Aimée releases candid video for her latest single ’Bulletproof’

Today, Aime has released the video for her latest release Bulletproof.

The track, which was written by Aime, is in response to her experience with bullying online.

The video is home shot and shows an eye-opening insight into the impact that online bullying can have on those that experience it.

Speaking about the release, Aime said:

"I wrote the song after a rough few weeks of feeling really low.

"I was getting a lot of hurtful online messages and comments - people were attacking my character and shaming me for my weight and my appearance.

"I was getting tired of having to pretend like it didnt bother me because it did!

"So I sat down in my studio on a Sunday morning in my PJs and just poured my heart out onto a page.

"Thats how 'Bulletproof' came to life."

"I wanted to give people a look into my life when Im having a rough day.

"I wanted to show myself as something other than the 'performer'.

"To show that Im a normal person with feelings, in hopes that that would resonate with people and encourage them to think before they type."

"My only goal with the release of this song was to try and explain the viewpoint of someone on the receiving end of online abuse or hate."

The track has seen incredible success after debuting in the top 3 on iTunes.

It battled it out for the top spot with Billie Eilish and scored the highest new entry in the Official Irish Homegrown Chart.

'Bulletproof follows the release of her debut EP Confession in March which jumped to the number 1 spot in the iTunes Pop Album Chart while also reaching number 1 in the overall iTunes Album Chart.