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Adi Nowak Adrian Nowak, AKA Adi Nowak, is a famous Polish rapper based on Hip Hop and Rap genres. He was born in 1994 in Poznan, Poland. He records his music from renowned record levels, namely SBM Level and Asfalt Records.
Nowak shot to fame after his hits albums like Rice Vafer, Cvir, Kosh, and NienajseksowniejszeHe also released songs featuring artists like Szulinio, Kubi Producent, White 2115, and many more singers and rappers. His songs are available on Deezer and Spotify. Name
Adi Nowak
27 years
In a Relationship
@adi.nowak.ainoesce Adi Nowak’s Age, Height, Wikipedia
Nowak was born in 1994 in Poland, so his age is 27 years old in 2021. He has not provided much information about his physical appearance, so his height and weight are still unknown. 
Nowak is a famous rapper and well deserved to be featured on Wikipedia. There is a brief detail about his bio and career and detailed information about his songs and albums. 
Adi Nowak’s Career and Relationship
Nowak made his debut in 2016 from the album Nienajseksowniejsze without the help of any record level. Next year on 2017 April 28, he released his first album Rice Vafers (Vafle Ryzome in Polish), with Asfalt Records. Afterward, he began to release more albums and songs. Then, he starts achieving success and gained lots of fans.
His songs are available on Deezer and Spotify. Also, he has over 450 fans on Deezer.
Nowak On Instagram: Has He Got A Girlfriend?
Nowak is active on Instagram as @adi_nowak and is a verified account. He has more than 40k followers with just 36 posts. Moreover, he is following 304 people with his professional account. 
Nowak has a girlfriend but, he hardly talks about his relationship status. Still, he has a lot to say about his girlfriend since the identity and even name of his love life is missing from the web. 10 Facts About Adi Nowak
Adi Nowak was born in Poznan, Poland, and belongs to Polish nationality.
As of 2021, he is 27 years old as he was born in 1994.
His real name is Adrian Nowak.
He makes music with SBM levels and Asfalt Records.
Adi released his first album Nienajseksowniejsze (Sexiest), on March 24, 2016.
His songs are available on Deezer, Spotify, and on his own Youtube channel too.
Nowak is on Instagram as @adi_nowak, and his account is verified too.
He has a girlfriend but has not shared much about her.
Nowak is featured on Wikipedia consisting of his bio and his music career.
There are no records regarding his height and weight.