Amoeba Sisters Face Reveal Real Name, Age Wiki and Net Worth

Who Are The Amoeba Sisters? Face Reveal And Everything To Know Table of Contents
The Amoeba Sisters are professional YouTubers from Texas who have recently revealed their face. Let us read further to know more about the amazing Amoeba Sisters. 
The Amoeba Sisters are the YouTube sensation who teach science through creative videos. 
Their content is solely based on the aspects of biology for students from high school and college. 
Moreover, their main objective is to make people aware of science a,nd make them remember it for long by just dedicating ten minutes of their time. 
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Who Are The Amoeba Sisters? Their Face Reveal Details 
The Amoeba Sisters are YouTube content creators, who have gained public attention through their creativity. 
As for their face reveal, the audience was pretty eager about it until they made a YouTube video. 
Yet, the video was just for April’s fool day. 
Regardless, the sisters have now already revealed their faces through their website. 
Amoeba Sisters Real Name, Age, And Wiki
The Amoeba Sisters are two sisters from Texas, and their real names are Sarina Peterson and Brianna Rapini. 
Further, Sarina is also known as Petunia and Brianna as Pinky. 
Regarding age, The Amoeba Sisters have not given any information yet. 
But, from their picture, we can analyze them to be in the age group of 35-40 years old. 
Similarly, the sisters have not yet made their way towards the Wikipedia source. Nonetheless, they have a website for the followers to get detailed insight about them and their work.
In brief, they create a YouTube video, comics, and GIFs related to science and present them as cartoon characters.
Among the two sisters, Petunia is the originator of comics and GIFs. Likewise, Pinky writes scripts, does the voice-over, and creates amazing video designs.
Additionally, you can follow them on Instagram @amoebasistersofficial to get the latest updates.   What Is The Amoeba Sisters Net Worth?
The Amoeba Sisters have not disclosed their actual net worth as of now. 
But, according to networthspot, the sisters’ net worth is estimated at $1.12 million. 
Their approximate total wealth accumulates from their YouTube journey, which began back in 2013.