disasters

At times nature can wow us, stealing our breath away with magnificent natural phenomenon, from sunsets and sunrises to the aurora borealis and more. But nature can also be moody and dangerous, and when the time, place and temperature are right, mother nature can destroy everything she created, often in cataclysmic ways. The effects of natural disasters have been shaping entire civilizations for millennia. Humans are no match for mother nature, and we’re often reminded of her power and strength not only in the face of beauty but also in insurmountable devastation. So if you’re prepared to weather the storm, read on to learn 42 treacherous facts about some of the natural disasters to strike humankind throughout history.

History’s Worst Natural Disasters Facts

42. One Bad Quake

The most powerful earthquake in recorded history was the Valdivia earthquake in Chile that occurred on May 22nd, 1960. Also known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, it lasted around 10 minutes and was placed at 9.4-9.6 on the magnitude scale.

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