62 Times People Would’ve Rather Had Plates And Glasses Instead Of These Disasters (New Pics)

Let me tell you, when your mashed potato gets served in a glass vase or your soup is poured in a stiletto, you’re at a crossroads. One one hand, you can call the absurdity out, complain to your waiter but don’t expect much. After all, if that restaurant is guilty of anything, then it’s trying hard to impress you. Another option is to ignore the serving and enjoy its content, but that would end in a strong longing for simple life where plates are a thing.

However, such try-hard food servings seem to be everywhere and it’s become impossible to ignore them. And the internet’s beloved project “We Want Plates” is a safe space to talk about hard things, aka the plate drought in restaurants.

According to their website, it’s “the global crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars.” It’s also home to an impressive collection of some of the craziest, most wondrous, and ‘what is dat thing?’-kinda food servings people encountered.

Psst! More pics of, let’s be honest, barely edible craziness can be found in our previous posts with “We Want Plates” here, here and here.

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#1 Blood Pancakes In A Mask..

Image credits: louiseverard

#2 Friend's Mother Went To A Restaurant And Got A Glass Of Pasta! Upside Down!

Image credits: VinWing13

#3 My Cocktail Came In A Box

Image credits: Sanchezq

#4 Please Take A Charcuterie And Have A Seat

Image credits: valicat

#5 Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Image credits: nonsonosvizzero

#6 Venison Cubes On A Deer Antler (Was Actually Incredible)

Image credits: dayda

#7 Got Sandy Feet As A Dessert

Image credits: Texoe

#8 Whats Up With All Of This Food On Your Hand Trend?

Image credits: vitorgj

#9 A Friend Ordered Tiramisu In Scotland. Why Sugar The Lid?

Image credits: NoBid9404

#10 Please Feed Me Too

Image credits: RiaanDun

#11 The Sauce Was Dripping From The Holes

Image credits: JJsjsjsjssj

#12 Beautifully Plated, But Not A Plate, Not Even Over A Plate

Image credits: MrMarkAhsac

#13 So I Went To Alinea This Weekend

Image credits: dabuttmonkee

#14 Yes, I Would Like Your "Mini Corn Dogs On A Ceramic Decorative Pillow" Please

Image credits: GimmeSomeLoven

#15 Saw This On Instagram And It Sent Me Into A Fit Of Rage

Image credits: claudiabonana

#16 Gravy In A Urinal

Image credits: TheBrontosaurus

#17 Served On A Moose Antler

Image credits: LurkerLew

#18 I Just Thought You Guys Were No Fun, But I Get It Now….

Image credits: EZZE__________

#19 Syrup Kept Spilling Over

Image credits: huevosrancherosjr

#20 Chocolate "Horse Turd" Truffles On A Manure Fork. Just No

Image credits: pacingpilot

#21 My Beef Guinness "Pie"

Image credits: MostlyJustLurks

#22 Especially In This Times, Don't Want To Eat From One Table With Like 10 Other People

Image credits: Ronin2406

#23 The Churro Shoe

Image credits: TheCazaloth

#24 Japan..

Image credits: MakeMeTea

#25 Served In An Ashtray

Image credits: perrotini

#26 First Patio Since Covid And This Is What I Get. I Told The Owner I Was Going To Post On This Sub And He Said He Would Bring Me The Sandwich On A Plate Next Time If This Post Blows Up

Image credits: entrepreneurialCan

#27 Why

Image credits: piper2112

#28 Can You Spot Our Appetizers?

Image credits: hyattpotter

#29 Can You Spot My Lamb Chop?

Image credits: Mesmerizes

#30 At A 2 Michelin Starred Restaurant

Image credits: jazlyna

#31 Our Corn Chips Came In A Rusty Bucket

Image credits: mezzoforte24

#32 Apple Crumble In A Jam Jar With Powdered Sugar On The Lid So When You Open It You Get Covered In Sugar

Image credits: BojacksHorseman

#33 Nachos On A Rusty Bin Lid

Image credits: mrwringe

#34 Make Sure You Only Eat What’s Edible

Image credits: pillowpotion

#35 Would Have Been Better If The Wheels Worked On The Truck

Image credits: Smooth-Nectarine-442

#36 I Know There’s A Plate.. Symbolically

Image credits: I_shitUnot

#37 They Ruined Poutine

Image credits: Dr_KillByDeath87

#38 Pasta, Sauce, Bread. In A Wire Cone

Image credits: AI_YA

#39 I Didn’t Get A Plate But At Least My Steak Will Be Vaccinated

Image credits: ImaginationEast1921

#40 Ribs On A Picnic Table

Image credits: speculo3

#41 England’s Pubs Are Allowed To Serve Food Again Which Means One Thing: Return Of The Log Slice

Image credits: PennyyPickle

#42 I Did Not Mind The Lack Of Plates With Delicius Croquettes

Image credits: Sailor_Muffing

#43 How... How Am I Supposed To Eat This? Is This A Challenge?

Image credits: audio_inferno

#44 Here's A Kneeslapper

Image credits: Bionett

#45 I Mean Come On Now...

Image credits: MrButterBread

#46 My Cocktail Was Caged Because What If It Flies Away

Image credits: spandexmatch

#47 Pasta Flight, Ended Up Everywhere

Image credits: moglyman

#48 Found This Sub And Was Reminded Of How We Were Served A Pork Sandwich In Spain

Image credits: amaltedmilkshake

#49 Plates Shouldn’t Fall Over When You Stab Them With A Fork

Image credits: ruspow

#50 Food Served In Shoe Boxes. Friend Sent Me His Experience

Image credits: its_muri

#51 Uhm.. How Do I Drink It..?

Image credits: lmews

#52 Cocktail Bathtub Complete With Rubber Ducky

Image credits: edgarhl091

#53 ‘Forest’ Was Served On A Piece Of Tree. Delicious Though

Image credits: Ghost070607

#54 Of All Things, They Used A Cone

Image credits: TomatoTheTornado

#55 Not Only Weird To See Your Stake Hanging From A Hook, It Obviously Got Cold In Minutes

Image credits: ChesterCopperPot72

#56 The Chip To Dip Ratio Was Also Off

Image credits: l1ttleb

#57 These Bloody Mary Bars Are Getting Out Of Control...

Image credits: jennytakephotos

#58 Alfredo In Garlic Bread

Image credits: TransFattyAcid

#59 Ordered A Cocktail Got A Science Experiment Instead

Image credits: Nydt

#60 Baked Potato So Fresh It Left The Soil A Second Ago And Served Immediately

Image credits: edkisin

#61 $85 Cotton Candy

Image credits: inGrain

#62 My Meal Was Served In A Folded License Plate. I Mean I Guess It Is A Plate In A Way

Image credits: motherofdargans