Andi Brotherston Husband, Photo Age Wiki And Net Worth

Who Is Andi Brotherston? Everything On Her Husband And Instagram Photo Table of Contents
Andi Brotherston saved her ex-husband Martin Devlin from committing suicide.
Andi Brotherston is famous for being the ex-wife of Martin Devlin.
She is also a former employee of  TVNZ.
She served as a spokeswoman for the broadcaster until 2011.
Who Is Andi Brotherston Husband?
Andi Brotherston’s husband is Martin Devlin. They were married, until recently, but it is not clear when they got separated.
The couple has two children, both are sons. Her husband, Martin Devlin is a New Zealand TV and radio broadcaster. He is also the presenter for ‘The Devlin Radio Show.’ as well as a sports writer for NZ Rugby World.
Recently Martin Devlin committed suicide but was not successful. He was saved by his ex-wife Andi and their 20-year-old son.
The reason for his suicide was because he was stood down twice as a host of the Newstalk ZB “The Devlin Radio Show”, for punching another fellow journalist. I'm utterly devastated to tell you that Martin tried to kill himself last night.
Our 20 year old saved his life, got to him in time… another 10 minutes and we would have found his body.
— AndiBrotherston (@AndiBeeeee) July 19, 2021 Andi Brotherston Photo And Age Details
Unfortunately, the photo of Andi Brotherston are not revealed yet.
Similarly, Andi Brotherston is a very private person and her age is not revealed yet. 
She must be between 40-55 years old, comparing her age to her ex-husband and her son being 20 years old.
She seems to be a private person as her information on social media is minimal. Although she is absent from all other social media, her Twitter account is active.
She does not post any of her photos on her Twitter. You can check out her on her Twitter handle, which is AndiBrotherston. Thankfully, luckily, somehow, Charlie found the strength to pull up the locked roller door, got in and turned off the ignition.
No kid should ever have to do that.
No kid should have to watch the systematic destruction of their father by a sociopathic corporate either.
— AndiBrotherston (@AndiBeeeee) July 19, 2021 Andi Brotherston Wiki Bio
Andi Brotherston is a journalist who does not have her own dedicated Wiki page.
Previously, Andi worked on TVNZ as a spokeswoman for the broadcaster. She left her job on TVNZ in 2011.
The reason why she quitted her work in TVNZ was that she was sexually assaulted by her senior manager.
Sadly, when she reported it, she was dismissed by the HR department. She then started sharing her harassment in the workplace.
TVNZ immediately responded by saying the senior manager’s behavior was “completely unacceptable harassment” and if this occurred more often, it would be handled outside the organization.
Andi also replied to TVNZ by posting a story saying women who speak about workplace harassment are dismissed by their senior managers or staff.
Here you can see her post about her harassment: I was sexually harassed by a senior manager when I working at TVNZ in 2010. He organised a lunch then cancelled all the attendees except for me. He started skulling Peronis and kept telling me to keep up with him… all the while asking me why I never wore low cut or tight tops.
— AndiBrotherston (@AndiBeeeee) March 2, 2019 Andi Brotherston Net Worth
Sadly, her net worth is not disclosed yet.
Although, from her career as a journalist at TVNZ must have had a good amount of money.
But her recent job and salary details is not available so exact estimate of her net worth cannot be made as of now.