80 Amazing Transformations Of Dogs Rescued By Loving Families, Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

According to Alexander Den Heijer, “When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” This quote signifies that the environment we are in is of utmost importance in order to grow and flourish. The quote applies both to flowers and people as well as pets.

Today, we have collected a list of cute pups that showcase before-and-after adoption images from the subreddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption. We can see the difference that it makes when these dogs find new homes with loving owners. It is heartwarming to see those smiling eyes and though we know that not every soul can be saved, we take solace in knowing that these dogs have received the life they truly deserve.

#1 Our 4th Anniversary Together!

Image credits: MsNagel

#2 The Second Day I Brought Kenai Home vs. Now

Image credits: xxDisturbed

#3 We Have Quite A Few, But This Is My Favorite 180* Change

Image credits: AlwaysAmara

#4 What A Difference 9 Months Makes

Image credits: Hactar42

#5 My Baby Girl, Machi

Image credits: Cricrew

#6 From Foster To Foster Fail! We Love Our 12 Year Old Lumpy Girl

Image credits: princessdickwad

#7 From Mangy Street Baby To Couch Potato

Image credits: allegedlydm

#8 From Stray To Co-Pilot

Image credits: Shakoshakoshako

#9 Meeko Before And After Adoption

Image credits: wh15p3r

#10 From Shy And Unsure On Day 1 To Proud And Confident On Her 6 Month Birthday. Good Ol’ Rose

Image credits: dr-awkward1978

#11 Brought To The Emergency Vet After A Good Samaritan Watched Him Get Hit By A Car At 12 Weeks, Now An Absolutely Spoiled Rotten Boi

Image credits: leaanneeee

#12 Saw This Tripod In The Shelter And Knew I Was Supposed To Be His Pawrent. Say Hi To Mr Trio Tripod!

Image credits: Zebsnotdeadbaby

#13 Milly, Truly A Remarkable Recovery/Story!

Image credits: benitolepew

#14 He Was Surrendered To Me For Having Seizures, Now Hes Improved So Much With Good Nutrition And Lots Of Vet Visits!

Image credits: Hoperosaliex

#15 Ausra Was Guam Stray That Was Infested With Mange To The Point In Which She Could Barely Walk. Someone Posted Her Pictures On Fb And We Took Her In And Healed Her Up. Now She’s Loving Life With Us In Our New Home In Chicago

Image credits: puffinfish89

#16 It Has Been Six Years Since We Adopted Monet From A Shelter In Oh, USA. He Seemed Exhausted When I Picked Him Up, But Now He Smiles A Lot! Please Adopt Dogs!

Image credits: zaltofakko

#17 One Day After Adoption, Then Today. Growing So Fast :')

Image credits: IsyNotACat

#18 Natasha Has Been With Me For Five Months Today

Image credits: InfoSecDog

#19 Did We Give My Bebe Her Best Life? You Gosh Darn Right We Did!! We’re Still Working Through Her Issues But Her Indomitable Spirit Keeps Us Going. She’s My Role Model! Three Cheers For Qtip

Image credits: Dreadknot84

#20 What An Adoption Glow-Up

Image credits: Educational_Giraffe1

#21 Azalea! Followed The Sounds Of A Dog Barking To Find This Poor Thing Living In A Gross Outdoor Kennel. Offered The People $50 For Her. Three Hours Later, She Was Already The “After” Pic At The Vet Being Held By Her New Foster Mom. Who Kept Her

Image credits: gkpetrescue

#22 This Was My Love, Maya. The Top Is The Day She Was Rescued From A Neglect And Abuse Situation And The Bottom Is The Day I Adopted Her! I Guess This Is More Of A Before And After Rescue

Image credits: tropikal_viking

#23 Almost To Our 2nd Gotcha Day!

Image credits: Icy_Procedure9385

#24 A Glow-Up For The Books

Image credits: ChristianeF83

#25 From Abandoned Puppy Covered In Over 100 Ticks To Snuggly Goofball Living Her Best Life

Image credits: stillnotkim

#26 How It Started… How It’s Going

Image credits: flameheaded

#27 From Mitey To Mighty Update - Our Foster Bones' Progress 2+ Months After We Found Him

Image credits: Ap_Kp

#28 Best Buds, Then And Now

Image credits: RobertMRodriguez

#29 From Starved And Packed With Dirt To A Spoiled Baby

Image credits: FrickinBear

#30 5 Months After Adoption vs. 8 Years After Adoption :)

Image credits: potatopalo

#31 From A Jailbird To Princess To This Day And Counting!

Image credits: nycetouch2

#32 Kaze The Rescue Pup

Image credits: CentriusDW

#33 Leon, All He Knew Was To Hide From Humans, To Run Away From Everyone And Everything, And Once He Was At The Bulgarian Shelter, He Was So Scared He Didn’t Even Come Out From Behind His Little Hut To Eat. I Can’t Believe How Far He's Came In The Two Years Since We Found Each Other

Image credits: detrinirki

#34 Nervous Guy To Cuddly Dork

Image credits: byejess

#35 Shelter Pic vs. First Day In A Foster Home ❤️

Image credits: caitiesfosterfam

#36 Our Girl's Intake Photo And On The Way Home

Image credits: BriarRosethorn

#37 Here Is Miss Rosalie! Her Adoption Photo And The Day I Brought Her Home 1.5 Years Ago To Just Recently ?

Image credits: captskywalker

#38 The Top Left Picture Is Before I Adopted Him The Rest Are After I Turned Him Into A Brat, I Hope He Knows His Birthdays Will Never Be Spent In A Shelter Again. It's His First Year With Me & He Has Improved So Much

Image credits: zastibukke

#39 From Slovakian-Rescue To Beach-Loving-Couch-Potato!

Image credits: PWL2PPL

#40 1 Month Transformation

Image credits: Interesting_Tea_4922

#41 Meet Dog: Our Street Rescued Dog That We Weren't Planning To Keep It (The Name Says It All Lol) And A Fighter! He Is In Treatment For Leishmaniasis Since September 2020, And Now He Is Ready To Take The Medicine That Can Decrease The Disease To Almost 0%, Since There's No Cure. He Is My Hero Boy!!

Image credits: the_echo_flower

#42 Happy 10th Birthday To My Good Boy, Zuko

Image credits: Crimson-Jordan

#43 What A Difference A Short Time Can Make! Pauper ➡️ Prince

Image credits: BatPotatoe

#44 Piper, The Day I Found Her As A Stray And A Week After We Decided To Keep Her

Image credits: culmuvogni

#45 It’s Been A Struggle For My Good Boy But His Body, Mind And Spirit Are Almost Healed!

Image credits: Raggazina

#46 Somebody Dumped My Sweet Boy On The Side Of The Road When He Was Just A Tiny Puppy. Four Years Later And He Has Turned Into Such A Handsome Boy!!

Image credits: Gypsysoul333

#47 Kodiak’s Before And After ?

Image credits: agiek

#48 Lola

Image credits: ErinWalkerLancaster

#49 Such A Difference ❤️

Image credits: mollyclaireh

#50 My Small Adventure Dog, Kiwi, Adopted From A Shelter In Spain When She Was A Nervous 5 Month Old. So Loving She'd Make Friends With A Leaf If It Moved. Wanna Guess Her Breed Mix?

Image credits: indieplants

#51 Always Amazed At How Quickly They Grow Up! 8 Weeks When She Came Home With Me vs. 12 Weeks Today

Image credits: Hrithikh455

#52 Also - Tomorrow Marks 10 Years Since I Found Cup And Cake. I Was Meant To Only Foster Them, But They Were Named By The Following Morning. Best Decision Ever

Image credits: brunanass

#53 4 Months And She’s Really Come Out Of Her Shell!

Image credits: username_classified

#54 This Is Kobe. Sometimes I Wonder If He Ran Away Or Got Abandoned By Someone. But He Was Found Injured, Malnourished, Sick And Very Afraid Of Men Specifically

Image credits: lubisquinhos

#55 Homeless To Happy Ending

Image credits: perchance2dream84

#56 Jack - He Was Almost A Goner For Sure But We Fixed Him Up Good And Gave Him An Awesome Home For Life

Image credits: WhatsATrouserSnake

#57 12 Weeks, 12 Months, 12 Years. Happy Birthday, Finn!

Image credits: anonymys

#58 Honey, My Foster Pup. Found Starving On The Street. Has Been Adopted. I Can’t Get Over The Transformation Any Time I See A New Pic

Image credits: gkpetrescue

#59 Happy, Healthy Boy

Image credits: Melodic-Sprinkles4

#60 From Being Found Starving And The Rescue Pleading For A Foster To Welcome Her To Now, 3 Years Later

Image credits: caringbliss

#61 The Day I Adopted Him And Now, Two Years Later!

Image credits: RefinedEmoPhase

#62 To Nervous And Insecure To A Total Mama's Boy! Happy Gotcha Day Moose!

Image credits: Elvishcatt

#63 Updated Before And After! I Did One After Having Her For About 6 Months, Here Is 2.5 Years Later. She’s The Greatest Companion And Gives My Son Endless Cuddles

Image credits: HospyNursie

#64 First Time Adopting A Deaf Dog. 3 Years Later I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Image credits: arimia

#65 Tank Turns 5 This Year. We Were His 3rd Owner By His First Birthday

Image credits: bullwinklemoose91

#66 We Adopted Francesca September 9. ♥️♥️

Image credits: betbuzzy26

#67 My Buddy Chewie On The Day We Met In 2016 And A Few From The Past Few Years

Image credits: Mkreza538

#68 We Adopted Sophia On Friday!

Image credits: Original-Ad7989

#69 Vader Was A Chonky Boy Who Couldn't Walk 10 Minutes Without Panting Heavily. 2 Months Later And He's Starting To Have The Zoomies!

Image credits: Lumibut

#70 Starving, Three States Away, A Gun Shot Wound & Amputation Before & After A Little Over 6 Months

Image credits: BearGodUrsol

#71 What A Difference Three Weeks Makes

Image credits: ckimmerle

#72 1 Year Age, I Drove 3+ Hours Each Way To Pick A Momma And Her 10 Pups Up

Image credits: SeasDiver

#73 Kenai Starts His Heartworm Treatment Tomorrow, I Can’t Wait For Him To Be Heartworm Free! He’s Come So Far In The Month I’ve Had Him. Already Gained 12 Pounds!

Image credits: xxDisturbed

#74 Patrick The Rescued Meat Dog. He Came With A Serious, Slightly Worried Expression; Now He’s All Smiles

Image credits: CatPooedInMyShoe

#75 Three Weeks Make A Huge Difference

Image credits: RunawaySparklers

#76 Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here! And Her Ears Have Grown Too

Image credits: zegnorolma

#77 He Was Abandoned In The Road. Now Look At Him. He’s The Best!

Image credits: Illustrious_Big_8485

#78 Patricia Arquette The 3-Legged Poodle! We Are Her Third Home But We Will Keep Her Forever (Repost For Dog Tag Privacy)

Image credits: SpicyBisque

#79 Celebrating 1 Year With My Foster Fail

Image credits: backofmymind

#80 2nd Gotcha Day!

Image credits: eriko_girl