An Post has reduced its gender pay gap to 1.41% over 12 months

An Post has today announced that it has reduced its gender pay gap to 1.41%from 3.7% over the past 12 months.

The announcement comes after its second annual Gender Pay Report was published today.

An Post has also highlighted an improvement in female representation across all management and staff groupings and has outlined what actions have been taken to drive change throughout 2020.

It also set out an updated Gender Pay Gap and Gender Balance action plan to ensure progress in the year ahead.

Announcing the companys 2020 Gender Pay Report Chief Executive David McRedmond said:

"I am delighted that at An Post we have closed the Gender Pay Gap from 3.7% in 2019 to 1.41% in 2020. Fairer recruitment, visible change, and public commitment all played their part.

"While weve taken some big steps in the past year, we have more work to do in increasing the number of women across the general management group.

"The COVID pandemic has shown how quickly management practices and ways of working can change and the biggest benefit from our drive for gender equality has been the emergence of great talent and specific expertise.

"I want to thank all my colleagues and An Posts Unions for making this happen: this is our journey to be a force for good, in An Post and in our world."

Eleanor Nash, Chief People Officer, An Post added:

"An Post is committed to positive change, holding ourselves accountable, and ensuring we create an inclusive workplace for all our employees. We want everyone at An Post to thrive with us."