45 Tweets About How People Over 30 Found Their Partners

Sometimes people get lucky and find the love of their life in school and continue staying together until they grow old. Unfortunately, there are others who realize after time that they’re not with the right person. This is especially scary when you are a bit older and you might think that you missed your chance for happiness.

Kelsey Huse experienced just that: her boyfriend broke up with her and wanting to feel better about it, she asked people on Twitter to share their stories of how they found their partners in their 30s. And the people delivered. Kelsey Huse got 157.6K likes and a wave of positivity from others who have been in her situation.

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So these are some of the stories that people shared in response to Kelsey’s tweet.


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Kelsey Huse is a software engineer from Austin, Texas. She loves to read and go for adventures in her area. On Twitter she describes herself as a “girl who codes and climbs.”


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The tweet Kelsey wrote kind of blew up. It received 157.6K likes, 7.3K retweets, and almost 10K responses. Kelsey has never received so much engagement on a tweet before and she wasn’t expecting this at all, but she was very grateful for all the people that shared their stories and reassured her that she can find love at any age.

After receiving so much positive responses Kelsey felt uplifted and changed her mindset to being happy with herself and being full of love, no matter if she is single or in a relationship. This tweet helped not only Kelsey to stay positive towards the future, as she believes that everyone who shared their experience helped someone else reading the thread to feel hope and comfort. 


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The response Kelsey received was overwhelmingly positive and people were saying so many kind words, comforting Kelsey. People who didn’t have stories to share were encouraging her that she has plenty of time to get in another relationship, there were some mothers suggesting their sons as partners, and others were convincing her that being single is as great as being in a relationship. So if you are feeling down, reading this thread will lift you up.


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And also, looking for a new relationship in your 30s could become the norm. Scientists are seeing tendencies that millennials are settling down later in life. The median age of marriage in 1970 was 23 for men and 20.8 for women, while in 2017, it had risen to 29.5 for men and 27.4 for women.

Plus, there are some definite benefits of dating when you're over 30. People are then more mature and already have an understanding of what will make them happy. They know what to look for in a partner so that their qualities will complement the other person’s qualities best. They are more secure in themselves and will rarely settle for someone that doesn’t meet their expectations.


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