68 Awesome Before And After Pics Of DIY Renovations Shared On This Online Group

In the past couple years, we all spent an unprecedented amount of time in our homes. So no wonder so many people rolled up their sleeves and decided to either fix things that had been bugging them for too long to remember, or just go into full DIY renovation mode. And truth to be told, not everyone seems to have succeeded, as this previous article we published recently suggests.

But this time, we are taking a look at the incredible examples of renovation projects that completely transformed people’s homes. Whether it’s brightening up a blank room by repainting walls, redecorating an entire apartment, remodeling a living room, or creating something entirely new from scratch, like a bookcase that perfectly blends into the wall, there’s no limit to people’s persistence and creativity.

And thanks to this great online group on Reddit that’s devoted to sharing original content of “real people and their real rooms,” we have a lot of wonderful inspiration to scroll through. Upvote your favorite home renewal projects and ideas, and if you’re also working on something like this, be sure to share it in the comment section!

#1 The Before And The After

Image credits: RoryBowcott

#2 Small Bathroom Remodel. Before&after

Image credits: DIY_Lion

#3 Living Room Before-And-After. Had To Work With The Existing Dining Table And Chairs, And Media Cabinet. Feels More Home-Y Now!

Image credits: watermelonpep83

In order to find out more about common home improvement and renovation mistakes to avoid, Bored Panda reached out to Philippa Mainthe professional realtor from Tampa Bay who went viral for her brilliant and insanely funny listing description about “the worst house on the street” a while back. Philippa happily shared some very useful advice with our readers, so if you have a project on your mind, be sure to see what she had to say.

The realtor explained that there are so many errors people make when doing home renovations, but they can be summed up by the idea that it is more expensive to try to do something cheaply. “Because it will inevitably cost you more in the long run when it has to be redone in order to make it right,” she added.

#4 Before & After Of Bedroom Office Space (Atlanta,ga)

Image credits: Hollywoodsrp

#5 Bedroom Makeover For My 9 Year Old Son. Denver, Co. After vs. Before

Image credits: cantsaysg5

#6 Before And After Of My Patio

Image credits: dva_silk

Another common mistake to avoid when renovating a home is hiring unlicensed professionals to do the work, and that’s very common practice among people. “I had a client go under contract on a home recently that was in the process of having a covered patio installed,” Philippa recounted.

“During inspections (before the covered roof was even complete) the home inspector discovered none of it was up to code and it could have potentially been a hazard in high wind situations. In order for it to pass county inspections and for the buyer to feel comfortable moving forward with buying the home, the sellers had to replace the entire structure. So they paid once for it to be done poorly, then paid to have the materials removed, and then paid for new materials and for a professional to properly install it.”

Philippa continued: “On top of that, the unqualified person they first hired to do the job actually ruined the main roof of the home during the installation, so they had to hire a roofer to repair their roof as well.” The realtor assured that all that could have been avoided if they had hired a professional who was licensed and insured to do that kind of job from the start.

#7 Dull Stairway, Before And After. Scotland, UK

Image credits: blacktreacle505

#8 Ensuite Redesign Incl Before & After Pics, Norwich, UK

Image credits: fireflyfire

#9 I Remodeled My Parent’s Upstate NY Kitchen During Covid. I Did A Lot Of This By Hand, Myself And This Is My First Time Ever Doing Anything Like It. I Had A Blast. Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts! Before And After(S) Below!

Image credits: NYsoul

Another useful tip from the realtor is knowing what to save on and what not to. “People may try to save $200 by not pulling a permit, but when a buyer discovers that when the owner goes to sell, it could cost the seller a lost sale or thousands of dollars to get it properly permitted after the fact,” she said.

“One of my biggest pet peeves is when people replace flooring but only some of it, especially when the areas are adjoining (like replacing the carpet in the living room with wood plank, but leaving the kitchen that connects to it with original 1980s ceramic tile). It makes it difficult for the new owner to properly match it (even if you leave them materials) because of the way the floor is installed, so they either have to live with the ugly tile, or pay to replace the whole floor,” Philippa explained.

#10 Bathroom DIY Upgrade. Before And After

Image credits: slh1983

#11 Before And After Of My Small Apartment Kitchen. I Don't Miss The Orange! (Louth, Ireland)

Image credits: bumblebee22xx

#12 Redid My Bathroom During Quarantine (Aurora, Co)

Image credits: coloradoguy1989

The realtor also pointed out that seeing a nice granite or quartz counter on 50-year-old kitchen or bathroom cabinets is also frustrating. “Modern-day cabinets usually have different dimensions, and removing the counter to reuse it on new cabinets is not always possible—essentially the sellers have paid several hundred dollars (or more) for an upgrade the buyers will have to re-pay for,” she concluded.

#13 Living Room Before & After

Image credits: revisedbusmall

#14 Above Pic Is Before We Moved Into Our New House In Ohio.... Bottom Pic Is After A Solid Paint Job!! Feels So Much More Open And Airy Now And I Love It

Image credits: mrsfish87

#15 Our Bathroom Is Complete. Total Gut, New Subfloor, Added Window, Moved Plumbing From The Floor Into The Wall

Image credits: southstar066

#16 Feb 2020 To July 2020. I Wanted To Make My 650sq Ft Apartment A Place I Can Actually Feel Comfortable During The Quarantine! (Excuse The Laundry On The Floor) - Astoria, NY

Image credits: vilay20

#17 Hexagons Are The Bestagons. Bathroom Remodel In San José, Ca.

Image credits: Low_Fat_Bureaucrat

#18 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - I Just Finished My Bathroom Reno!!! It Took A Month And I Had To Shower In My Backyard Through The Whole Thing

Image credits: very-birdy

#19 Before And After Renovation Of My Tiny Scottish Apartment Bathroom

Image credits: jamz006

#20 Our Kitchen Renovation In Bath, England, Before & After

Image credits: JayBox325

#21 Before And After If Our Dining Room

Image credits: Chpe4290

#22 Before And After Of My Renovated Bathroom - Nj

Image credits: macaroni-and-please

#23 My Parents’ Family Home They Bought In 2007 And Renovated Themselves! So Proud Of Their Vision And Work

Image credits: littlemisspringfield

#24 A Before And After Ft. A Poor Man's Backsplash - Done While Being Stuck At Home. Detroit, Mi

Image credits: NoHandBill

#25 My Bedroom Two Days Apart, Did Everything Myself

Image credits: Desperate-Fortune-49

#26 Tiny Bathroom Update (Virginia)

Image credits: Audball5

#27 Before And After Of My Renovated Kitchen - Nj

Image credits: macaroni-and-please

#28 Our Bathroom Remodel In Austin, Tx. Before And After

Image credits: de01leon

#29 Before And After Of My Kitchen Update

Image credits: Jenniferdean1492

#30 Our Living Room, Brooklyn, NY (After / Before)

Image credits: whyspeakgerman

#31 Before & After, Rennovated Hallway. 1890's Victorian Terraced, UK

Image credits: mightypenguin66

#32 Dining Room - Edmonton, Ab

Image credits: IAmGnome

#33 Makeover Of Our Tiny Kitchen. Still Small But Now Cleaner And More Functional - Manila, Phl

Image credits: watermelonpep83

#34 Master Bath Remodel - Colorado Springs, Co (Before/After)

Image credits: meeson01

#35 Finally Done With Our Bright Living Room In Our New Home In Orange County, Ca! Before Photo Included

Image credits: Bread_n_brie

#36 Before And After - East Machias, Maine

Image credits: katikin

#37 We Bought A Fixer Upper. Here’s The Before And After Of Our Living Room! Tulsa, Ok

Image credits: AnalyticSourness

#38 (After/Before) Our Living Room, Beaverton

Image credits: mari0c

#39 Before And After Of My First Interior Decorating Project As A Sole Proprietor! Downingtown, Pa

Image credits: Num1SDunna

#40 Guest Bedroom Before And After | Austin, Tx

Image credits: NutritionTea

#41 Before And After Of Lake Side Cottage In Ontario, Canada.

Image credits: iamnotsam

#42 Our Kitchen Remodel Is Finally Done!

Image credits: Ok_Cartographer_6956

#43 Finally Finishing Out Our 4 Month Kitchen Reno [reston, Va]

Image credits: ccrew95

#44 Covid Delayed Our Couch Delivery By Almost 12 Weeks But It Was Absolutely Worth The Wait! [lakeville, Mn]

Image credits: llama_laughter

#45 Home Bar

Image credits: JasRob20

#46 The After And Before Of My Teeny Tiny Studio Apartment In NYC

Image credits: vannahcat

#47 Before/After Kitchen Remodel (Bay Area, Ca)

Image credits: jasminegreentea77

#48 Bright Bathroom Update In Nashville, Tn!

Image credits: abstractash

#49 Completed The Guest Room Just In Time For Our Guests Tomorrow! [guest Room In Small Town South Carolina]

Image credits: PharmingSC

#50 Five Years Ago I Used The First Time Home Buyer's Credit To Install New Cabinets. Thanks, Obama. (Before And After)

Image credits: etcerica

#51 Before & After! We Renovated An 1800s Cabin In Upstate New York

Image credits: LovetheADKS

#52 Living Room After/Before, Nova Scotia

Image credits: JosBeforeBros

#53 Philly Suburbs Living Room: Before (Previous Homeowners) & After

Image credits: shoparazzi

#54 A Before & After Transformation Of My (Now) Favorite Room In The House! Dallas, Tx.

Image credits: t3hc0d3m4n

#55 Kitchen Update - Bristol, UK

Image credits: Sizzlesazzle

#56 1 Year Transformation Of My Small Bedroom!

Image credits: smjv1188

#57 Before And After Of My New Wfh Space! Northern California

Image credits: -lyrota-

#58 New Kitchen Before And After. UK.

Image credits: reddit.com

#59 Pretty Proud Of This Project That I Completed By Myself Here In New Jersey!

Image credits: princesscorgi2

#60 My Bedroom Before (From The Listing) And After I Got My Hands On It. Portland, Or

Image credits: carbonbasedcat

#61 Before And After Of Our Kitchen Upgrade / Sydney, Australia

Image credits: vitaminwolf

#62 Under $100 Bathroom Overhaul In My Jellybean Rowhouse; St. John’s, Newfoundland

Image credits: businessbutch

#63 Seattle Retro-Renovation! I Turned My Ugly Powder Room Into An Atomic Half Bath

Image credits: Iris_Wishkey

#64 After 5 Years, We Finally Updated Our Ugly Master Bathroom!

Image credits: alliegal

#65 Kitchen Remodel In Our 1920s California Bungalow (After/Before)

Image credits: DesignWellLiveWell

#66 So Proud - I Did This All By Myself! Kcmo

Image credits: _miss_freckles_

#67 Just Wanted To Share My (Mostly) DIY Bathroom Reno. I'm Proud Of Myself And I Hope You Guys Dig It! :)

Image credits: sillygitau

#68 It’s Crazy What A Little Elbow Grease And Paint Can Do. My Kitchen Before/After (Kansas City, Mo)

Image credits: salmonerd202