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Caitlin Mathis was the ex-girlfriend of Charles Bryant, who was suspected and charged with the murder of a 24-year-old Jacqueline “Jackie” Vandagriff on September 14, 2016.
Caitlin Mathis was 18 years old when she met the 29-year-old bartender and personal trainer, Charles Dean Bryant, in June of 2016. Charmed by his smooth personality, Caitlin fell head over heels in love with Bryant but was soon dubious of his friendly nature.
Quick Facts: Who Is Caitlin Mathis And Where Is She Now? Everything To Know AboutName
Caitlin Mathis

Administrative Assistant
University of North Texas
@caitlinmathis98 Who Is Charles Dean Bryant Ex-Girlfriend Caitlin Mathis?
Caitlin Mathis, an 18-year-old girl, was a server in a Buffalo Wild Wings in Grapevine, Texas. This was the same place where she had an unfortunate meeting with Charles Bryant in 2016.
Initially, charmed by his smooth ways and friendly nature, Caitlin found herself falling for this personality despite an age difference of 11 years. However, within weeks into dating him, Caitlin was aware of his narcissistic attitude and controlling behavior.
Thus, before heading to join the University of North Texas in Denton that fall, Caitlin Mathis broke things off with Charles for good. She might have hoped that it was the last time she’d see him. But, she could not have been more wrong. 
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Days after, Charles was found in front of her dorm room. Terrified, Caitlin called campus security and had him arrested. Then, on what would have been their three-month anniversary, Charles visited her once again with a bouquet and a two-page letter.
By this point, Caitlin was so scared and petrified, she hid in her closet and called the police. After this incident, Caitlin had a restraining order against him, which he was seen violating time and again.
48 Hours: The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff Story
On September 14, 2016, Jackie Vandagriff’s mutilated body was found on Grapevine Lake. The condition of her body was such that it was even hard to identify if it was an adult or a child, male or female. 
After uncovering her identity, police soon discovered the video where she was last seen with a man at some college bar in Denton, Texas. This search led the Ranger Holland to suspect none other than Charles Bryant, the ex-boyfriend of Caitlin Mathis.
Charles was already in the custody in the charge of violating the restraining order filed by Mathis. Following the murder of Jackie Vandagriff, Charles kept showing up on Caitlin’s campus and therefore, arrested three times.
Given his history, Ranger Holland held him as a prime suspect. Initially, Charles denied the allegations and refused to acknowledge Jackie’s existence.
But, Ranger Holland had his own way of interviewing cold-blooded killers.
After interviewing Charles Bryant for six hours, Ranger Holland conjectured that Bryant couldn’t handle the rejection of his former girlfriend. This led him to exact his vengeance upon the next woman he could find, who also happened to resemble his ex-girlfriend Caitlin.  The whole story about the gruesome murder was shown in The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff, an all-new 48 Hours’ episode, that aired on Saturday, January 16, 2021. 
Where Is Caitlin Mathis Now?
At present, Caitlin Mathis has graduated from the University of North Texas. She works as an administrative assistant, an Account Representative at Righter Insurance in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Following the incident, Caitlin Mathis had seen Charles Bryant as a free man, except for the day she went to testify against him for his murder trial in 2018. 
Since her testimony had no direct connection with the murder, it was ruled out. 
Further, Caitlin has expressed her grief and guilt for not being able to help Jackie. However, at the end of the day, she also expressed her gratitude for being alive.