76 Times People Found Something Unsettling And Shared It On The “Thanks, I Hate It” Page (New Pics)

If you've ever heard “Thanks, I Hate It” somewhere online, you’re already on board. If not, pull your seat closer. Know Your Meme describes it as “a slang phrase used online with regards to posts that the poster deems unattractive or superfluous.” So basically, it’s something that makes you go “enough internet for today” and close your laptop.

Or... as our dear psychoanalyst Freud suggested, it makes you do the exact opposite. Scroll into the abyss of uselessness, absurdity, annoyance, because even if things don’t spark the most pleasant emotions it doesn’t mean they’re not interesting. Okay, we’re overthinking.

Thanks to the 1.4M-strong community “Thanks I Hate It” on Reddit, better known as r/TIHI, we have a solid collection of posts that we all would be better off without. There’s no gore or anything creepy, it’s just that some posts, thoughts, ideas and screenshots make you wonder, what the hell is this earth.

Psst! Part 2 with posts from r/TIHI can be found here.

#1 Thanks, I Hate How Mercedes Advertise Their Headlights

Image credits: woodside37

#2 Thanks, I Hate Dentures

Image credits: regian24

#3 Thanks, I Hate Trump

Image credits: regian24

#4 Thanks, I Hate Nicolas Cage‘S Face On Ross

Image credits: johann862

#5 Thanks, I Hate Elon

Image credits: crypt0e

#6 Thanks, I Hate The Mootrix

Image credits: samthielman

#7 Thanks, I Hate Mariah Myers

Image credits: Paper_chasers

#8 Thanks, I Hate Sister Joy

Image credits: rcwiltrfhgtrf

#9 Thanks, I Hate This Naked Cat Cosplaying Wednesday Addams

Image credits: rainbowpeonies

#10 Thanks, I Hate This Beautified(?) Photoshopped Version Of Friends

Image credits: ibiZas_

#11 Thanks, I Hate Mac And Cheese

Image credits: PrincessBeepBop69

#12 Thanks I Hate Dates

Image credits: BlanketMage

#13 Thanks, I Hate Animal Prosthetics

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 Thanks I Hate "Feetshake"

Image credits: sonni040930

#15 Thanks I Hate Feeding Fish

Image credits: Swenzarr_

#16 Thanks, I Hate Curly Eyelashes

Image credits: ashomellow

#17 Thanks, I Hate Coconut

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#18 Thanks, I Hate Naked Cat Beans

Image credits: delaneykingrox

#19 Thanks I Hate This Outcome

Image credits: IntellOyell

#20 Thanks I Hate Dutch Toilets

Image credits: marth_burton2

#21 Thanks I Hate Track 5

Image credits: PM_ME_PCP

#22 Thanks, I Hate Honey Nut Cheerios

Image credits: efriedguy

#23 Thanks, I Hate Facebook

Image credits: LxzyBonez

#24 Thanks, I Hate It

Image credits: Ch_Anderson

#25 Thanks, I Hate Boston Bean Donuts.

Image credits: ExpertAccident

#26 Thanks, I Hate These Upside Down Peas

Image credits: spottylen

#27 Thanks, I Hate Imagining A Real Head Stuck In A Beehive

Image credits: excitive

#28 Thanks I Hate Train-Cart Dilemma

Image credits: Goofy_Doofy

#29 Thanks, I Hate Modern Book Covers

Image credits: bitchyswiftie

#30 Thanks I Hate (Formerly) Locked Rooms.

Image credits: potassium0101

#31 Thanks, I Hate Zuckerberg Using A Bottle Of BBQ As A Bookend

Image credits: zuzuofthewolves

#32 Thanks, I Hate These Logos

Image credits: MatuRO

#33 Thanks I Hate Making Eye Contact With A Car.

Image credits: qikipedia

#34 Thanks, I Hate Spongebob

Image credits: 0riginalGravity

#35 Thanks, I Hate Used Urn Necklace

Image credits: somnum_osseus

#36 Thanks, I Hate Genital Mayonnaise Fountain

Image credits: chief_longbeef

#37 Thanks, I Hate This Piece Of S**t Animal Abuser

Image credits: MoOn_mAn445

#38 Thanks, I Hate Competitions Based On Likes

Image credits: idontknowwhodoi

#39 Thanks, I Hate Yt Clickbait Thumbnails That Get Millions Of Views

Image credits: DanFlaylen

#40 Thanks, I Hate Mars Bars

Image credits: pau1rw

#41 Thanks, I Hate That The Longer You Look The Worse It Gets

Image credits: Brianyeetamole

#42 Thanks, I Hate This Banana Bread

Image credits: 12345-12345-

#43 Thanks, I Hate This Family

Image credits: Bubbs0817

#44 Thanks I Hate Eyeball Ornament

Image credits: Andyroomocs

#45 Thanks I Hate Cheesus Christ

Image credits: androweeda

#46 Thanks, I Hate Thicc Books

Image credits: cross_peach

#47 Thanks, I Hate The Barbie Tree

Image credits: MsAngelGuts

#48 Thanks, I Hate Flying

Image credits: Think_Tax5749

#49 Thanks I Hate Glow In The Dark Reindeer

Image credits: Turbulent-Opening-75

#50 Thanks I Hate When Teachers Do This

Image credits: creepthekid_

#51 Thanks, I Hate The Summoning Of A Child

Image credits: yurishusband

#52 Thanks! I Hate Anatomically Correct Cartoons

Image credits: Agangloff27

#53 Thanks, I Hate Crocboy Boots

Image credits: Lilwolfe10

#54 Thanks I Hate Ethically Sourced Child Spine

Image credits: regian24

#55 Thanks, I Hate Billie Eillish Behind The Scenes

Image credits: RusskiMcBlyat

#56 Thanks, I Hate 1873's Humpty Dumpty

Image credits: LoweLola

#57 Thanks, I Hate Dugtrio

Image credits: el_jewcano

#58 Thanks, I Hate Comparing Human And Horse Bones

Image credits: coreycmalone

#59 Thanks, I Hate Candy On My Hair

Image credits: regian24

#60 Thanks, I Hate My Tesla

Image credits: 12345-12345-

#61 Thanks, I Hate Ding Dong Ditch

Image credits: DriftedSpice

#62 Thanks, I Hate Colored Beards

Image credits: Sensitive_Quail_3636

#63 Thanks, I Hate Pepsibismol

Image credits: ruddoge44

#64 Thanks, I Hate Shaved Buttholes

Image credits: Cados9

#65 Thanks, I Hate Skulls

Image credits: regian24

#66 Thanks, I Hate This Life Hack.

Image credits: DON_MA4

#67 Thanks I Hate Meat-Ghetti And Spag-Balls

Image credits: Idontlikejokes

#68 Thanks, I Hate Ash Now.

Image credits: sojournerofspades

#69 Thanks, I Hate Whatever The Fuck This Is.

Image credits: KindaIndifferent

#70 Thanks, I Hate Meat Honey

Image credits: PrincessBeepBop69

#71 Thanks, I Hate Yeeter Spinosaurus

Image credits: biiiillytheducc

#72 Thanks, I Hate Low Budget Bowser Castle.

Image credits: -TheGOATgoat

#73 Thanks, I Hate Human-Like Thanos

Image credits: 0riginalGravity

#74 Thanks I Hate The Mew Stylus For The Ds…

Image credits: heyitsmeashleyt

#75 Thanks I Hate Padakin And Aname

Image credits: Arkhe1n

#76 Thanks, I Hate Dolls

Image credits: Lemonjello23

#77 Thanks, I Am Now Officially Afraid Of Eyes…

Image credits: