ABC Deletes Tweet Claiming Jackson 1st Black Supreme Court Justice

ABC will air Thursday’s afternoon news on Thursday, Good Morning America (GMA) tweeted a video of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson being sworn in to replace the now-retired Stephen Breyer with the obviously false caption claiming “Ketanji Jackson is inducted as the first Black Supreme Court Justice in U.S. history.” This is despite the fact that not only is she the third black justice (behind Thurgood Marshall & Clarence Thomas), but she is now serving alongside Justice Thomas.

It was up for nearly five hours, but it became ridiculed online and backlash so severe that GMA had to remove the tweet.

They deleted the video and put it back with this caption: “CORRECTION”: Ketanji brown Jackson was sworn in to be the first Black female Supreme Court Justice in U.S. History. In an earlier tweet, Jackson had incorrectly claimed that she was the first Black Supreme Court Justice.

GMA didn’t only tweet about their apparent ignorance of Supreme Court history, but it was also evident to other people. GMA posted the exact same video with the caption to their YouTube page. They changed the title and caption of the video shortly after deleting the tweet. 

The worst part is that the YouTube video and Twitter video were both monetized. That means they made money, and were available to the public. companiesWho ran adsThe video required viewers to view the entire thing before being able to play the video. (See the end of this blog for the complete list).

GMA was, unsurprisingly, roasted by Twitter after this tweetless disaster. Ron DeSantis, our friend and Florida Governor’s press secretary. jokedGMA corrected Jackson’s statement that Jackson was the first black woman to receive justice. “Didn’t know Good Morning America employed biologists”

The following was made possible by a colleague at MRCTV. astute pointThese are the mistakes you make. You get excited and you become too biased. 

All jokes aside, perhaps if Good Morning AmericaThey would spend less time working for Disney and pay more attention the details of the Supreme Court’s composition.

This ignorance by ABC’s Good Morning America was made possible by Outback Steakhouse & Sleep Number. They are linked.