A dead Marvel superhero might return in a new movie

Marvel's Eternals

Eternals is streaming on Disney Plus, which means you can finally watch the film from the comfort of your home. Whether or not you saw it in theaters, the advantage of streaming is that you can pause and rewind the film to catch all the details that you might have missed the first time around. While the Eternals plot needs plenty of fixes with the help of future MCU adventures, it's still a must-watch film. Eternals is the kind of early Phase 4 movie that will impact the MCU in various ways going forward, considering the big development we’ve just witnessed. The film certainly implies we’ll see the Eternals in other places in the future. That might include a few dead Eternals who could return in other Marvel movies and series.

There’s a brand new rumor that claims one of them might return sooner than we thought. Before we explain how all of that is possible, we’ll warn you that big spoilers follow below.

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