All Three Eyez On Jaime: Pettiest Reactions To Bran Stark Waiting For His Sister-Boinking “Old Friend” To Pull Up

Bran and Jamie

— Jollof Adjacent (@AD_Renaissance) April 15, 2019

Hilariously Petty Bran Vs. Jaime Tweets

Sooo many deliciously subtle things happened during last night’s long-awaited “Game Of Thrones” season premiere BUT it was Bran waiting for “old friend” Jaime Lannister to pull up years after a failed murder attempt that won the night and sparked hilariously petty memes across Black Twitter.

On the next episode of #GameofThrones the reunion of Jamie and Brann :

— Patryk Patty (@PatrykPatty) April 15, 2019

Peep the pettiest reactions to Bran waiting for Jaime to pull up on the flip.