46 Women’s Behaviors That Females Of This Online Group Can’t Stand And Want Them To Stop

It's no secret that sometimes we find someone very annoying because of weird or disgusting things that they do. Reddit user @u/amethyst015 decided to focus on women only and ask them online what are some of the things that other females do that they find so irritating that they want them to stop doing it. The question that received almost 12k answers had both some very relatable and unexpected responses. 

Some of the things mentioned included some practical topics such as leaving a mess in a public toilet. A lot of things noticed were focused on behavioral issues: being rude to your daughter-in-law, faking friendliness, and creating gossip about other women. This thread also showed that some problems have been rooted in our society for quite some time, because some women still mentioned that the thing they wish other women would finally ditch is dieting and creating unrealistic beauty standards. 

What were some of the more concerning answers? Users online revealed that they still see other females joining MLM scams and trying to get others involved. But one of the answers that started a whole discussion was about some women who dare to send admiration and even love letters to convicted felons, thinking that they are innocent. 

Which one of these things scares you the most? Or maybe you haven’t found the worthy answer to the question “What is something you wish other women would stop doing?” Then don’t forget to leave your answer in the comments down below! 

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Shame me for not believing in their own beliefs and look at me weird.

I live in Iran and I'm honestly disgusted to see how some religious females tend to shame other women and accuse them of being s***s. If you think your husband, brother or son may be seduced by seeing my ears and hair **they** are the problem.

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Photoshoping their photos to the oblivion thus reinforcing the unrealistic beauty standards. You know skin texture exists, why do you pretend it doesn't??

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This is going to get lost in the shuffle but moms who ask their daughters to do more than their fair share of the household chores while the boys skate because they’re “immature.”


This is particularly bad among immigrant communities that hail from countries with more…traditional gender roles (basically the Far East, the Mid East, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America) but I know it happens in American households too.

The daughters are fed this garbage about being more mature/responsible so they have to help pick up the slack while the sons are frequently coddled and babied.

It’s infuriating and it’s almost never talked about.

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"oh you want kids but your man's not ready yet? Just secretly come off the pill and say it was an accident. It's your body, I did it with my kids". I can't count how many times I've heard this and it's disgusting behaviour

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Nobody cares how they got the baby out of the woman - cease this nonsense. You are a parent if you are the primary guardian of a child; gatekeeping based on pain relief, caesareans, adoption, whether you gave birth on dry land or in a pond, honestly, nobody cares. Is the baby ok? Yes. Is the mom ok? Yes. Then it's ok. It's fine. F**k off about breastfeeding too, just feed the kid. Got milk? Fab. Got formula? Fab. Feed the kid.

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Telling other women that they should have kids, to have a fulfilled life.

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Teaching their daughters that it's okay to be with an abusive man

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Faking orgasms! Teaching men false sense of what is good!

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Flushing tampons and other period products

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Asking if/when a woman is getting engaged / getting married / having a baby / having another baby / getting back to work after having a baby.

Especially from older female relatives. It just doesn't end.

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Make nice with your daughter in law. Stop being s**tty about her “taking” your son and you’ll be asked to be a part of more that they do.

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Just because you had a hard time climbing up the corporate ladder or getting into a good position, you do not need to make other women suffer the same. I cannot emphasize it enough: hold the door open for the next one. Coach young female leaders. Help each other out

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Trying to get me to join their MLM

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Blaming other women for their cheating boyfriend/husband's behavior.

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Using their own issues to invalidate other’s issues.

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Stop dating idiot guys when you have kids. Stop putting your love lives before your kids. Put your kids first.

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Peeing on public toilet seats. Put some TP on the seat if you’re that worried about germs.

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Writing love letters to [criminals].

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Taking the criticism of one person as license to stop doing what they love.

"My teacher said my painting was awful, so I swore then and there never to paint again."

"My mom said I was fat, so I have never worn a bikini."

"My boyfriend said my story was stupid, so I quit writing."

You're only hurting yourself. Twirl on the haters.

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Being mean to other women in the workplace. Even if we dislike someone, no excuse to go out of your way to be rude and nasty to someone.

“Someone else’s shine does not dim yours”

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Constantly saying/posting “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”. People shouldn’t have to endure you treating them like s**t to earn you treating them nicely. If you need to be “handled” at your worst, you have some self work to do.

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Fake friendliness. If I don't like you, I won't pretend to like you. Not gonna be a d**k or anything, I'll still be cordial. But I've had women rush up to me all smiles and hugs like "oh my goood you came, I'm SO glad you're here!!" And then find out sometime later that Audrey really does not like me *at ALL*

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Bringing each other down

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Keep popping kids with a s***ty partner hoping the babies will fix the relationship

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Workplace toxicity. I have had two women, separate occasions, try to get me fired. The lies and gossip they spread and the accusations were insane. Empathy should be easy for us to have toward one another and I don’t know how a person can do those things to another person, let alone women to women.

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Stop with the "I'm not like other girls"

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Acting like fellow mothers are the only people who could possibly understand unconditional love, selflessness or sacrifice, work/life balance challenges, the list goes on…

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Thinking it’s cute & quirky to label themselves as a married man’s “work wife.” My fiancé has been put in several uncomfy situations where he doesn’t want to be mean or deal with an HR blowup, but also doesn’t want to be flirted with in his place of employment. We don’t want men to do it to us, so let’s not do it to uninterested men.

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Everything for their sons. Teach them how to do their own laundry. Teach them to cook, give them a night they make dinner for the family. Have them do chores. Make them understand that doing anything less than their share is not enough. Model partnership, not servitude. This simple thing could change the world.

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Weird intense dieting.

To be clear, I'm not talking about trying to eat healthier or even trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

I'm talking about the overwhelming number of women I know who go on these bizarre diets with fasts and cleanses and they don't eat carrots or they count how often they poop or ... I dunno. Weird s**t. Then it becomes their entire personality for a while and it's all they talk about.

It always gives me strong vibes of a person who feels out of control in some aspect of their life trying to regain that control in another, and it makes me horribly sad.

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Speaking on behalf of all women. It’s absurd and wildly egotistical.

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Protecting abusive and toxic men. Heck even helping them do the awful things they do.


Targeting married men exclusively. And this is just a small percentage of women but I mean why?

Cheating husbands are trash no exceptions but for some women to not take no as an answer from a happily married man is just sickening.

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Comparing themselves to women in magazines, social media etc. and thinking they really look that way in person.

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Saying, "well I'm okay with [sexist thing] so everyone else should be too."


Sleeping with Nick Cannon

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Sabotaging other women. Many women are insecure and they’re happy to be friends with another woman AS LONG AS she is not better than them in their opinion. I’m tired of women sabotaging other women they think are more beautiful, successful, and happier than they are. Ladies, we’re all in this together. No one’s life is perfect and we can all help each other be better if we just all stick together.


purposely trying to get someone else's boyfriend's attention when they know they're taken


- needing to bring someone else down to lift you up

- actively going after men in relationships (ya I get it takes 2 to tango, hate the player, etc - but why are you even doing it?)

- mom shaming other moms

- believing their MLM isnt a giant scam for 90% of the people involved

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i work on cars and am involved in the car scene and i also play a lot of video games. something i can’t stand that women do is gatekeep/ immediately get so defensive or insecure when another woman comes around. especially when their guy friends are around. it drives me insane. they act like other women can’t have the same interests when really they’re not actually in it for the cars or games, they’re only there for the guys. this kind of goes along with putting other women down.


Waiting for Prince Charming to rescue them.


Stepping down on other women at the workplace, and not letting them advance in their careers, based on rumours you started.

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Ignoring their vitamin D levels and calcium intake.

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Insulting themselves/appearance all the time. If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself!

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Holding each other to higher standards than their man or men in general


Deliberately excluding other women from friendship or social bonding at work etc.