Andrea Celina- Ryan Garcia's Girlfriend Turned Fiance Instagram and Age - Is She Pregnant?

Share This Article: Andrea Celina Age: 10 Facts On Ryan Garcia’s Fiance Spread the loveAndrea Celina, who is voguish as Ryan Garcia’s girlfriend turned fiance is an American model as well as an Internet star. While she might have gained a public identity by being involved with the World Class Athlete/Boxer Ryan Garcia, she has a separate personal life and achievements of her own.
At the moment, she is working as a model for various fashion endorsements, advertisements based in L.A.
Andrea Celina
5 feet 4 inches
@dreacelina 10 Facts on Andrea Celina
Andrea Celina was born in the year 1996. Her exact birthdate is not publicly known but her fans believe that she is a November girl.
The young influencer Andrea Celina is 24 years old according to her birth year. By her parturition, she is confirmed to be an American national.
Is Andrea Celina Pregnant? Yes, the Instagram model is carrying the baby of her current fiance Ryan Garcia. By her medical reports, she is due to deliver her baby in 3 weeks.
Andrea has a pretty decent stature. She is standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches that matches her cute persona.
Celina has a super toned body maintained through exercise and her personal diet.
Celina is of multiple descents. Her ethnicity is mixed as her ancestry is known to be composed of Italian and Mexican backgrounds.
In a recent report by Hollywood Fix, Ryan was allegedly seen in a cheating scandal. Celina’s fiance was spotted kissing Malu Trevojo, a TikTok star.
Celina is currently living in Los Angeles, the USA with her current fiance Ryan Garcia along with her stepdaughter Rylie.
We can follow Celina on her Instagram @dreacelina. Her Instagram page with over 83 thousand followers is private however she also possesses a fan page at @drea_celina_fans.
Talking about her financials, there is not a public estimation of her net worth. Her boyfriend, however, is recorded to be at least worth $3 Million USD.