50 Pics Of People Having A Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

We’ve all had days that are like concentrated doses of Vitamin 2020. Horrible. Dysfunctional. And full of so many hilarious fails, we wonder if we should have our aura cleansed or visit an exorcist. Darn your sense of humor, Universe!

To perk up your spirits and make you feel better about where you currently are in life, Bored Panda has collected some of the most epic examples of people having worse days than you. Remember to upvote your fave pics and we’d love to hear about the funniest bad days that you’ve personally had, dear Readers. Sharing is great for bonding after all (and we could all use an extra good laugh or two).

Want some proof of how blessed your life is (even if we’re all stuck in the disaster that is 2020)? Have a scroll through our earlier posts about the legendary fails that made people definitely have a bad day right here, here, as well as here.

#1 Some Poor Old Gary Somewhere Was Just Hoping To Declare His Love For Doris Today

Image credits: Andy Giurtalis

#2 Today I Was Extremely Sad And I Thought "I Can't Wait To Go Home And See My Cat, He Will Make Me Happy". Ok Well I Found Out He Was More Depressed Than Me

Image credits: gianlucadelonge

#3 A Driveway Crew Was Pouring Concrete At A New House Next To A Duck Pond. They Went To Lunch And Came Back To This

Image credits: BluestarHUS

In an earlier interview, psychotherapist and author Amy Morin explained to Bored Panda that your mindset has a huge impact on how you process events. Whenever we focus on the idea that we’re victims and that everything ‘always’ goes wrong, we can get trapped in a negative, self-perpetuating emotional loop.

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this mental hole that we dig ourselves into. We need a healthy dose of realism instead of focusing just on the negatives (like getting our feet stuck in the bus door, plopping our phones into our bowls of instant noodles, and walking around with spinach between our teeth all friggin’ day long).

“You can train your brain to look for the good in the world and develop the mental strength you need to perform and feel your best,” psychotherapist Morin explained that we can start by taking tiny steps to turn our instinctive negative thoughts into a more realistic, positive framework for reacting to events.

#4 So This Just Happened. I Was Pulling A Jacket Over My Head And The Zipper Got Caught On My Eyelid. There's One Person That It Could Happen To... Yes, It Hurt Really Bad

Image credits: HolySleetBalls

#5 So I Ordered A Blackhead Remover From Wish And This Is How It Was Packed. I Had To Collect It At The Post Office And It Was The Most Embarrassing Thing Ever

Image credits: MsLynnMoore

#6 Remember To Close The Dog Flap During A Torrential Rain

Image credits: OryxTheJimmy

Developing your sense of humor and having a more lighthearted perspective on life are also two very powerful weapons. Sure, you might have gotten stuck in the doors of that bus, but if you look around and laugh at yourself instead of shuffling into a corner seat and casting down your eyes to hide your embarrassment, you’ll not only boost your mood, you can also make new friends along the way.

If nothing else, taking yourself less seriously will help keep you upbeat when your day seems worse than ours. And remember, nothing lasts forever. Not the good, not the bad.

#7 Got Up In The Middle Of The Night To Get A Drink Of Water, And When I Opened The Fridge The Door Fell Off In My Hand

Image credits: ItsMeMurphYSlaw

#8 Made A Turmeric Face Mask Without Actually Researching It And It Stained My Face. Now I Look Like Bart Simpson

Image credits: sophcianciulli

#9 Well There Is A Water Snake Living In My Toilet Somehow

Image credits: TheEerieZeroQueen

#10 Mother-In-Law Just Served Me This Piece Of Cake

Image credits: SaltyDogBiscuit

#11 Do Not Recommend

Image credits: TheBigLetdown

#12 Losing 2 Fingers In A Work-Related Accident On The Day My New Guitar Arrived

Image credits: isaactheantagonist

#13 Doordash Sent Me This As A Delivery Confirmation Photo

Image credits: Jay_Ferg

#14 Walking To My First Job This Morning With A Fresh Cup Of Coffee. That’s Not Cream, It’s Crow Poop

Image credits: rilescrane

#15 Well, I Think The Image Speaks For Itself

#16 Wife Got Assigned A Random Tag At The DMV. Didn’t Read It Til She Got Home

Image credits: Aderhold22

#17 Looks Like Someone Put Too Much Soap In The Washing Machine

Image credits: iBleeedorange

#18 This Photo My Dad Took Of Me At Machu Picchu

Image credits: Mr_Tom_Yabo

#19 See That Tiny Sliver Of Metal In The Gap? Those Are My Car Keys That I Locked In The Groove Of My Trunk

Image credits: friendscallmeadolph

#20 Cable Guy Drills A Hole In The Side Of House, Into A Closet, Through A Guitar Case, And Right Through A Martin HD-28V

Image credits: kol_kay

#21 I'm Having A Disaster Of A Morning, And Then This Damn Squirrel Stole The Croissant I'd Been Saving To Finally Enjoy When I Got Back Home

Image credits: lornek

#22 Got Stung On The Lip By A Wasp Getting The Ole’ Christmas Tree Out. 2020 Has Been Fun For Sure

Image credits: Sternicus

#23 I Think More Than One Drink Was Needed After That Text

Image credits: GeraldinePacheco712

#24 My Phone Was Stolen Last Week In London And I Just Got A Notification Saying It Had Been Located

Image credits: Lemonslothcake

#25 I Picked The Ladder Up Forgetting The Paint Was On Top

Image credits: tiger_qween

#26 This Guy Bought A Smart Phone Online But Received A Stone

Image credits: samfisher457

#27 Put Both On This Morning To Get Wife’s Opinion. Forgot To Change Before I Left And Was At Work All Day Like This

Image credits: feltonpbeaver

#28 Paint Lid Wasn't Closed Properly By The Store

Image credits: liptonbillson

#29 Walked Through A Fly Strip This Morning. Spent An Hour Shampooing Glue And Fly Guts Out Of My Hair

Image credits: queendank

#30 Mclaren Inside A Dealership Gets Hit By A Loose Truck Wheel

Image credits: reddit

#31 When The Perfume You Bought Your Wife For Christmas Ends Up In The Toilet As “Air Freshener”

Image credits: baxterrocky

#32 My Friend Was Supposed To Take The SAT Today

Image credits: Cron-che

#33 It Wasn't Thought Through

Image credits: Ticklemelili

#34 Built My PC No More Than 1 Hour Ago, Very Nice

Image credits: RewindUK

#35 Bought A House In July And They Graciously Left Me A Mini Fridge In The Basement. After Moving All My Beer And Alcohol Downstairs I Discovered It Was, In Fact, A Freezer

Image credits: joeldor

#36 I'm The Only Person In My Entire Office Of 30 People Who Dressed Up Today And I'm In A Full Body Banana Suit

Image credits: Srob87

#37 Yearbook Photo From My First Year As A Teacher

Image credits: obiwankepuppy

#38 Dropped My Wedding Ring This Morning

Image credits: jerry_seinfeld1

#39 My Pepper Grinder Broke This Morning

Image credits: scoobdrew

#40 Wife And I Visited The Eiffel Tower For Our Honeymoon

Image credits: theadum

#41 Drove 45 Mins To The Store Thinking I Had My Mask In My Pocket. It Was A Baby Sock

Image credits: zoltrules

#42 A 4-Year-Old At My School Just Told Me They Liked My Minion Costume. These Are Just My Clothes

Image credits: bugwump1

#43 With My Remaining 3% Battery On My Phone, I Post This

Image credits: DirePegasus

#44 Well I Flipped A Tractor

Image credits: Horizon317

#45 Driving My Wife's New Car (Still On The First Tank Of Gas) When This Happened

Image credits: Jay_from_NuZiland

#46 Came Home Late From Work, Drop My Open Sandwhich In The Parking Lot. Go To Make Pasta, The First Pot Slips And I Pour It All On The Ground

Make a second pot and the handle straight up breaks and my pasta goes everywhere. Didn't eat, had a lil cry.

Image credits: SuitsAndStripes

#47 Great Start To A Monday

Image credits: derpositioner

#48 Moved The Flour Away From The Kid So He Wouldn't Make A Mess. And I Knocked It Off The Counter With My Elbow

Image credits: SubrinaSky

#49 Would Anyone Care To Guess Which One Is Currently Lining My Mouth?


#50 I Tried To Grow Potatoes, 10 Weeks After I Get This

Image credits: msoto15