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Angy Rivera is making a difference as an immigrant activist at the age of 24. 
Rivera is a Colombian-American living in the Bronx. She came over to the United States as a child with her single mother, fleeing violence in Colombia. 
She is now a sister of two American-born brothers. 
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Angy Rivera
September 6

Immigrant Activist
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Angy Rivera’s age is 24 years old as of March 2021. Her birthday falls on September 6.
Starting at a young age, barriers resulting from her immigration status stood in her way. She was an undocumented woman in America for 20 years.
Although she is just in her 20s, she is one of the most vocal undocumented youth activists.   Angy Rivera Wikipedia Bio
Immigrant activist Angy Rivera has not been covered in Wikipedia as of now. 
She has been talking about immigrants who are suffering because of the loss of their identity. Despite being an activist in such a sophisticated matter, her struggle story hasn’t been covered by many.
However, a documentary film directed by Mikaela Shwer based on her is covered in Wikipedia. The documentary based on her real-life is titled Don’t Tell Anyone.  .@NoDigasFilm, #immigration and #sexualassault story, coming to a screening near you
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Angy Rivera is active on Instagram with 6264 followers. Similarly, she is also found on Twitter where she shares mostly about the matter of immigration and immigrants.
Since the age of 4, Angy Rivera has lived in the United States with the secret that threatens to upend her life.
Now, at the age of 24, Rivera has become an activist for undocumented youth with a popular advice blog.
Angy Rivera is too young to be married. Thus, we assume she doesn’t have a husband at the moment.  
Rivera began to speak up about her undocumented status about five years ago. Now, a college student with one semester left, she dedicates her life to helping undocumented women survive in the states
We could not find any data regarding her height. She seems to be tall judging by her videos.