Alpha Hydroxy Acids: What is it and Its Benefits

Alpha Hydroxy Acids occur naturally in nature through a wide variety of plants and animals, but can also be manufactured in a lab. They are known for having hydrating benefits, which is why they are found in many skincare and beauty products that are easily attainable and are regarded to be generally safe. 

There are many benefits to consider when purchasing and using AHA products.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or AHA products provide a more chemical method to exfoliating the skin over traditional physical methods. Using physical means to exfoliate your body and skin can be harmful and damaging, even to the deeper layers. Using a more chemical-based solution allows your skin to be treated in a less directly damaging method. This is beneficial and more crucial for a consistent and precise result in the texture of skin. 


AHA encourages a deeper reaction in your skin, translating to a more hydration friendly outcome with increased ability to hold water in the skin. The benefits of using AHA Serum and Face Cream are that they improve the look and feel of your skin to appear smoother and brighter using the moisturization to help rebuild damaged cells. Water is not only retained in the skin but pulls it in from the air to give you a constant healthy feel and look. Additionally, your skin will open up and become more susceptible to other treatments, which would then increase the effectiveness of other skincare products.

Acne Prevention 

Acne is a problem that you suffer from involving and due to the top layer of your skin. There are many oils, dirt, and bacteria that build up and clog your pores. AHA helps cleanse your pores of the unwanted buildup and can, for a certain amount of time, assist in the prevention of acne. This is done as the products and acids break down the pimples and other imperfections on your face, and then causes the top layer of skin to peel off, leaving you a fresh layer clear of acne.


Alpha hydroxy acid products help with anti-aging in a multitude of ways. Some of the ways that AHA products help with anti-aging is by lightening age spots, discoloration, skin tone, texture, and also assist with lines and wrinkles. AHA helps with dark spots or age spots when products with high levels of glycolic acids and lactic acids, which reduce the pigmentation of the age spots as it penetrates the skin deeply and corrects the skin at a deeper level. Many of the products available incorporate many other vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients to give you a balanced result of benefits for your skin health.

AHA has many different benefits, but there are also many types of products containing alpha hydroxy acids and it is important to note there are differences in the levels of PH balance, the types of acid used, and the concentration levels. You need to be aware of these as both a consumer and someone that uses these on their skin. These will result in varying effects and you should note your needs and queries with a skincare professional.