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Alexandra Churchill’s Wikipedia has not been featured and, She is also the author of many books such as Black Winter. 
Alexandra Churchill is an English woman who is also a researcher, historian, and presenter.
She is also the author of many books. Some of her books include Black Winter, Red Dawn, Blood, and Thunder: The Boys of Eton College and the First World War, and many others.
Besides being an author and historian, she has also appeared in many documentaries, including Timewatch (BBC2), Fighting the Red Baron (Channel 4), Titanic with Len Goodman (BBC1), and The Big Dig (Channel 5).
Alexandra Churchill Wikipedia And Husband
Alexandra Churchill’s Wikipedia has not been featured yet.
Alexandra became interested in history ever since her grandfather made her write the entire Titanic’s passenger list from the back of a book to keep her quiet when they were watching TV.
Her mom was born and raised in England and was the granddaughter of a Market Trader who used to defuse bombs at 10. 
Her grandfather from her mother’s side descended from the Roman Army sat around at Hadrian’s Wall.
As for her father, he was from Pakistan and came to England in the 1970s. 
Her grandfather on her father’s side was one of the millions of men from the sub-continent who fought for the British in WW2.
Alexandra co-founded The Great War Group and History Hack. 
At present, she works as an on-screen contributor at UK TV as a freelancer. Alexandra Churchill Age And Height- How Old Is She?
Alexandra Churchill’s age appears to be 25-35 years old.
She seems to celebrate her birthday on September 12 every year.
Her height can be judged to be about 5 feet 3 inches from her photos, which is the average height of a British woman. What Is Alexandra Churchill Net Worth?
The historian Alexandra Churchill is yet to make her net worth public.
However, most of her income is from Alexandra freelancing.