A Selection Of The Most Striking Images Of The Animal Kingdom For A Bit Of Entertainment And Giggles (45 New Pics)

Decisive Moments Magazine's Instagram page is a place for the funniest, cutest, and most beautiful street photos taken by photographers around the world. Today, we've curated a selection of the most striking images of the animal kingdom for a bit of entertainment and giggles. From majestic elephants to playful puppies, these pictures will take you on a journey through the natural world.

Whether you're an animal lover or just looking for a bit of inspiration, we hope you enjoy these photographs as much as we do! For more funny and captivating images, check out our previous post here.

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Photo: Walter Chandoha

Image credits: tdmmagazine

Street photography is a genre of photography that captures everyday life in public (indoor our outdoor) places. It is often characterized by its candid and spontaneous nature, as well as its focus on the people and their interactions with their surroundings. Street photographers often try to capture moments of human emotion and activity that would otherwise go unnoticed. This can include capturing people in the midst of their daily routines, conversation, or simply going about their business.


Photo: Jordan French

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Christine Ward

Image credits: christine.c.w

Street photography can also include capturing animals in urban environments, as they often interact with people and their surroundings in unique and interesting ways. This can include capturing stray cats or dogs roaming the streets, birds perched on buildings, or even wild animals that have found their way into the city. These photographs can offer a different perspective on the relationship between humans and animals and how they coexist in the urban environment. Street photographers who focus on capturing animals in urban environments often have to think creatively and be ready to act quickly to capture the perfect shot. It requires a different approach and skillset than traditional street photography and animal photography.


Photo: Sagar Pavale

Image credits: sagar_pavale


Photo: Vladimir Zotov

Image credits: tdmmagazine

Animal photography is a challenging and rewarding genre, as it requires patience, dedication and a deep understanding of animal behavior. Photographers need to be able to anticipate the animal movements, and be ready to capture the right moment.


Photo: Elke Vogelsang

Image credits: wieselblitz


Photo: Swapnil Pandey

Image credits: swapnilpandey.1


Photo: Andy Farrer

Image credits: andyfarrerphoto


Photo: Pavel Volkov

Image credits: pavelvolkovphoto


Photo: Seth Casteel

Image credits: sethcasteel


Photo: Hussein Faleh

Image credits: hussein.faleh.raheem


Photo: Josef koudelka

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Marius Martinatis

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Fotografie Della Storia

Image credits: fotografie_della_storia


Photo: Bert Hardy

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Theron Humphrey

Image credits: thiswildidea


Photo: Abdul Momin

Image credits: abdulmomin.bd


Photo: F. Dilek Yurdakul

Image credits: fdilekuyar


Photo: Dave

Image credits: dave_street_photo


Photo: Raúl Urbina

Image credits: urbinaphoto


Photo: Alper Eryiğit

Image credits: alperhasaneryigit


Photo: Abdul Momin

Image credits: abdulmomin.bd


Photo: Syed Danish

Image credits: danishsyed00


Photo: Marcello Zerletti

Image credits: zerletti


Photo: Rudy

Image credits: rudy_oei


Photo: Brigitte Marcon

Image credits: comedywildlifephoto


Photo: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Elke Vogelsang

Image credits: wieselblitz


Photo: Ralph Crane

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Tim Leeds

Image credits: timleeds


Photo: Seth Casteel

Image credits: sethcasteel


Photo: joshdane

Image credits: joshdane


Photo: Alain Laboile

Image credits: alainlaboile


Photo: Tavepong Pratoomwong

Image credits: tavepong_street


Photo: Ash O'Malley

Image credits: offbeatimages


Photo: Piani degli Alpaca

Image credits: pianideglialpaca


Photo: Moises Levy

Image credits: moises_levy_street


Photo: Ann

Image credits: luxtasia


Photo: Keigo Nakamura

Image credits: diselpower_gallery


Photo: Neil Aldridge

Image credits: aldridgephoto


Photo: Paul Rice

Image credits: tdmmagazine


Photo: Takuya Ishiguro

Image credits: c_s_b.t.13


Photo: Kyle Berger

Image credits: kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle


Photo: Hersley-Ven Casero

Image credits: hersleyvencasero


Photo: John Drysdale/Voler Ernst

Image credits: tdmmagazine