Accused ‘R. Shelly’ Brittany Renner Claps Back At Alleged College Campus Lusting Claims — “Call Chris Hansen!”

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Source: Alexander Tamargo / Getty

Brittany Renner had something to say to folks on social media today after being called out for allegedly lusting over college boys in a recent selfie caption. She wants them to “call Chris Hansen.”

The 29-year-old popular model and mother of 23-year-old NBA baller PJ Washington’s son has been at the center of a conversation accusing her of being a “predator” after fans felt she broke her younger baby daddy’s heart. As we previously reported, Renner sent out a trolling tweet that read, “Hey Jackson State! Hide your sons!” The tweet actually upset a lot of people but, Brittany was actually attending the homecoming at her former school.

Renner previously attended Jackson State and is a native of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, making her mark at the school’s sports legacy while playing soccer. She was the 2010 MVP of the SWAC Women’s Soccer All-Tournament team and led Jackson State to a 2-0 win over Mississippi Valley State that year as well. The tweet was met with labels like “R. Shelly” as she played into the “predator” narrative that went around following her break-up from PJ Washington.

A week after the tweet initially went up Britney has something else to say to the haters. She tweeted:

“Yeah imagine someone 18 or older wanting to fuck me and me wanting to f*ck them so we f*ck…very outrageous! Call Chris Hansen NOW!!!”