78% of people would consider working from home more post-pandemic

Findings from new research published by the Vhi show that 78% of people working from home would consider continuing to do so post-pandemic.

40% of corporate employees also admitted that communication with their bosses has improved under remote working restrictions.

'The Corporate Social Network: Employee Engagement and Well-Being in a Changing Workplace is the fifth in a series of in-depth reports by Vhi into the health of Irelands corporate employees.

Although professional communication improved due to working from home, the opportunity for social engagement declined with corporate employees reporting increased stress, as well as increases in dissatisfaction levels with mental health and social life.

Meanwhile, 70% of those who took part believe they have formed strong friendships at work and place a high level of trust in their corporate colleagues.

51% are dissatisfied with the quality of interaction in wider working relationships such as inter-departmental meetings.

Speaking today Dr. David Morris, Head of Wellness at Vhi said:

"It is clear through the research that social interactions and friendships in the workplace are key to an employees overall happiness and wellbeing and have a direct impact on an individuals capacity to participate fully in day-to-day life.

"It was encouraging to see evidence of the strong relationships that can form in the workplace.

"We were also pleased to find that the remote working environment has led to an improvement in communication between employees and their employer.

"As we look to the future, the challenge for employers will be around how to create a work environment that fosters greater engagement of corporate employees resulting in the enhancement of work and life satisfaction levels.

"How we will work post-COVID-19 remains to be seen but there will be learnings for us all to take forward in terms of how we engage and communicate with our colleagues, manage our overall wellbeing, and a healthier work-life balance."