Amazon Driver Says Manager Asked Him To Finish His Route Before Heading To The ER, Goes Viral With 177K Views

Being employed at a company that neglects its workers’ values is never fun. To this day, many organizations practice harmful environments that are, frankly, overlooked by many; more and more people are experiencing burnout, and employees are forced to exist in negative cultures where they constantly endure mistreatment.

Folks grow to hate their once beloved professions; they begin to feel unhappy and ultimately fail at their jobs. Even though nowadays, it’s become somewhat of a norm to be vocal about the distress that the workplace brings upon a person, we still have a long way to go.

Raising any concerns on social media, whether work-related or not, is a highly effective method to bring the attention that, sooner or later, will contribute to problem-solving, and this delivery driver did exactly that.

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Amazon is known for its questionable values and the company has been criticized yet again

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“I got bit by a dog on my route” – this delivery driver turned to social media to vent about Amazon and their poor issue resolution tactics concerning his recent event involving a dog attack. The video has managed to receive 177K views, 8465 likes and 161 worth of comments discussing the incident.

This delivery driver speaks out about the company’s response after he was bit by a dog, goes viral with 177K views

Image credits: jus10star

Justin Baker began his TikTok video by revealing that, after the incident, he called his dispatcher, who advised him to call Amazon’s driver support. However, once the man got through, the representative told him to contact the emergency support, where he was put on hold for 10 minutes.

Finally, when the connection was established, the woman greeted the driver and hit him with the good old “how are you?” The guy voiced the video over, saying that he was obviously feeling bad as you rarely get a positive response when you’re calling an emergency line.

Image credits: jus10star

The author then mentioned that the woman went on to ask a bunch of “useless” questions. For instance, she wondered whether the man was driving a branded van or if it was just a plain white one; Christine also asked what kind of shoes the guy was wearing, making him question the correlation.

But what’s so puzzling about this unfortunate event is that once the TikToker contacted his manager, he was asked to finish the route before heading to the ER.

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Lately, Amazon’s been known for drawing in criticism; people have questioned the company’s ethics and, more importantly, the treatment of their employees. In the comments, the TikToker revealed that it took the company six whopping months to pay for his hospital bills – moreover, they wouldn’t answer the man’s calls until he finally decided to call the state on them.

What do you think about this situation? What are your initial thoughts about Amazon and its values?

You can watch the video here:

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